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Produced for Jennifer Granholm and The United States Congress


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CROOKED POLITICAL INSIDERS have learned that when a government funded tech company fails, THOSE INSIDERS make billions of dollars in unjust profits from tax write-offs, Goldman Sachs services "fees" and stock market pump-and-dump manipulations while taxpayers lose BILLIONS on those same companies at Solyndra, Abound, Ener1, etc.…. THAT’S RIGHT, the crooks make profits off of PLANNED-TO-FAIL TAXPAYER funded companies, many of which never even sold anything. It happened in the 2008 pretend "stimulus" and it is happening again, many times more, in the 2021 pretend "stimulus". The Cleantech companies were made-to-fail, as stock scams, by the insiders! Insider friend's at the Dept of Energy get to "jump-the-line", exploit the cash and Trojan horse the tech start-up into oblivion.

April 2, 2021

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

" Dear President Biden:

We write today on behalf of a diverse group of motor vehicle manufacturers and suppliers who have been harmed and blockaded by U.S. Department of Energy and White House officials, and millions of voting citizens, who are committed to working toward a net-zero carbon transportation future that includes a shift to electric-drive vehicles., who were also harmed.

This shared vision has brought the auto, energy and political industries in the United States to a transformation moment, one that could shape a cleaner future and redefine motor vehicle transportation for generations to come if the issues of the past are resolved prior to the attempt to drive to the future.

For the U.S. to be a leader in this transformation, we must work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive national vision and strategy. This is not just about the future of the auto industry in the U.S., it is about the nation’s global competitiveness, economic security, and the transition of the U.S. workforce.

Nations that lead the development and adoption of innovative technologies will also shape supply chains and job creation, define global standards and, potentially, reshape the international marketplace. However, neither the current trajectory of consumer adoption of EVs, nor existing levels of federal support for supply- and demand-side policies, is sufficient to meet the goal.

The grand vision and plans of an EV future are impossible to achieve until the Administration resolves the crimes of the past in the same program. Nearly 100 automobile manufacturers and suppliers were induced to apply to the government for funding, particularly to the Department of Energy, from 2008 forward. All of those applicant’s that had not paid political bribes were cut out of the program, sabotaged and experienced media attacks sponsored by political financiers. We have all complained to the FBI, SEC, FTC, FEC, and every law enforcement and regulatory agency but find that crony investigators at each agency stone-wall the investigation to protect their buddies. We are sick of the quid pro quo crony organized crime that public officials refuse to terminate.

Hundreds of companies were shut down because of the Department of Energy cronyism and abuses of the public trust. The epic trillion dollar 2021 electric vehicle plans will be halted by lawsuits, investigations, RICO reviews and state-of-the-art forensic tracking of every public official and their oligarch buddies unless you order the Government to resolve the issues with the past Applicant’s that had state-sponsored attacks and economic equality blockades operated against them by public officials who chose to CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE..."

These crimes involve well-known public officials and pervert Silicon Valley billionaires who are trying to cover these crimes up. We won't let them get away with this corruption, though! Here is over a million pages of evidence and hours of video against them!


The "Dept Of Energy Leaks" - Aug. 5, 2009 through 2021

The "Panama Papers" Leaks - April 3, 2016

The "Swiss Leaks Papers" - February 15, 2015

The "Paradise Papers Leaks" - November 5, 2015

The "John Doerr & Kleiner Hacks" - April 22, 2020

The "Snowden Leaks" - May 13, 2013

The "Cablegate Leaks - April 15, 2010

The "Sony Pictures Hack" - November 24, 2014

The "Ashley Madison Hack" - July 19, 2015

The "Solarwinds Hack" - December 13, 2020

And hundreds of other leaks and hacks publicly dumped on the internet...

When you cross index all of the public leak data into an AI auditing system, any basic PC computer can FOLLOW THE BRIBE AND PAYOLA MONEY right back to the bank accounts of each corrupt Senator, White House executive and Silicon Valley oligarch! If only the U.S. Government had a federal enforcement agency whose very job it was to do that sort of investigation....Oh, wait,...the U.S. Government has SIX agencies who are supposed to do that...

This is our federal corruption case evidence overview and our demand for justice!


Defendants are a RICO law and anti-trust law violating Cartel including White House executives, The Department of Energy, Corrupt Senators who got tech stocks as bribe payments and their Silicon Valley oligarch sex-trafficking, tax-evading, money-laundering, RICO-violating, Senator-bribing, media-manipulating, stock market-manipulating, colluding, blogger assassin-hiring, cartel-operating, election-rigging financiers.


An organized crime involving Government officials who defrauded the victims and taxpayers out of millions of dollars via illegal crony-corruption, insider-trading, stock market scams. Defendants operated revenge attacks on the victims when the victims told the FBI, Congress and FTC about the crimes. Defendants refuse to allow a jury trial and have blockaded victims legal rights. White House sponsored reprisal attacks used government agencies and taxpayer resources. Defendants refuse to pay earned benefits and compensation in vendetta for getting their corruption exposed. The investment bank account transactions, their leaked emails and their covert payments prove the charges.


From 2005 up to today.


In California, Washington DC and across the nation


How we are defeating them: We have filed criminal referrals, investigation documents and arrest demands with every known law enforcement, regulatory, Congressional and public enforcement agency. We have copied those revelation documents to every investigative reporter and social media site. We have directly distributed those documents to each citizen via mass social media technologies. We have sued The Secretary of Energy and their staff for operating criminal cover-ups. We have helped books and feature-length documentary films get produced exposing the corruption. We have exposed each, and every, attacker and public official who is running these cover-ups and stone-wall campaigns. We have created open-source AI software that tracks the Dark Money and bribes of every public official and tech oligarch involved. We have produced one of the largest "insurance policy" disclosure file sets in history in case more of us are killed. We have created public dossiers on each of the culprits that any crowd-sourced member of the public can add to as new data is uncovered on each crook and their dirty money. We have tracked all of their personal assets, stock market holdings, covert trusts and shell companies and off-shore money-laundering back to each politician. We have given each public official 60 hours to either: 1.) respond to our formal inquiries or 2.) get exposed.



- Victims demand Government-provided legal counsel, a jury trial and compensation for damages, expenses, back-salaries and monies owed. To be paid by the Defendants. Victims demand payment from the U.S. government and the State of California for their damages, fees, back-pay and state-caused losses from this political corruption and the related cover-ups and proven hit-jobs that government officials operated. These politicians invited victims into their scam project and then defrauded victims out of their life savings through their organized crime activity which used government resources. 

- Victims demand an end to the use of SSA, HUD, DOE, IRS and other government agencies for political reprisal vendettas and demand full retroactive payments of all stalled benefits, rights and resources that were with-held to punish victims for whistle-blowing.

- Victims demand the arrest and prosecution of the attackers. The attackers have been identified, by name, to the FBI, DOJ, (Because the crimes cross state lines) FTC, SEC, and other enforcement entities. We have also provided their names (Including Nicholas Denton, Adrian Covert, John Hermann, Patrick George, Gabriel Darbyshire, John Podesta, Steve Jurvetson, Larry Page, etc.)  to the CIA, NSA, Interpol, DIA and related international agencies because the crimes involve international trafficking, money-laundering, tax evasion, bribery and related criminality. We have demanded that those agencies investigate, place under surveillance, interview and forensically trace each attacker back to the command-and-control top-level financier of their attacks. The evidence in the identification of the attackers compensation providers contains absolute proof of the RICO and Anti-Trust law violating Cartel operations. Nobody else in the world suffered these attacks, by these attackers, who were all financed by, and in partnership with, the same entity. Those forensic connections, from attackers-to-their bosses, expose all of the criminals in the Cartel!

- Victims demand a class-action lawsuit filing,by the Department of Justice, on victims behalf per the violation of victims human rights and Constitutional rights.

- Victims demand an end to the cover-ups and stone-walling

If you don't like to read, see the whole story in pictures at: http://www.the-truth-about-the-dept-of-energy.com

The Roots Of American Political Corruption

How the main part of the scheme worked: 1.) Politician buys stock in company "X" and it's suppliers based on insider tip... 2.) Politician rigs government money (ie: via Dept of Energy or HUD) to go to company "X"... 3.) Goldman Sachs & Google promote (pump via illegal stock market manipulation) company "X" stock and skim fee's from the valuation increase...4.) Politician gets profits from the pumped stock value...5.) Politician rigs decision process so that no competitors to Company "X" are allowed to get government funds or resources...6.) Politician gets service's "bills" from lawyers and consultant's that are padded hundreds of times over...7) Politician pays over-charged bills with government funds and lawyers put the extra money in real estate, search engines, sex brothels and other things that Politician can take secret ownership of later on...8.) Company "X" arranges for Universities and corporations to hire Politician for bloated $300,000.00 "speaker fee's" and Netflix revolving door payola "Board Positions" that are really just bribery conduits...9.) Goldman Sachs relay's Politicians extra money to off-shore money laundering outlets... Then they run the whole process all over again with another pumped company...

"...During our work with the government we witnessed a large felony crime and reported it to the government. The perpetrators attacked us, in reprisal, and have told us they were going to "end our lives". The victims have suffered multiple different attacks which did begin to "end their lives" and more attacks are threatened. The victims live in fear for their life and income security daily. Seth Rich, Rajeev Motwani, Michael Hastings, David Bird, Gary D. Conley, and others, were threatened by these people and they are now dead. Top Biden and Obama administration officials have secret ties to large corporations including tech giants Microsoft Corp, Alphabet’s Google and Facebook Inc, secret financial disclosures show. According to The Office of Government Ethics, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan served on an advisory council for Microsoft from 2017 through May of last year. He was paid $45,000 last year, according to his disclosure, a copy of which was seen by Reuters. Sullivan, who oversees an interagency response to January’s cyberattack on Microsoft’s Exchange email software, holds between $50,000 and $100,000 of stock in both Microsoft and Alphabet and owns between $15,000 and $50,000 of Facebook stock. This is just one of over 1000 examples of tech company control of The White House."

"...We witnessed an organized criminal enterprise which affected the entire U.S. Treasury. The crime scheme involved: stock market manipulation, corrupt international rare earth mining deals and media company power manipulations. We had been solicited to join their scheme but we soon saw, from within the government offices, that it was a criminal stock manipulation enterprise. When he reported the crime, millions of dollars of state-sponsored reprisal attacks were launched against us in vendetta...."










Hundreds of car and energy companies have been sabotaged, cancel cultured, stonewalled, lied to, venture capital black-listed and cut out of the industry simply because they applied to the U.S. Department of Energy for funding. Each Energy Secretary, from Chu to Granholm, say they will “fix the problem”, but each one seems to lie more than the last one.

Zap, Bright Automotive, XP Vehicles, Brammo, Eco Motors, etc. have all proven that the Energy Department has screwed over EVERY car company in America and now Jennifer Granholm is on a road trip using magical thinking in hope that there might be a few they missed out on screwing over the last time around. We challenge Jennifer and Jigar Shah to a live TV debate to cover the lies and crony slush-fund schemes they are promoting.

