CNN Drops In a rock

An Open Letter To CNN

CNN, you are being destroyed because of Elon Musk.

That is right. Musk is the cause of your financial and brand death.

You covered up his crimes as a corporate policy so now you are being a public policy.

You received thousands of indisputable investigative documents proving that Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla engaged in felony safety hazards, political bribery, organized crime and some of the most horrendous anti-trust violations of our age.

You refused to cover any of those stories because you are a front for the DNC and Musk is the top financier of the DNC.

We documented every day, for nearly a decade, that you hid the stories about Musk’s illicit deeds when, on each of those days, the rest of the non-DNC-controlled news media covered the real news.

While we documented that, others began documenting your other cover-ups. Now the toothpaste is out of the tube. Everybody now knows that you are a sham created as voluminous propaganda machine to line the pockets of the corrupt.

It is a shame to see that you at CNN believe the bat-shit insane concept that you must protect all of Silicon Valley’s Jewish billionaires at the cost of the truth.

CNN, you used your advantage of millions to harm individuals who didn’t agree with you. You used your contrived mass media tool to harm the little person. You cheated!

You have now proven to the world that you are not news. You are a media fraud project with the veil of “news” covering your politically manipulated and withered bones.

See you in hell, CNN!