A vast army of company killers are poised to kill any car company that could compete with D.O.E. darling Tesla Motors, who conduits cash to the DNC. Dianne Feinstein, a stakeholder in Tesla, says that Elon Musk must be protected at all costs. “Privco” attacked and got Fisker canceled. “Hindenburg Research” has attacked Lordstown Motors and is getting them canceled. Elio Motors was attacked for applying for Dept. of Energy funds. Every outsider car and energy company that applies to the U.S. Department of Energy for funding gets a bright red target painted on their back and gets terminated.

When one digs deeper into the reasons that the U.S. Department of Energy is such a horror, the facts are truly horrifying...

( Click Here For The Link To The Damages Validation Report To Congress, The DOJ And The FBI )

(LINK 2)  (LINK 3)  (LINK 4)  (LINK 5) of the Demand For Payment


Jennifer Granholm and The United States Department Energy invite you to try to GET THEIR CASH!!!

They have more money than God and they are going to hand it out like fish to seals. If you want it, they only ask you to comply with a few little considerations:

"1. You have to be a Democrat who gave a huge bunch of political financing to Obama, Clinton or Biden in the form of cash, search engine manipulation, news censorship, West Coast “Political Action Committee’s and or the covert Palo Alto funds.

2. The Goldman Sachs office of your local Senator must be immediately notified, in advance, so that the Goldman Sachs account manager’s for that Senator can purchase your company stock, and the stock of every supplier to your company. Additionally, everybody at the The United States Department Energy, and all of our “consultants” are going to buy those stocks, in advance, too. For example, all of those folks got tipped off to buy Tesla stock and all of the mining stocks for Tesla’s lithium, cobalt, nickel and other manufacturing materials. For example, Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid only get paid $190K to be Senators but they pocketed $100M from Tesla-related stock bribes. It’s great!

3. Don’t compete with anything political campaign finance conduit Elon Musk does or Jennifer will gut your funds like a fresh deer kill.

4. Don’t mention Jennifer being on The Dating Game.

5. Know that Google and Facebook pretty much own the White House and The Dept of Energy, so don’t piss off the Silicon Valley Oligarchs or all of your media coverage with evaporate off the Internet.

6. Know that Musk will hire his media shills, Russian click-farms, Chinese troll-farms, covert moles and fan-boy-bots to destroy your company and character assassinate every one of your investors and founders and the Department of Energy PR shills will help him.

7. Realize that we, The Dept of Energy will lie to you endlessly, delay you for years, drag you into some Congressional and IRS investigations and probably never actually let you have the money and that the investment markets will black-list you if you apply to us.

8. If you apply for DOE cash you must realize that you will be painting a bright red target on the back of your company, your executives and every one of your investors. Every hooker, divorce filing, tax record, tax evasion, off-shore account, bribe, sex scandal, dating site post, email, medical record and embarrassing thing will be posted on the internet and you will be examined like you were at a digital proctologist. The public will hunt you with FBI-grade digital forensics software. Artificial intelligence forensic tracking software will examine the bank accounts, investments and social connections of every person involved in your company. If Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt or The Detroit Cartel can use that information to shut you down, they WILL shut you down. Companies like "Fusion GPS", "Black Cube", "Privco", "Gizmodo", "Hindenberg Research", etc., will be hired to destroy your company like they were hired to attack Bright Automotive, Zap, XP, EcoMotors, Elio, Fisker, Lordstown and every other indie! You are signing your business death warrant by applying for Dept of Energy money!

What are the bad things about the Department of Energy's Elon Musk, Tesla Motors and the corrupt DOE-hyped Musk Empire?

- He bribes politicians to get his tens of billions of dollars of exclusive free government taxpayer funds
- He puts hit-jobs on competitors and reporters
- He and his companies engage in electronic stock market manipulation
- He and his Goldman Sachs crony partners engage in money laundering his cash domestically and off-shore
- He took taxpayer cash yet hired huge numbers of foreign workers
- He and his financial staff engage in "Cooking the books" to lie about his business standing
- He is financed by George Soros and the Arab financiers of 9-11
- He has engaged in a huge number of Safety Cover-ups
- His boyfriend: Larry Page, rigs Google to hype Musk and harm his competitors and pump stock market valuations using algorithms
- His rare earth mineral mines engage in vast child labor crimes
- Driving a Tesla announces to the world that you are a tone deaf douche bag
- His Silicon Valley tech cartel colludes to operate monopolistic law anti-trust violations in energy and vehicle markets
- He runs a Palo Alto Sandhill Road VC blacklist coordination program
- All of his trophy wives and beard girlfriends always leave him
- He has a notorious sex cult addiction and Jeffrey Epstein hooker alliance
- The "Sociopath" diagnosis of Musk is part of many mental problems he has including massive narcissism
- Racism runs rampant throughout his family and his companies and his workers call him a "racist" in lawsuits
- Musk is a drug addict
- He and his corporate culture practice Misogyny
- His Neuralink company tortures small animals
- His SpaceX company is just a domestic spy satellite company that abuses the public and wastes money on smoke-screen Mars hype
- Genocide, rape and torture are rampant around his foreign rare earth mines
- There is nothing "green" or "non-toxic" about Tesla Motors, his materials poison the Earth and his workers
- Panasonic partnered with Musk to "dump" lithium ion batteries on the market and has been caught in multiple bribes
- Toxic poisoning of his battery manufacturing workers from inhaled and skin contact chemical exposure is massive
- His batteries cause brain damage and cancer when they self-ignite or burn and even water can make them ignite
- His car electronics suddenly crash the cars via programming failure and/or hacking including "sudden acceleration surges" and driving over cliffs
- Tesla "Autopilot" has caused more crashes than any car electronics in history
- Tesla owners can be heard screaming in agony as their Tesla battery packs burned them to death as they were still alive
- On www.pacer.gov you can read a massive number of abuse and fraud lawsuits against Musk and Tesla
- All of the "fans" on the internet blogs are actually Russian and Chinese click-farms Musk hires to hype him up
- Musk's Mother was a racist model/escort, his father was a racist pervert who got his sister pregnant, his brother is a scammer
- He caused the government to ramp up the Afghan invasion to get him lithium and nickel mines located in the Middle East
- The Department Of Energy
lies through their teeth about Tesla being a "success Story" to hide DOE's shame about Musk





Senators and oligarchs run an organized crime operation. The victims were attacked with a $30M+ state-sponsored reprisal attack program which included the following attack tactics operated by the same WHITE HOUSE "OPPOSITION RESEARCH" AND ATTACK TEAM used to attack opposition Presidential candidates and reporters that were in disfavor.

Just like Bin Laden was caught by tracking his "relay-men", The Silicon Valley Cartel has their Steve Westly's, David Plouffe's, Jay Carney's, Nick Denton's, David Brock's, and the other little sociopath sociopolitical manipulations bastards who always seem to escape the law. They have not escaped public forensics, though.

Now the victims have demanded that the FBI, and others, bug, hack and forensically track them to expose the coordinating/colluding/conspiring structure of the same little rats nest of CPA, PAC, fake charities, trust funds, fake shell companies, tech law firms and other dirty tricks operatives that they use to run their Cartel. The Panama Papers leaks exposed one corner of their system. From there it was easy to drill into the heart of this financial and political crime operation. The forensic accounting trails all lead back to the exact same crooks. It is no coincidence that they all use the same people and transfer the cash through the same routes.

The attacks on the victims could only have been accomplished by White House and Department of Energy operatives. Only they had the resources and experience to undertake something this heinous and spy agency-like. The funding for the attacks tracks right back to them, too. Ask the FBI what the forensic tracking of the attackers revealed!

Investigations have revealed that the White House and California Senators hired the character assassination and defamation attack services: Cardinal & Pine; Pacronym, Acronym;  The Americano; Investing in US; Shadow Inc; Courier Newsroom; IN-Q-Tel; Gawker Media; Jalopnik; Gizmodo Media; K2 Intelligence; WikiStrat; Podesta Group; Fusion GPS; Google; YouTube; Alphabet; Facebook; Twitter; Think Progress; Media Matters); Black Cube; Correct The Record; Orbis Business Intelligence, Undercover Global Ltd; Stratfor; Jigsaw; ShareBlue/Acronym; Versa LLC; American Ledger; Supermajority News; New Venture Fund; Sixteen Thirty Fund; Cambridge Analytica; Sid Blumenthal; States Newsroom; Hopewell Fund;  Open Society.; David Brock; AmpliFire News; American Bridge; Plouffe Consulting; Pantsuit Nation; MotiveAI; American Bridge 21st Century Foundation; Priorities USA; PR Firm Sunshine Sachs; The American Independent Foundation; Covington and Burling; Buzzfeed; The American Independent; Perkins Coie; Secondary Infektion; Wilson Sonsini and thousands more to run hit-jobs, character assassinations, dirty tricks and economic reprisal attacks on any targets who reported the crimes. Each of those companies are now under federal and civil investigation. Most of these businesses offer the service of manipulating elections and news coverage in order to steer stock market profits into the pockets of billionaire clients at the expense of the taxpayer and Democracy. They hide their transactions via money-laundering. All of these services, when focused on individual citizens, are lethal.


1.) Defrauding Applicants via fake government requests to invest in rigged government contracts;

2.) Placing moles and spying inside Applicant’s companies;

3.) Blockading legal counsel for plaintiffs;

4.) Character assassination and sophisticated contracted defamation media attacks;

5.) Offshore factory processed social media attacks;

6.) Government benefits from SSA, HUD, etc, blockades and manipulations;

7.) Jobs and venture capital funding blacklisting;

8.) FOIA obfuscation for official government FOIA filings;

9.) Arbitrary government deadline manipulation for SSA, DOE, HUD and other applications;

10.) Creation of endless fake hurdles in agency applications (ie: DOE) to protect rigged "winners";

11.) Toxic workplace poisonings like the Salisbury, Nalvany, Litvinenko poisonings;

12.) Workplace sabotage and obstruction of Applicant’s companies;

13.) Media defamation attacks via gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Google, Youtube, etc.;

14.) Commercial employment database "lois lerner-ing" and red-flagging;

15.) Murders of peers (ie: Rajeev Motwani, Seth Rich, Gary D. Conley and 120+ others);

16.) Revenue blockades and internet income re-direction;

17.) Troll farm attack teams hired from Chinese attack farms;

18.) Fusion GPS, Media Matters, David Plouffe attack contracts issued targeting whistle-blowers;

19.) Manual search engine lock-in attacks on Google, YouTube, Linkedin;

20.) U.S. patent office manipulation to blockade revenue;

21.) Honey-traps sent out targeting the whistle-blowers;

22.) Fake news tabloid empires created just for defamation attacks;

23.) Housing access and financing blockades created to reprisal harass whistle-blowers;

24.) Ongoing hacking of plaintiffs devices;

25.) Tech industry black-list coordination within the National Venture Capital Association;

26.) HUD and USDA mortgage rights blockades:

27.) DNS and IP routing manipulation to prevent victims from selling anything online;

28.) Digital attacks designed to put horrific fake news about target in front of 7.5 billion people...

and more spy agency type "dirty tricks"that cost the victims their lives, life savings, income and other disabling losses.
Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, White House Staff, Department of Energy Executives, and others, have the power, with a single phone call, to implement all of the above attacks.

"They all had the means and motivation. They all had stock market profits affected by this. They all had been proven to have contracted FUSION GPS and other attack services on multiple occasions! They all will do ANYTHING to cover up these crimes! If these people could do these things to us then it must be completely legal to do these things right back to them, correct? Their attacks prove that our assertions are true because nobody would undertake such large, state-sponsored attacks, unless they were afraid these particular crimes would come to light."

Details Of The Specific Attacks Undertaken By The Attackers Against Us, By Them, Included:

- Government agency bosses solicited the target with false promises of future loans, contracts or grants from their agency and caused the target victim to expend millions of dollars and years of their time for projects which those government bosses had covertly promised to their friends. They used the target victim as a “smokescreen” to cover their illegal government slush-funds for the victims competitors and personal enemies. By using this tactic, the attackers drain the target victims funds and forced victim into an economic disaster without the government bosses fearing any reprisal for their scam in which they made billions of dollars in profit in the notorious Solyndra scandals as seen in the CBS 60 Minutes episode: “The Cleantech Crash”, thousands of TV news segments and the related GAO and Congressional corruption reports.

- Government officials and LSC corporation (A federal agency dedicated to providing legal services to victims) blockaded victim’s rights to legal representation in order to prevent victim from personally suing the attackers because such a lawsuit would have embarrassed corrupt public officials. High tech law firms that were discussing a services agreement with victim were threatened and ordered to not help victim or “they would be black-listed or be cut-off from tens of millions of dollars of Google, Netflix, Facebook and government contracts”. Individual lawyers were threatened with black-listing and getting “flooded with more filings than you could ever respond to in your life-time...” LSC officials, who were almost entirely Obama Administration associates, refused to assist with lawyer referrals, which is against their federal contract.

- A sophisticated animated attack film was produced attacking victim. An animated film is an expensive effort involving considerable time and expense. An attacker must be well financed to undertake such an effort. The film was published on YouTube and locked onto the very top search result line on every YouTube search in front of 5 billion internet users for over a decade. The damage to victim’s reputation is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. YouTube steadfastly refused to remove or adjust the search results even though YouTube executives knew victim and knew that the video represented a character assassination attempt against victim because YouTube owners finance the political campaigns of the public officials who ordered the attacks. While Google/YouTube stated to Congress that all of it’s search results are arbitrary, the never-moving search result of this attack video proved that Google’s and YouTube’s search results are manually manipulated by human maintained black-lists.

- Social networking sites including MeetUp, Match, Facebook, etc. and all other IAC-owned, or similar, sites (IAC is managed by Hillary Clinton's daughter, whose Mother knew victim) have had their profiles, texts, and inter-member communications, since those companies were started, hacked or purchased. The financiers of almost everyone of these sites are also the financiers of the suspects. The attack service providers use Palantir , In-Q-Tel financed data analysis software to analyze every activity in those services in order to find honey-trap, blackmail and social conflict exploitation opportunities. Your social life will, essentially, end. Every photo on every social site is cross checked with every other photo on the internet in order to cull your Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat and other social media together to create a total manipulation profile data file on you. New contacts on these sites were contacted by the attackers and told to “avoid” the victim in order to damage victim.

- Social Security, SSI, SDI, Disability and other earned benefits were stone-walled. Applications for benefits for the victim were intentionally “lost” like a “Lois Lerner hard drive”. Files in the application process “disappeared”. A U.S. Senator ordered Victim’s benefits to “never be approved” even though victim worked 60 hour+ weeks for decades in service to their nation and their community. A SSA official in the local SSA office, who had a devout expressed hatred against one United States President ordered a benefits blockade against victim because he found out that victim’s ex-lawyer now worked in the White House.

- Government officials and tech oligarchs contacted members of the National Venture Capital association (NVCA) and created national “black-lists” to blockade victim from receiving investor funding. This was also confirmed in a widely published disclosure by Tesla Motors Daryl Siry and in published testimony. If Silicon Valley political campaign finance oligarchs black-list you (see the "AngelGate" Scandal and the "High Tech No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit" cases) you will never get investor funding again.

- Federal FOIA requests were hidden, frozen, stone-walled, delayed, lied about and only partially responded to in order to seek to hide information and run cover-ups.

- State and federal officials play an endless game of Catch-22 by arbitrarily determining that deadlines had passed that they, the government officials, had stonewalled and obfuscated applications for, in order to force these deadlines that they set, to appear to be missed.

- Victims was found to be strangely poisoned, not unlike the Alexander Litvenko case. Heavy metals and toxic materials were found right after victim’s work with the Department of Energy weapons and energy facilities. Many wonder if victim was intentionally exposed to toxins in retribution for their testimony. The federal MSDS documents clearly show that a number of victims were exposed to deadly compounds and radiations, via DOE, without being provided with proper HazMat suits which DOE officials knew were required.

- Victims employers were called, and faxed, and ordered to fire target victims from their places of employment, in the middle of the day, with no notice, as a retribution tactic.

- On orders from Obama White House officials Google, YouTube, Gawker Media and Gizmodo Media produced attack articles and defamation videos. Google locked these contrived attack articles from the Nicholas Guido Denton tabloid empire on the top line, of the front page of all Google searches for a decade in front of 7.5 billion people, around the world. This attack-type uses over $40 million dollars in server farms, production costs and internet rigging. The forensic data acquired from tracking some of these attacks proves that Google rigged these attacks against victim on the internet and that all of Google’s “impressions” are manually controlled by Google’s executives who are also the main financiers and policy directors of the Obama Administration. This data was provided to the European Union for it’s ongoing prosecution of Google’s political manipulation of public perceptions. Hired attackers Nicholas Guido Denton, John Herman, Adrian Covert, Ian Fette, Patrick George, Gabrielle Darbyshire and John Cook have been referred to the FBI for surveillance, tracking and interview relative to the command, control and compensation for those attacks.

- Victims HR and employment records, on Taleo, Palantir and EVERY recruiting and hiring database, was embedded with negative keywords and “flags” in order to prevent the victim from ever gaining future employment.

- Gary D. Conley, Seth Rich, Rajeev Motwani who victim knew, and many other whistle-blowers in these matters, turned up dead under strange circumstances. Victim has received ongoing death threats for his help to federal investigations in the larger organized crime investigation relative to this matter. You might wonder why energy deals get people killed. You might wonder why Joe Biden's son Hunter was running an energy company he knew nothing about. A widening investigation into allegations of high-level corruption on the island of Malta, first levelled by murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, stretches to China and a $400 million investment into Europe by a Chinese state power company with connections to Dianne Feinstein's family China partners, Reuters has found. Caruana Galizia was murdered in October 2017 as she investigated a web of companies that she believed were funneling bribes to Maltese politicians. Now, Reuters and a consortium of journalists have traced two firms involved in that web to relatives of a senior Chinese executive for Accenture, the global consultancy firm. The executive, 43-year-old Chen Cheng from Shanghai, negotiated investments on behalf of China’s state-owned Shanghai Electric Power in Malta and in another small European state, Montenegro, over the past decade, according to Maltese officials and official records. The revelation of a Chinese connection potentially adds a new international dimension to a scandal that has rocked Malta’s government and last year led to the resignation of the prime minister. It also could figure in a series of Maltese official investigations into the events leading up to Caruana Galizia’s death. Backed by Malta’s government, the investments by Shanghai Electric Power were portrayed by Maltese and Chinese political leaders as one component of China’s multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road initiative to pour money into economic infrastructure in central Asia and Europe. In 2016, a year before she was murdered in a car bombing, Caruana Galizia identified Chen’s key role in the transactions on her blog. Reporter David Bird was looking into these energy connections and he was then found dead in the woods on the East Coast. A total of six people in Malta have been charged with Caruana Galizia’s killing and await trial. Caruana Galizia reported that Chen created a company in the British Virgin Islands in 2014, for an unknown purpose. In the same year, Chen played a central role in negotiations and due diligence for Shanghai Electric Power to invest 380 million euros ($400 million) in buying a share of Malta’s state power company, Enemalta. Caruana Galizia did not specify any wrongdoing by Chen. Chen and Accenture did not respond to Caruana Galizia’s report at the time. Now, reporters at Reuters, the Times of Malta, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, have discovered that Chen’s family set up two further companies in Hong Kong, both with business links to Malta. The first of the companies set up by the Chen family, known as Macbridge, planned to pay up to $2 million to Panama firms controlled by two Maltese politicians, Reuters has previously reported. The second, called Dow’s Media Company, received one million euros ($1.2 million) from a business owned by one of Malta’s richest men, Yorgen Fenech, according to financial records seen by Reuters. Fenech is in jail, awaiting trial on a charge of masterminding Caruana Galizia’s murder. He has pleaded not guilty. According to international legal requests seen by Reuters, Maltese law enforcement officials suspect that Macbridge and Dow’s Media were part of an elaborate scheme, involving some participants in the China-Malta deals, to make payments to politicians in Malta and siphon off profits for themselves. The Panama Papers Leaks, The Swiss Leaks And Wikileaks have shown that dirty CPA firms for American politicians and Silicon Valley oligarchs were all laundering money through these shared illegal conduits.

- Paypal (A DNC-biased operation) and other on-line payments for on-line sales by victim are de-platformed, delayed, hidden, or re-directed in order to terminate income potential for target who competed with the attackers interests and holdings. This further denied victim income. As a test, victim built an online store with hundreds of thousands of products and marketed it globally. Trackers, placed by victim’s technicians, on servers, discovered that Paypal and an outside “Virgina-based system” were DNS and payment re-directed all traffic away from the store so that victim received no traffic and no income. In DNS redirection, "website spoofing" sends target victims websites to dead ends where no sales orders or customer inquiries actually get back to the target. These internet revenue activity manipulations are conducted using outside covert servers operated by the attackers and revealed in the Snowden Leaks. All commercial storefronts and on-line sales attempts by target victims, had their sites hidden, or search engine de-linked by a massively resourced facility located in Virginia, Texas or Palo Alto, California in order to terminate revenue potentials for the victim.

- Contracted trolls, shills, botnets and synth-blog deployments are deployed to place defamatory statements and disinformation about victim in front of 7.5 billion people around the world on the internet in order to seek to damage their federal testimony credibility by a massively resourced facility. Some of these troll farms were uncovered in Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Brazil.

- Campaign finance dirty tricks contractors were hired by campaign financiers to attack the friends and family members of the target victim in order to create low morale for the target victims psyche and motivation.

- In one case covert political partner: Google, transferred large sums of cash to dirty tricks contractors and then manually locked the media portion of the attacks into the top lines of the top pages of all Google searches globally, for years, with hidden embedded codes in the links and web-pages which multiplied the attacks on Victims by many magnitudes.

- Covert Cartel financier: Google, placed Google’s lawyer: Michelle Lee, in charge of the U.S. Patent Office and she, in turn, stacked all of the U.S. Patent Office IPR and ALICE review boards and offices with Google-supporting employees in order to rig the U.S. Patent Office to protect Google from being prosecuted for the vast patent thefts that Google engages in. Google has hundreds of patent lawsuits for technology theft and a number of those lawsuits refer to Google’s operations as “Racketeering”, “Monopolistic Cartel” and “Government Coup-like” behaviors. Thousands of articles and investigations detail the fact that Google, “essentially” ran the Obama White House and provided over 80% of the key White House staff. A conflict-of-interest unlike any in American history. Google’s investors personally told Victim they would “kill him”. Google and the Obama Administration were “the same entity”. Victim testified in the review that got Michelle Lee terminated and uncovered a tactical political and social warfare group inside Google who were financed by Federal and State funds.

- “Honeytraps” and moles were employed by the attackers. In this tactic, people who covertly worked for the attackers were employed to approach the “target” in order to spy on and misdirect the subject.

- Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Snopes, SPLC and other hired media assassins were retained to produce "hatchet job" character assassination articles about victim. Then those articles were faxed, mailed and emailed to Kaiser Permanente and investors with a note saying: "You don't want to have anything to do with this person, do you..?" in order to get victim fired from their job and get victim’s loans or financing pulled. The attackers use their round one attack media, that they authored, to create a round two second wave attack designed to end victim’s life status via economic warfare.

- Mortgage and rental applications had red flags added to them in databases to prevent the targets from getting homes or apartments.

- Krebs On Security, Wired, Ars Technica, The Wall Street Journal and most major IT publications have reported that hundreds of spy "back-doors" have been found on every Intel, AMD, Apple, Xfinity, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper Networks motherboard, chip-set and hardware component set. This means that the attackers used a "key" code can open any of victims computer, server, router, cloud-network or other network connected device and read every file, photo, video, your calendar and email on devices at any time from any location on Earth. This has been widely reported on by Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Scahill, Cheryl K of CBS News and others. Victim was hacked at least 10 times. In a number of instances, people, who victim had been communicating with online, were mysteriously contacted by a third party who sent them the Gizmodo attack article or phoned them with warnings to avoid victim. These kinds of Man-In-The-Middle interceptions would only have been possible from hacking and MITM surveillance tactics.

- McCarthy-Era "Black-lists" were created and employed against target victims who competed with Obama Administration executives and their campaign financiers to prevent them from getting funding and future employment. This White House process is known as “RatFucking”, a tactic that is documented in a variety of published reports and on Wikipedia.

- The housing rights of Victim were stalled in reprisal. Public records show that tens of thousands of other Victims were moved ahead of victim even though victim’s validation metrics exceeded those of almost every other Victim. Victim was “black-listed”.

Federal law enforcement, the United States Congress and the highest level investigators in the U.S., and abroad, have documented (per the “FISA Memo”, Congressional Reports and federal employee testimony) and proven the fact that the Obama Administration regularly engaged in the operation of retribution, vendetta and reprisal campaigns known as “hit-jobs” against domestic natural born U.S. citizen domestic taxpayers. The Federal Court, in at least one previous court case, has ruled that the corporation in which victim was an investor, in this particular matter, were the victims and target of a number of these attacks designed to inflict permanent medical, emotional, character assassination, brand negation, economic and career damage.


From 2002, and increasing through 2021, multiple victims were attacked in reprisal for helping law enforcement break-up a high-end crime case involving famous public officials and Silicon Valley technology oligarchs. One of the victims was attacked and fully disabled in 2008. (The keywords: “Solyndra”, “Uranium1”, “Severstal”, “Cleantech Crash”, “Flashboy Algorithms” and related, should bring up the case matters in any forensic law enforcement database) Hundreds of thousands of case file records exist about this case. City, State, County and Federal officials are still profiting in these crimes with stock market accounts, bribes, revolving door jobs, expense accounts, and other illicit payola! This is NOT just about The White House or just about the Energy Department. Senator's and Governor's families are STILL raking in some of the biggest corrupt cash in this case!

"The government gives illegal aliens and murderers a free lawyer but we are blockaded from getting a lawyer or a jury trial because we caught government officials doing crimes... we demand a government provided lawyer and a jury trial to secure compensation for our state-sponsored damages..."

FBI, OSC and Congressional investigators have stated that "only the White House had the capacity to order, finance and operate these illegal attacks (SEE THE LIST OF ATTACKS, BELOW), harms and damages, in political reprisal, against the victims. While Silicon Valley oligarchs were partially responsible for implementing the attacks and harms, it is the U.S. Government who is responsible for compensating the victims for the various harms because they defrauded the victims... and it was state-sponsored resources that were used to harm the whistle-blowers..."

The remaining victims have stated: "...The other victims of this crime have received over $45,000,000.00 in damages payments. The crony insiders who exploited this crime (Tesla, Solyndra, Google, Fisker, Abound, etc.) have pocketed billions in profits. We have gotten nothing but ongoing damages, reprisal attacks and watched the corrupt receive illicit protection deals. Enough is enough.."

Evidence records for the case matters exist in the court records in the following cases available on www,pacer.gov:

Case No. 1:20-cv-03010 ( Google monopoly and competitor attacks case)

Case No. 11-CV-2509  ( https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/judges/koh-lucy-h-lhk/in-re-high-tech-employee-antitrust-litigation/  )

Task force Case No. 20-xyz2020a  ( http://www.case-xyz2020a.com/ )

Case No. 20-03664 (  https://www.insurancejournal.com/app/uploads/2020/06/brown-v-google.pdf )

Case No. 1:12-CV-00774-mms and related cases. ( https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/the-administration/250109-a-case-study-in-pay-to-play-cronyism. Criminal referrals against the attackers have been filed with the FBI, DOJ, SEC, FEC, FTC )

Case No. 18-cv-8865 (S.D.N.Y.)(SEC v. Elon Musk for lies and scams )

Case No. 18-cv-8947 (S.D.N.Y.)( SEC v. Tesla, Inc. for lies and scams )

Case No. 1:14-cv-270143 ( Google racketeering charges - https://artistrightswatch.com/2017/10/08/googles-racketeering-challenge/ )

Case No. 1:19-cr-00490 ( United States v. Epstein - Big tech sex cult crimes case )

Case No. 129 So.3d 1196 (Fla. 2d DCA 2014); 170 So.3d 125 (Fla. 2d DCA 2015) ( Gawker Media, LLC v. Bollea in which Gawker, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku and Lifehacker were exposed as character assassination and money-laundering fronts working for notorious third parties)

Case No. 19-cv-343672 James Martin (on behalf of ALPHABET INC) v Larry Page et al (Sex Cults In Silicon Valley )

Case No. CGC-11-508414, California Superior Court, San Francisco (Plaintiff v Google )

Case No. 3:16-cv-03061 U.S. DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA, San Francisco Division ( Plaintiff V. Google/Alphabet/YouTube)

Case No. 18-CIV05380 Rubin Vs. Rubin (Google sex cult and sex slave charges )

Case No. : 1:17 - cv - 06404  Vs. Rubin (Organized crime sex trafficking by stock market manipulators )

Case No. D.C. No. 3:17-cv-05369 - VC (Big tech harassment of outsiders)

Case No. 3:21-cv-00077  (Another of many lawsuits proving that the Silicon Valley Cartel conspires to manipulate media and markets)

Additional evidence in the form of books about this matter, journalism publications, federal investigation records, case reports and eye-witness statements are provided in links in blue text, below, in this document...

See the CORRUPTION EVIDENCE SAMPLES GALLERY LINK and THE CRONY CORRUPTION EVIDENCE SAMPLES LINK and share the images with your social media outlets. There is not a single suspect, or their company, in this case who has not been hacked. Most of their files and emails have been posted on the web, or offered for sale by Chinese, Russian, Iranian and QAnon hacking teams. It is now impossible for the suspects to hide their crimes. The suspects own internal staff (ie: Larry Page's, Eric Schmidt's, Susan Wojcicki's, David Axelrod's, etc. personal assistants, etc...) have turned whistle-blowers and leaked their story. Dianne Feinstein had multiple Chinese spies working on her staff. The toothpaste is out of the tube...

Victim “A” had personal relationships with some of the most well-known public figures in the nation as proven in letters, videos and news photos. Victim “A” was an eye-witnesses to the crimes under investigation. Victim "A" is: a 1.) Crime victim, 2.) Whistle-Blower, 3.) Former government contractor/employee, 4.) Citizen disabled by the crime and the agencies involved, 5.) Member of a legal "Class" damaged by government parties, 6.) a human rights harm victim, 7.) A part of a plaintiff group who won a precedent-setting federal lawsuit proving that a government agency "infected with corruption" had put a "hit-job" on their financing in reprisal for reporting a crime at that agency.

All of the victims have suffered a large number of threats and actual documented attacks and many of those attacks (and the attackers) have been forensically tracked back to financing by the public officials under investigation.

The victims, and their advocates, have contacted every law enforcement and regulatory agency they knew of. Each of those agencies finger-pointed to another agency in an endless blame-game and/or a “not-our-responsibility” stone-walling run-around. Nothing has been done to help the victims. The victims have suffered, and continue to suffer, violation of their civil, human and Constitutional rights.

The victims and their associates were induced to invest millions of dollars, and all of their life savings, in a government run project. It was later discovered that every government operator of that project was either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; the victims business adversaries, or the politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to.

In addition to the damages from being defrauded by Government officials, each of the attacks on the victims has court precedent metrics, from other cases, that set a value to the additional damages suffered by the victims.


Victim “A” is now unable to afford a lawyer. “Free” legal services, such as the government’s LSC Corporation, and all other pro bono lawyers have refused to assist because they are conflicted-out because their funding, or support, of one, or another political candidates puts them in conflict-of-interest.

David L. Anderson, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, (San Francisco) and other U.S. Attorney’s were asked, in writing, to file a jury trial action on behalf of the Victim but they have not responded to communications.

The FBI has informed us that this is an ongoing active investigation involving major public officials and Silicon Valley executives. We have received case numbers from many agencies but those agencies do not provide case updates. The Statute Of Limitations has not expired in this case because the causes of action and the damages are re-engaged every day. The FBI knows who each of the perpetrators are but some of them are famous politicians with the resources to delay, or halt, federal investigations. The fact that the Director of the FBI was fired during this matter and the U.S. Attorney General was cited for Contempt Of Congress during this matter, is indicative of how high the problem goes.

The attacks and damages include physical attacks; ramming of subjects car; death threats; exposure to toxic materials; SSA benefits blockades; tens of millions of dollars of Google/Gawker Media coordinated internet attacks and server manipulations and other tactics.

"Victim A" demands damages, back-pay, back-benefits, expenses, legal fees and related costs but government officials have cut off their ability to get legal counsel.


Criminal complaints about these crimes, and about the damages, have been filed with every applicable city, state and federal law enforcement and regulatory office, every inspector general and every jurisdictional politician.

Many of the agency bosses have been caught profiteering in these crimes.

Top law enforcement and regulatory bosses who were supposed to be protecting the victims actually owned the stock of the criminal corporations involved.  Law enforcement investigators, reporters, Congressional researchers and forensic experts produced the following materials. Please share these documents with your friends and associates!


"THE SLUSH FUND" - An overview of the biggest part of the political corruption scam


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_SLUSH_FUND.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_SLUSH_FUND.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_SLUSH_FUND.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_SLUSH_FUND.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_SLUSH_FUND.pdf

"THE SILICON VALLEY TECH MOBSTER CARTEL" - Meet the gangsters of Palo Alto

(  The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf  )

(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/The_Silicon_Valley_Tech_Mobster_Cartel.pdf


(  The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf  )

(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/The_Political_Reprisal_Vendetta_Playbook.pdf



(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/REPORT_TO_CONGRESS_ON_GAWKER_GIZMODO_ATTACK_SERVICE.pdf


(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/REPORT_TO_CONGRESS_ON_GAWKER_GIZMODO_ATTACK_SERVICE.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/REPORT_TO_CONGRESS_ON_GAWKER_GIZMODO_ATTACK_SERVICE.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/REPORT_TO_CONGRESS_ON_GAWKER_GIZMODO_ATTACK_SERVICE.pdf

"HOW CORRUPTION ACTUALLY WORKS" - The basic details of payola and bribery used by the politicians


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/HOW_CORRUPTION_ACTUALLY_WORKS.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/HOW_CORRUPTION_ACTUALLY_WORKS.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/HOW_CORRUPTION_ACTUALLY_WORKS.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/HOW_CORRUPTION_ACTUALLY_WORKS.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/HOW_CORRUPTION_ACTUALLY_WORKS.pdf

"THE SICK WORLD OF THE GOOGLE EXECUTIVES" - The horrors and sick sex cult lifestyles of Google


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_SICK_WORLD_OF_THE_GOOGLE_EXECUTIVES.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_SICK_WORLD_OF_THE_GOOGLE_EXECUTIVES.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_SICK_WORLD_OF_THE_GOOGLE_EXECUTIVES.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_SICK_WORLD_OF_THE_GOOGLE_EXECUTIVES.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_SICK_WORLD_OF_THE_GOOGLE_EXECUTIVES.pdf

"THE DIRTY DEEDS OF SILICON VALLEY" - A deep dive into the individuals behind the crimes


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY.pdf

"THE DIRTY DEEDS OF SILICON VALLEY - VOLUME TWO   - A deeper dive into the corrupt oligarchs behind the scams


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY_VOLUME_TWO.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY_VOLUME_TWO.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY_VOLUME_TWO.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY_VOLUME_TWO.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_DIRTY_DEEDS_OF_SILICON_VALLEY_VOLUME_TWO.pdf

"THE CRIMES AND LIES OF ELON MUSK"   -  This sociopath will always cheat if he can't compete


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_CRIMES_AND_LIES_OF_ELON_MUSK.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_CRIMES_AND_LIES_OF_ELON_MUSK.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_CRIMES_AND_LIES_OF_ELON_MUSK.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_CRIMES_AND_LIES_OF_ELON_MUSK.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_CRIMES_AND_LIES_OF_ELON_MUSK.pdf

"HOW THEY KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR"  - How the monopolization effort is based on covert manipulations


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

"THE CORRUPTION DISRUPTION MANUAL"   - How any member of the public can take these crooks down


(LINK 1) http://american-corruption.com/public/THE_CORRUPTION_DISRUPTION_MANUAL.pdf

(LINK 2) http://case-xyz2020a.com/THE_CORRUPTION_DISRUPTION_MANUAL.pdf

(LINK 3) http://nationalnewsnetwork.net/public/THE_CORRUPTION_DISRUPTION_MANUAL.pdf

(LINK 4) http://www.federal-report.com/public/THE_CORRUPTION_DISRUPTION_MANUAL.pdf

(LINK 5) http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/public/THE_CORRUPTION_DISRUPTION_MANUAL.pdf

More evidence from Congressional investigators, major investigative journalists, former FBI staff and forensic experts:


See the CORRUPTION GALLERY and share the images with your social media outlets



DELETED By Allum Bohkari


The Age of Surveillance Capitalism By Shoshana Zuboff'

Catch and Kill By Ronan Farrow, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch_and_Kill:_Lies,_Spies,_and_a_Conspiracy_to_Protect_Predators

Permanent Record By Edward Snowden, https://www.amazon.com/Permanent-Record-Edward-Snowden/dp/1250237238

Brotopia By Emily Chang, http://brotopiabook.com/

Throw Them All Out By Peter Schweizer, http://peterschweizer.com/books/throw-them-all-out/

The Circle By David Eggers, https://archive.org/details/circle00dave

Companies Targeted For Bankruptcy For Their Crimes Against The Public By The Internet Research Group

World Without Mind By Franklin Foer, https://www.amazon.com/World-Without-Mind-Existential-Threat/dp/1101981113

A Journey into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley By Corey Pein, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35684687-live-work-work-work-die

Disrupted By Dan Lyons, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26030703-disrupted

Chaos Monkeys By Antonio García Martínez, https://www.antoniogarciamartinez.com/chaos-monkeys/

The Creepy Line By Matthew Taylor, https://www.thecreepyline.com/

Congress: Trading stock By Steve Kroft, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/congress-trading-stock-on-inside-information/



GET YOUR COPY AT ONE OF THESE LINKS: (LINK 1) (LINK 2) (LINK 3) (LINK 4) or on your favorite torrent. Send it to your political representative and ask them: "Why Haven't You Fixed This Yet?"



This is about powerful and greedy people abusing the public system in order to manipulate TRILLIONS of government treasury and stock market dollars into their own pockets. They lie, cheat, bribe, steal, attack, and even kill, in order to grab this money (provided from the pockets of the taxpayers). They create fake "political issues" in order to steer massive amounts of government money to "solutions" that they just happen to own the companies of. ("Follow the Money") They collude on cover-ups, cover-stories, pump-and-dumps, fake "Stimulus Funds" redirection and other illicit deeds. Famous politicians are a very big part of this crime. They are easy to spot via the tens of millions of dollars, in their personal bank accounts, which only appeared after they took office. They broke and separated America by promoting their fake causes, which divide the public, in order to benefit off of their exclusive stock market scams. In fact, if the, completely computer manipulated, stock market did not exist, political corruption in America would be reduced by 95% and Silicon Valley's sex trafficking would be cut in half.

One part of them is: The Silicon Valley Tech Cartel; an anti-trust violating organized-crime operation based on quid-pro-quo. They manipulated the Dept of Energy to only fund political favorites and to sabotage the competitors of those favorites in an epic violation of anti-trust and anti-racketeering laws.

READ THE BOOK: http://american-corruption.com/public/HOW_THEY_KILLED_THE_ELECTRIC_CAR.pdf

OR AT:   http://how-they-killed-the-electric-car.com

Dept of Energy staff own the stock of Tesla and Solyndra - they work, in total conflict-of-interest, as slush-fund bankers for crony insiders! Steven Chu and his agency cronies defrauded all of the non-crony applicants out of their life savings and now they are getting doxed, investigated and sued forever as punishment for their corruption! the crooked senators behind this got tens of millions of dollars of dirty profits from it while their constituents got defrauded!





... or on torrents around the world...

We are seeking compensation from the perpetrators of these financial crimes and attacks that harmed us. Victims have already gotten over 150 of them fired from their government jobs and directly sued some of them for corruption! The longer this goes unresolved: the more lawsuits and political embarrassments these crooks can count on!

Says one victim group: " If you add up all the money the Department of Energy has spent on our FOIA's, lawsuits and federal investigations since 2008 you can see that the Department of Energy has now spent more money fighting with us than the amount they would have spent simply settling with us and paying our damages. You can see in the last lawsuit we got free White House and Congressional lawyers. Lawyers love to beat up DOE for corruption for free. All those lawyers are now looking for something to do. We can keep doing this for another hundred years and embarrass every politician and their financiers forever. The Department of Energy could do the federal budget, the tax-paying public, the Court system, Justice and themselves a HUGE favor by simply paying us our damages and being done with it. We have been blockaded from getting our legal rights, from getting fair legal representation and from getting a jury trial because they know, in a fair un-rigged jury trial, we will win and they will be shamed and forced to pay up!"

A large part of the crimes involved trillions of dollars of payola involving rare earth mining schemes for minerals for cell phone and electric car components:

Afghan Rare Earth


"... this is about corruption that was experienced by U.S. Citizens. It involves trillions of dollars of government monies! Famous politicians partnered with corrupt crony-capitalist Silicon Valley bully tech oligarchs to do these felony dark-money crimes! if you hate injustice, collusion, monopolistic bullies and bribes then you will love this case! it is widely documented that famous politicians including Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, John Podesta, Nancy Pelosi and many others hire media assassins and attack operatives to covertly destroy those they do not like or those who compete with their stock market ownership.

Note that in the last 2 stimulus bills, tens of billions of dollars, in California, disappeared in fraud matters connected to politicians. the facts presented here are from police and court records, congressional investigations and eye-witness reports..."

“...one of our victims was attacked and fully disabled in 2008. The victims were attacked in reprisal for helping law enforcement break a high-end crime case involving public officials. (The keywords: “Solyndra”, “Uranium1”, “Severstal”, “Cleantech Crash”, “Flashboy Algorithms” and related, should bring up the case matters in any forensic law enforcement database) (Court records case numbers are also available for additional investigation). Hundreds of thousands of case file records exist about this case.

Victim “A” had personal relationships with some of the most well-known public figures in the nation as proven in letters, videos and news photos. Victim “A” was an eye-witnesses to the crimes under investigation. Victim “A” was a federal contractor/employee.

The Victims have suffered a large number of attacks and many of those attacks (and the attackers) have been forensically tracked back to financing by the public officials under investigation.

We have contacted every law enforcement and regulatory agency already. Each of them finger-point to another agency in an endless blame-game and/or a “not-our-responsibility” stone-walling run-around. The victims have suffered, and continue to suffer, violation of their civil, human and Constitutional rights.

The victims and their associates were induced to invest millions of dollars, and all of their life savings, in a government run project. It was later discovered that every government operator of that project was either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; the victims business adversaries, or the politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to.

In addition to the damages from being defrauded by Government officials, each of the attacks on the victims has court precedent metrics, from other cases, that set a value to the additional damages suffered by the victims.


In a past federal lawsuit, the victims won their lawsuit proving that government officials manipulated their funding applications.

Victim “A” is now unable to afford a lawyer. “Free” legal services, such as the government’s LSC Corporation, and all other pro bono lawyers have refused to assist because they are conflicted-out as their funding, or support, of one, or another political candidates puts them in conflict-of-interest.

David L. Anderson, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California,(San Francisco) and other U.S. Attorney’s were asked, in writing, to file a jury trial action on behalf of the Victim but they have not responded to communications.

The FBI has informed us that this is an ongoing active investigation involving major public officials. We have received case numbers from many agencies but those agencies do not provide case updates.

The attacks and damages include physical attacks; ramming of subjects car; death threats; exposure to toxic materials; SSA benefits blockades; tens of millions of dollars of Google/Gawker Media coordinated internet attacks and server manipulations and other tactics.

We demand damages, back-pay, back-benefits, expenses, legal fees and related costs….”

California Politics

The Silicon Valley Tech Mobster CarteL

"...State sponsored hacking teams from Russia, China and Iran, ( Ie: Solarwinds, Supernova, Spectre, and hundreds of other hacks) along with thousands of bored teenagers have stolen all of the CIA, NSA and Fire Eye hacking tools and hacked 20 years of the bad guys emails, files, text messages and voicemails and sent them to the press, public-interest groups and the enemies of these oligarchs. Corruption has no place to hide now. All of the dirty secrets of their crimes, bribes and quid-pro-quo are on the table and no oligarch or crooked politician will ever be safe again! On top of the hacks and leaks, we have supported new open-source artificial-intelligence based software which operates autonomously (around-the-clock) tracking the covert cash of every politician, their family, and their tech oligarch bosses. When you follow the money with these bot programs the proof of the bribes and payola is crystal clear!  These crooks all use the same group o: 1.) dirty law firms like Wilson Sonsini, Perkins Coie, etc.; 2.) corrupt CPA's like Deloitte, etc., 3.) Goldman Sachs investment bankers, 4.) bribery-based lobbyists and Media Matters/ David Plouffe-like attack operatives. See how we are taking these crooks down AT THIS LINK. For example, hired attackers: Nicholas Guido Denton, Ian Fette, Gabby Darbyshire, John Herman, Adrian Covert, John Cook and Patrick George have been placed under permanent surveillance by our private investigators and federal agents for the rest of their lives, along with their families. Any crimes, tax evasions, drug deals, sex trafficking, money-laundering, political manipulations, stock market holdings, revolving-door job bribes, exchange of bribes and payola with Google and Youtube (we have the bank records) for search rigging, INTERPOL investigated cross-border transfers between the US and Eastern Europe or other additional illicit deeds they engage in, will be uncovered and reported...forever!..."

"Google is a sick corrupt criminal business run by sex trafficking perverts and sociopaths..." Say GOOGLE'S own inside employees, Divorce Court records of Google executives, 70+ State & Federal investigations and major news outlets.

- Google spies on competitors and steals their technology
- Google - Alphabet - YouTube stock is owned by almost all of the California politicians and their families and that is why Google - Alphabet - YouTube is never regulated and always protected by them for their political and profiteering manipulations
- Google runs tens of millions of dollars of defamation attacks against competitors
- Google hides all media and news coverage for competitors of Larry Page's boyfriend: Elon Musk
- Google lies to the public about what they really do with the public's data
- Google promotes illegal immigration in order to get cheap labor and control votes
- Google runs VC funding back-lists against start-ups that are competitive
- Google bribes thousands of politicians
- Google is a criminal RICO-violating monopoly
- Google rigs the stock market with Flash-boy, Pump/Dump and Microblast SEC violating computer tricks
- Google pays bribes to politicians in Google and YouTube stock
- Google manipulates who gets to see what web-sites, globally, for competitor black-lists
- Google has a "no poaching" Silicon Valley jobs blacklist
- Google bosses sexually abuse women and young boys
- Google bosses run sex trafficking operations in the Epstein and NXVIUM cults
- Google bosses control the NVCA financing cartel over start-ups
- Google has placed the majority of the corporate staff in at least one White House
- Google controls national elections for anti-competitive purposes
- The company "Polyhop", in the HOUSE OF CARDS tv show, does all the crimes that Google actually does in reality
- Google's law firms, like Wilson Sonsini, are corrupt conduits for payola and political conduit-relays
- Google bribes some politicians with revolving door jobs
- Google is primarily responsible for destroying the Bay Area Housing opportunities
- Google runs DDoS attacks on competitors by massively crawling their sites
- Google boss Andy Rubin runs a sex slave farm according to his own family
- Google boss Eric Schmidt was a philandering sex-penthouse owner according to vast news articles
- Google executives hire so many hookers that one of them, Mr. Hayes, was killed by his hooker
- Google executives sexually abuse so many women that the women staff of Google walked out one day
- In the 2009 White House, you could not swing a cat without hitting a Google insider
- Google has paid covert bribes, PAC funds, real estate and search rigging payola to every CA Senator
- Google has paid bribes, through its lobby fronts, to halt FBI, SEC, FEC and FTC investigations of Google crimes
- Google was funded by the CIA, via In-Q-Tel, a so called "501 c3 charity" which was caught with tons of cocaine
- Google gets millions of dollars of taxpayer cash for spying on Americans inside the USA
- Google's map service was a spy system paid for by taxpayers money that Google now profits off of
- Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have promised to "protect" Google because their families profit off Google stocks
- Payment receipts prove that Google and Gawker/Gizmodo exchanged cash and staff for Character Assassination attacks
- Google VC's and bosses have spent $30M+ rigging the U.S. Patent Office to protect Google and harm Google competitors
- Google bribed it's lawyer into position as head of the U.S. Patent office in order to have her protect Google
- To rig insider stock trades, Google hides negative Tesla stories and pumps positive Tesla stories on "push days"
- Google and Elon Musk Co-own, co-invest and co-market stocks covertly while running anti-trust schemes
- Google rarely likes, or hires, black employees per federal and news media investigations
- Google hired most of the Washington, DC K Street lobby firms and told them to "do what ever they could"
- The film: "Miss Sloane" depicts only 2% of the illicit lobbying tactics Google employs daily
- Demands for an FTC and FBI raid of Google, for criminal activity, securities law and election felonies have been filed
- Google's David Drummond had his Woodside, CA Quail Road house bugged revealing sex and financial misdeeds

Google, and it’s Cartel (Alphabet, Youtube, and hundreds of other shell-company facades) are a criminal organization engaged in felony-class crimes. Google’s bosses bribe politicians, regulators and law enforcement officials to hold off prosecution.

At Google: Kent Walker, Andy Rubin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergy Brin, Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, David Drummond and Ian Fette are so enmeshed in sex scandals, election manipulation, and White House bribes that it is hard to comprehend how they can get any legitimate work done.

Between all of the sex cult activity; hookers; rent boys; political bribes to Pelosi, Harris, Newson, and Feinstein; DDoS attacks they run; CIA and NSA stealth deals; privacy harvesting; Scientology-like employee indoctrination; cheap Asian labor; covert Axciom scams and other illicit things they get up to; one just has to wonder.

Some of the largest political bribes in American or European history were paid via billions of dollars of pre-IPO cleantech stock, insider trading, real estate, Google search engine rigging and shadow-banning, sex workers, revolving door jobs, nepotism, state-supported black-listing of competitors and under-the-table cash. Why are these Silicon Valley Oligarchs and their K-Street law firms and lobbyists immune from the law?

U.S. Senators, Agency Heads and Congress are bribed by Google intermediaries with: Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Private jet rides and use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists.

Google and Youtube are based on technology and business models that Google and YouTube stole from small inventors who had launched other companies that were up and operating before YouTube or Google even existed as business operations.

Google holds the record for the largest number of corporate sex scandals, abuses and sex trafficking charges.

There are only two kinds of people that work at Google: 1.) Cult indoctrinated naive kids with odd sexual quirks and 2.) divisive managers and executives who seek to exploit those eco-chambered employees for nefarious political and stock market manipulation purposes under the Scientology-like guise of "doing good things", when, in fact, they are engaged in horrific crimes against society.

Google has hired almost every technology law firm in order to "conflict them out" from ever working to sue Google. If Google rapes you, robs your patents or does anything awful, you won't be able to find a lawyer to help you.

Most Google executives in control of Google have been indoctrinated by family dynasties to believe that any crime is justified by a bigger cause. Most of those executives are men. The few women in control of departments are figure-heads.

Google bosses attend the same parties and business meetings in which they collude, co-lobby, rig markets and make anti-trust violating plans together.

Google is a private government with more money and power than most smaller nations. Google has more lobbyists bribing more politicians than any other company in America.

Jared Cohen and fashion show-horse Yasmin Green at Google had the job of over-throwing countries in the Middle East. They openly bragged about it. ( https://truthstreammedia.com/2013/06/02/googles-regime-change-agent-jared-cohen/ )

People that work at Google get paid $260,000.00+ per year to lie, spy, manipulate politics, bribe politicians and engage in other crimes. For that kind of money, a person will doing ANYTHING and rationalize it as "part of the higher cause".

The Project X investigation team is publicly quoted as stating: "...give the same number of lawyers as Google has, with the same level of skills and experience, the same discovery budget, legal expenses budget and expert witness budget, we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we can put Google staff and investors in federal prison and close Google, in bankruptcy...the Google Cartel has engaged in that much criminal activity..."

"Google is the largest financier of the Obama political campaign and exceeded FEC campaign spending limits by tens of billions of dollars. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google is the largest staffing source of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The largest number of laws and policy decisions, benefiting a single company and it's investors, went to: Google. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it's investor's are the single largest beneficiary of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The Obama Administration only won the White House because Google and Facebook engaged in the largest digital media and search engine manipulation in human history. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it's investors, during the Obama Administration, had most of their competitors denied funding, grants, contracts and tax waivers while Google's investors GOT funding. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing and prove that Google coordinated anti-trust violations with senior Obama Administration White House staff...."

Google operates it's staffing like a Scientology cult. They  control their employees lives, information, transportation, free time, entertainment and social life. A Google life is a glass-bubble of echo-chamber extremist, hyper-sex-kink, reinforcement.



How YOU can use the public "Corruption Kill Box" to wipe out crooked politicians and their financiers: A Corruption Kill Box Procedure combines federal police investigations created by formal filed criminal referrals and Form 302 overview drafts, public class-action lawsuits, massive news media disclosure blasts, formal regulatory agency complaint filings, individual lawsuits against political and agency executives, documentary film production and distribution, the promotion and organization of Congressional hearings, crowd-sourced social media public forensics and open-source AI financial crimes tracking software. The procedure is an extinction-level event with a 100% success rate against corrupt entities. CKB's only work on the corrupt, so non corrupt parties are safe from it's effects. ANY member of the public can engage in these totally legal anti-corruption actions. Just do it!  Read: "THE CORRUPTION DISRUPTION MANUAL" and use the tactics described in it. You can find copies of it world-wide at links like:





... and thousands of other sites, torrents and locations. Share it with your friends.



"...how corrupt are our political representatives? "we have not been able to find a single one of our political representatives who was not working for, paid by, sleeping with and/or profiteering off of the stocks and mutual funds of our competitors that attacked us! two of our senators were even caught financing some of the attacks!... For example, in California, they have been trying to figure out how tens of billions of dollars for Covid Loans, and also for housing projects, has gone missing. A series of recent audits has found that the much of the money was stolen and hidden by a system of duplicitous, on-purpose mismanagement designed to hide the thefts by saying that 'California politicians are too disorganized to manage anything'. In reality, the embezzlement of the federal funds are carefully organized by State officials (who live in multiple MANSIONS and have parties at fancy restaurants constantly) who are expert at theft and cover-ups..."



An Actual Example Of A State-Sponsored Vendetta Attack:

In the case of one victim of this corruption, let’s call him “Applicant A”, the dirty deeds of public officials are illuminated in all of their darkest forms. He saw, first-hand, how modern politics turns public servants into criminal mobsters. Here is what was in his FBI report:

In college, "Applicant A" was a criminology student on the multi-campus “Core Curriculum” which was offered through Stanford, SFSU and Berkeley campuses. He lived in San Francisco, with a woman who was the best friend of Kathryn Feinstein, daughter of the future mayor of San Francisco. The woman’s mother, in fact, worked for Dianne Feinstein. Kathryn Feinstein often stayed at "Applicant A"’s home and partied there in the hot tub in the back yard and in the downstairs living room. There she told tales and gossip about the deep inside scoop on San Francisco politics. This led to "Applicant A"’s recording and production of an award-winning investigative film series about the characters in San Francisco politics.

Mayor George Moscone was then assassinated one day while “Applicant A” was on his way to City Hall for a meeting at the Mayor’s office. This assassination made Diane Feinstein the Mayor of San Francisco and, later, a U.S. Senator.

As further proof of the connection, Mayor Feinstein issued a large published City Hall proclamation to “Applicant A” for his work on a major project for the City of San Francisco, a tribute to George Moscone, viewed by millions of citizens and also had “Applicant A” produce many socialite events at City Hall for, and with, the Mayor’s friend Charlotte Maillard.

“Applicant A” knew hundreds of top political officials, dated top officials from the White House or Congress and was constantly being solicited to run for office.

"Applicant A" was one of two producer’s creating a major event for The City but a rift developed between "Applicant A" and another group. The opposing group (Comprised of competitors to “Applicant A” ) were being accused of embezzling civic funds. That other group was headed by two personal friends of Diane Feinstein’s. The failures of the opposition group became national news as it was also backed by David Rockefeller’s money man, who also financed Diane Feinstein.

At this time "Applicant A", had numerous law enforcement and intelligence credentials, commendations and certifications and was approached to assist with a sting operation involving some of those officials. The sting operation required that "Applicant A" run for a major office in San Francisco because only a major candidate could have access to the proper people, information and proximity needed for such an operation. Department of Justice, FBI, California Fair Political Practices Commission and other entities had an interest in these task force-type efforts. The combined efforts resulted in one famous City Hall official being arrested for running an underage prostitution ring for San Francisco public officials, co-managed by a SFPD official, and another candidate for mayor, associated with the old school North Beach mob, being run out of politics and having his young daughter removed by the police to protect her from attempted abuse. Both of the indicted officials had close relationships with Diane Feinstein.

"Applicant A" ran the opening ceremonies of one of David Rockefeller’s big projects in San Francisco which Rockefeller, Feinstein and James Bronkema were key players in. James Bronkema, The head of the City business council, had his mistress intermediate a potential “peace treaty” between "Applicant A" and his Cartel. He later sought to invite "Applicant A" into the Bay Area political Cartel he ran and disclosed the insider scheme to "Applicant A", hoping to entice him. Bay Area VC Tom Perkins also made "Applicant A" this offer and confirmed the existence, operation and scope of this Cartel which included famous politicians.

Subsequently, the Feinstein family became the investors, government financial agent, contractors, HR providers, staffing liaison, and friends for Elon Musk and managed the State and Federal gifts of billions of dollars of tax payer funds to Musk, which the Feinstein family profited from.

At the same time, "Applicant A" was operating a U.S. Government funded electric vehicle manufacturing company and an energy production company that competed with Elon Musk’s companies. "Applicant A" contacted the Fremont, California NUMMI plant which Elon Musk had publicly stated he “had no use for NUMMI”. "Applicant A" had been in negotiations and had arranged the first request to re-task NUMMI. A major Washington DC consulting group and CBS News 60 Minutes Producer: Bob Simon, then had communications with Diane Feinstein’s Chief of Staff who threatened "Applicant A" against having anything to do with the NUMMI plant. Subsequently Elon Musk announced he had stepped back in and was taking over the NUMMI plant in a surprise announcement MC’d, in person by Diane Feinstein, whose family was managing the leasing, hiring and contracting for the NUMMI and next door Solyndra buildings.

It turned out that a large rare earth minerals mining scam was underway to manipulate TRILLIONS of dollars of corrupt mining profits and federal tax dollars and that "Applicant A"’s federally funded technology obsoleted that plan.

Just after Russia evacuated Afghanistan, a particular set of Russian geological survey reports called: “The Afghan Metals Treasure Maps” were found by CIA researchers in Kabul. They were said to show where many trillions of dollars worth of copper, lithium, indium and other “rare earth” technology minerals were hidden in the Afghan plains.

That lithium and indium could power Elon Musk’s cars and Solyndra, Fisker’s, Abound’s Cleantech (if only a certain group of Silicon Valley billionaires had a way to monopolize that...hmmmm?) But; were those “Treasure Maps” a trick or a treat?

To this day, controversy exists across the intelligence communities, of many nations, about whether, or not, those maps were a scam created to “trick the American’s” or the actual locations of trillions of dollars of mining deals that were “antibody's for the taking”. The papers that the CIA geologists pulled out of that archival library in Kabul, Afghanistan still read to be a bit too convenient for what happened next. Decades later, after an invasion or two, and vast expenditures of cash, political capitol and lives, very little of the promised golden mining treasure has materialized. What has materialized is epic corruption, political payola, campaign secrets, deaths and controversy.

Goldman Sachs, McKinsey Consulting and Deloitte helped a few rogue CIA buddies distribute a huge number of white papers and press releases which used the buzz words: “Trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan” and “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”. Why would those particular companies put so much effort into hyping a pile of dirt on the other side of the planet? Because their investors (John Doerr, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Steve Westly, etc.) had a quid pro quo deal with some members of The White House.

"Applicant A" had received a Congressional commendation, federal funding under contract to The Department of Energy and famous seminal patent awards for his work in the electric vehicle technologies; now used in the Honda, Toyota and Hyundai cars.

Subsequently, the FBI discovered ( confirmed via a declassified congressional report) that Daniel Jones, a former intelligence committee staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to push the Russian story and used Fusion GPS, and other services to put hit-jobs on people for Feinstein. Additionally, the FBI discovered that high level Chinese spies worked for Feinstein, including driving her around and that her husband's partner: Mart Bailey, was in China setting up deals that the CIA was concerned about. Fusion GPS, Media Matters, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media Google and Youtube were subsequently found to have been hired by “a famous politician” to operate over $30M of character assassination reprisal media defamation attacks against "Applicant A" to punish him for helping law enforcement in these cases. It is well known that Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris, Reid and other Senators commonly use intelligence agency resources and “dirty tricks” to attack citizens they are mad at.

The Department Of Energy (DOE) acts under White House orders to only give money to White House political financiers and sabotage the competitors of those political insiders. DOE says they don’t do what David Axelrod. Rahm Emanual, or the latest Oval Office lackey, tells them to do, but by now everyone knows that assertion is a complete and total lie!

Some of the people that laid siege to Congress at the start of 2021 believed they were “doing the right thing”, others thought they were insane. Department of Energy staff are just as ‘insane’ in that they are hired to lie, cheat and manipulate funding in order to help their political favorites and harm the competitors to those ‘favorites’ who they perceive as political ‘enemies’. Department of Energy staff are as devoted to cronyism as an ISIS attacker is to sawing off someone’s head with his knife. Neither of them perceive themselves as “crazy zealots”, both groups think they are ‘doing the right thing’, but those on the outside can see the truth.

When an Applicant for government funding receives a letter simply stating that their loan application under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM), LGP, Battery funds, etc. or other Program, has been rejected it is because the Applicant  did not bribe the right people. Bright Automotive famously published a national letter about how the Dept of Energy had lied to them. XP sued the Dept of Energy for corruption and won. Congress has held ongoing hearings about the corruption and payola at the Department of Energy.

No logical reasons are ever given in the DOE letters and only after several attempts at phoning the Department of Energy office can you ever get the so-called “reasons” orally. You may never receive the reasons in writing. Over a hundred Applicants like Bright, Zap, Brammo, EcoMotors, XP Vehicles, Elio, Lordstown and others have been lied to, led down the garden path, stone-walled, delayed and sabotaged in order to protect political insiders Tesla, Solyndra, Abound, Brightsource and other White House financiers.

One could understand a rejection if the reasons given were applicable to an Applicants actual loan application. However, in each case, they were not. Many reasons did not even reflect what was included in the Applicants submissions if the Applicant was a competitor to Elon Musk. Department of Energy staff simply made up data that was not even submitted in order to help Tesla and harm Bright Automotive, for example. In many cases a rejected electric car Applicant was told that their car “did not use enough gasoline” or that their windmill project used “too much sun”… or similar nonsense.

All of Steven Chu’s Department of Energy staff were friends of, investors in, or associates of Elon Musk’s Cartel. They stayed on, many of them even still in place in 2021, waiting for Jennifer Granholm to get in and start the old Chu regime back up to hand out cash to the insiders from the Silicon Valley Mafia. In each case, after several attempts at receiving more clarification from the Dept of Energy and ATVM offices, no one from DOE has been in further contact with any outsider Applicant . For years, each Applicant is still requesting additional information about their loan applications and more applicable reasons for rejections.

Most of the  competitors to Elon Musk, had cars that could go further than a Tesla, cost up to 80% less than a Tesla, used no gasoline, were easier to repair and build than a Tesla, saved your life better than a Tesla in a crash, didn’t blow up like a Tesla, did not get hacked as easy as a Tesla, were faster on torque-factors than a Tesla, were not about to go bankrupt like Elon Musk was at the time, did not require an extension cord to trip over like Tesla does, did not rely on foreign labor like Tesla did, did not have the horrific debt ratio that Tesla had, did not cause genocide and rape around the globe in corrupt lithium and cobalt child labor camps like Elon Musk did and, generally had every advantage over Tesla except: 1.) the Elon Musk partnership that Musk had with Dianne Feinstein’s family and the 2.) conduit of cash between Musk and political candidates.

Most of the other Applicant's had thousands of customers lined up who wanted to buy their unique and very “green” cars. The public were eager to buy their products but those products were better and more competitive than Elon Musk’s. If you line up every Applicants merits in a spreadsheet, the “DOE winners” would lose. The metrics were ignored or rigged in order to favor Tesla and Solyndra and harm outsiders who competed with them.

One of the rejection reasons that DOE gave an Applicant was that their car “did not use E85 gasoline”. It was an ELECTRIC CAR which uses NO gasoline which one would think that an Obama Administration had as a goal our country should want to attain. Crony insiders Tesla Motors and Fisker also used no gasoline and they were handed the DOE funds with almost no scrutiny. At no point was E85 gasoline ever mentioned, discussed, commented on or requested by DOE. In fact the topic was particularly avoided by DOE staff.

Another reason an Applicant (XP Vehicles) was given was that that “they were not planning on making millions of cars.” Any intelligent auto industry expert knows you have to ramp up production from a few thousand cars in order to get to a few million cars. The Department of Energy was not offering enough money to start making millions of cars right out of the gate. No car company EVER FUNDED by the Dept of Energy, to this day, has ever been capable of making millions of cars from the get go. In fact, XP, who proposed 50,000 vehicles, turned out to be EXACTLY correct based on industry history. Dept of Energy reviewers turned out to be EXACTLY wrong on their comments...or they were making things up to protect Musk. The rejection point was that Applicants were not planning to make enough cars. This was a false statement by DOE. The company would like to build and sell more cars than any other car company. They were fully willing to produce millions of vehicles if provided with the appropriate funding as they quantified millions of fleet buyers for its vehicles. No DOE entity ever asked them to adjust, discuss or amend their numbers. They were more than willing to adjust those numbers if anyone had even bothered to ask. One must start out with small steps and were planned to ramp up to a massive number over time. To suggest that one do otherwise would demonstrate questionable judgment by DOE reviewers. The validity of this comment was based on either lies or manipulated interpretations by DOE staff designed to harm Applicant ratings over Musk.

Applicant XP, whose business plan was based on selling vehicles to the government was told they were rejected by DOE because they were “... not planning to sell cars to the government”. That determination was 100% false. It was a bald faced lie by Department of Energy staff. It was clearly stated in XP’s application that the core sales plan of the company is based on government fleet sales. The Dept of Defense wanted a particular light-weight version of the XP car for air-dropped rescues. One cannot help but wonder if DOE even read the applications or just rubber-stamped all non-crony applications as “rejected”.

In another example of a failure to read the applications, The Dept of Energy asserted that factory cost estimates were too low because “the metal body fabrication systems” were not calculated high enough. The Applicant  did not use much metal fabrication in its bodies, which Dept of Energy staff would have known if they had even read the first page of the application.

Banks and every other business lender takes a few weeks to decide on business funding. The Dept of Energy stonewalled Applicants for YEARS and received numerous write-ups from the GAO as one of the most screwed up organizations in Washington DC.

DOE reviewers never even talked to the founders, inventor, engineers, project leads or primary contractors from non crony Applicants. Outsider Applicants were even told, over and over again, that everything in their application was good and that no additional information was needed. This is despite the fact that the reasons given for outsider rejections did not reflect the technology being used and therefore the ATVM reviewers did not understand our concept and product. Tesla Motors received over 100 hours of staff meetings and attention to guide them through the DOE. Non-crony Applicant"s got zero help.

It was discovered that McKinsey Consulting was hired to write all of the global white-papers designed to promote the Cleantech investors stock market holdings. They were also hired to staff the Department of Energy entirely with Elon Musk's and Solyndra's friends. They were also the lobbying consultants to Google, Facebook and the Silicon Valley Cartel.

After nearly a year of waiting, accompanied by written, verbal and in-person DOE proclamations that “everything was fine”, “everything is on-track”, “you appear to meet every criteria”, etc. and after staff expended the majority of their personal funds based on these positive assertions, the applications were suddenly and mysteriously rejected. Why was staff at DOE during the course of the year, positive about the outcome and never asked for additional information? It was because they all knew, from December 2008 forward, that only those friends on a secret insiders list were ever going to be approved. Every other "Applicant A" was being defrauded and used as a smoke screen to make it look like things were “in process”. Applicant''s were promised, assured and relied on "things are looking good" statements from Dept of Energy staff who were lying. Dept of Energy staff knew from December of 2008 that the money was hard-wired for Tesla and a couple of others.

At the start of the DOE application process DOE’s Lachlan Seward, Matt Rogers, Steven Chu, Kathy Zoi, Carol Battershal, and ALL of the senior DOE staff told each Applicant that the review would “be very interactive”... but there was no interaction for non-crony outsiders while Elon Musk and Solyndra folks, who applied later, were reviewed earlier, had hundreds of hours of in-person hand-holding interaction with DOE and had already been awarded their funds. No outsiders got any of this help or “interaction”.

Rejection comments supplied by Chris Foster of DOE seemed to be unrelated to the business of each rejected company and had no foundation in fact. It was as if Dept of Energy staff would make anything up to keep competitors against Silicon Valley political campaign financiers from getting to market.

Rejected Applicants provided $100 million+ of asset collateral opportunity for only a $40M loan. To repeat, non-crony "Applicant A"s provided over TWICE the collateral of the value of the loan. How is this not as secure of a structure as any of the other Applicants. Elon Musk did not have any collateral like this!

Tesla was in such bad trouble that they had to borrow money from the Middle East and Detroit in order to temporarily cook their books so that DOE could release their cash. In reality, Tesla is a book-cooking stock market valuation manipulation operation and not a car company, as such.

The Department of Energy determined that three of the Applicant's were "most likely" to obsolete and put Elon Musk's company out of business because they beat the competitive metrics factors for price, range, safety, cost-to-produce...literally, THEY BEAT MUSK ON EVERYTHING! Department of Energy staff are beholden to Elon Musk and HIS political financiers so they could not let any competitors into the market. The Department of Energy is the gate-keeper of who gets to exist in the American auto industry according to Elon Musk's own marketing director: Daryl Sirry. No American bank or VC will finance a car company without DOE insider say-so. The Department of Energy blockades funding for those who directly might compete with Elon Musk because they get paid by Elon Musk and his financiers with stock, jobs, perks, political appointments, etc.

DOE top staff told Applicants that if they paid $50,000.00 then they could get a full review. One Applicant got investors to fund the $50K fee. The investors agreed if a DOE staffer would tell them once on the phone or email that that was the case. The (lying bastard) DOE staffer (Foster) refused to come to the phone or reply to any fedex or email until an hour after the deadline to wire the fee, even though he was recorded in his office, hiding from the calls. The staffer then sent an email saying “you missed the deadline to pay the fee, you are rejected”, even though he had organized the missing of the fee by refusing any communication that he promised, in writing, to have with the investors who were to pay the fee. Elon Musk did not have to pay the fee until much later after Tesla got caught not paying the fee.

The state is wielding extraordinary power these days — power to close businesses, to directly impact people’s livelihoods and even lives — and so it owes it to the public to disclose how and why it makes those decisions that appear to only benefits campaign financiers and insiders. Hiding the identities and processes of the Department of Energy reviewers is a criminal act.

This secrecy is exactly the wrong approach here and will only breed further mistrust, confusion and contempt for the crucial role of government in bringing alternative energy vehicles to market.

Dept of Energy reviewers told non-crony Applicants that “electric motors and batteries were considered” by the DOE reviewers to be “too futuristic of a technology and not developed for commercial use even though they have been in use in over 40 industries for over 20 years, including by NASA. By the way, Tesla, Nissan and Fisker used the same exact electric motors. What was the rationale for this DOE argument aside from cronyism? In the case of XP, every part of the XP car was to be purchased from existing commercial sources with multiple points of supply, so it is not possible to see how a reviewer might think the vehicle had any significant technical acquisition hurdles. Over 100 major supplier companies, that have been building parts for the auto, aerospace and industry for decades) were to deliver the component parts for XP Vehicles. The U.S. Congress said that the primary purpose of this loan program was to develop advanced technology and further reduce U.S. dependence on gasoline. The non crony car "Applicant A"s used no gasoline and got over 125 miles per battery charge. How is the DOE claim that electric cars are not compliant not in direct conflict with the precepts of the Section 136 law?

DOE staff would constantly “Lois Lerner” (or lose) non-crony Applicants paperwork. A DOE staffer named Brent even revealed that Lachlan Seward had ordered some documents shredded for cover-up purposes. Congressional investigations have documented hundreds of such corruption actions at DOE.

So… we thought: “How could the U.S. Government engage in such insane criminal bull shit?”

So, we legally acquired the public Office Of Personnel Management records, social media postings, Linkedin records, FOIA revelations, voting and contribution records of every Department of Energy contractor and employee who had even the most remote contact with the funding process, from 2008 forward...and LOOKIE, LOOKIE! We have not been able to find a single one of them who was not financially involved with the handful of people who got they Dept of Energy funds. They were the most insider-trading, conflict-of-interest based, sleeping-with-the-recipient bunch of crooks and liars you could ever find. Why is the Dept of Energy allowed to hire only their friends and insider trading associates? Why is every office at DOE not required to have a 50/50 staff mix? The deciders and lobbyists are connected by sexual culture and greed and defrauded each of the non-crony people who they induced to apply. The Department of Energy knew from Dec. 1, 2008 that nobody was ever going to get Dept of Energy funding except the previously hard-wired crony insiders. Each "Applicant A" who was not an insider lost millions of dollars and years of their lives because of the lies of the U.S. Department of Energy. The Department of Energy has never apologized or paid their bills for the damages!

"Applicant A", at this time, discovered that he had been exposed to toxic materials, possibly intentionally as “political poisoning” (ie: The Salisbury Poisonings and the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning), as a reprisal tactic, from his work with the Department of Energy and Kaiser laboratories. "Applicant A" filed for his benefit rights,, which he had full credits for, but political officials from Senate offices ordered those funds frozen and used intelligence agency dirty tricks to manipulate and alter government records. The “Solarwinds”, “Supernova”, “Spectre” and hundreds of other hacks show that the very servers that "Applicant A"’s records were on were, in fact, penetrated.

Agency staffers manipulated Applicant’s filed benefits applications with SSA, HUD and other agencies, in order to cut off their funds in reprisal for assistance in corruption investigations.

Congressional officials then assisted some of the whistle-blowers and their peers with a first-ever federal anti-corruption lawsuit. This case set many new legal precedents. The victims team won the lawsuit proving that government agencies “infected by corruption” had manipulated, blockaded and stone-walled the Applicant's government funding.

These citizens instigated Congressional corruption investigations and hearings against the most senior members of the State and Federal government. These actions resulted in the termination of very famous public officials and their crony criminal embezzlement scams and almost resulted in the President being forced to leave office, mid-term, based on revelations of a massive crony kick-back scheme which began to be exposed after the FBI raid of Solyndra. The director of the FBI was fired for assisting in cover-ups related to this matter.

It was revealed that White House executives ordered government agencies to harm members of the public and to reprisal with-hold public resources from the public. This was a violation of tort, RICO and anti-trust laws.

The victims fought back.

They used 100% legal tools to interdict the corruption.

First, with a unique new kind of pioneering federal lawsuit, victims established — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LEGAL HISTORY — that political cronyism is a valid basis for a claim of arbitrary-and-capricious agency action under the Administrative Procedure Act. See: Federal Case One, (D.D.C. 2015).

Second, they prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on their appeal of the district court’s ruling that an agency may escape judicial review of its action by requesting a voluntary remand but refusing to reconsider its initial denial of an application. See: Case Federal Two, (D.C. Cir. 2017). The Washington DC Circuit agreed with the victims that an agency may only seek a remand if it promises to reconsider its initial decision. It is because of that victory that the government, under court order is now re-doing the victims applications and GAO, FBI, IG's and Congressional oversight offices are watching to assure effective ethics and transparency.

Third, these cases placed, on permanent public record, one of the most detailed documentation sets, ever assembled, about how modern political "Dark Money" conduits operate. The legal team hired ex-FBI, CIA and SEC experts to track down covert bank accounts, revolving door bribes, insider stock trades and other payola between the victim's competitors and public officials. This documentation now prevents the use of those kinds of criminal efforts, in the future, by exposing their tactics to the public.

Fourth, the victim's team engaged in the interdiction and termination of corrupt agency executives, contractors and their financiers. This included some of the most well-known names in Washington, DC, at the time. Many of them were, and are still being, investigated and surveilled by the FBI, GAO, SEC and Congress.

Fifth, and most important, the effort put every corrupt political scheme on notice that they WILL be found out and interdicted!

The bottom line? The victims group WON on every single aspect of their public-interest goals but still have yet to be recompensed for their damages!

Now the "bad guys" have less options to engage in the corruption of our Democracy!

Not only did the Department of Energy engage in reprisal attacks. SSA staff and officials from the SSA have been shown to have runn political reprisals on "Applicant A". History has shown that some Bay Area SSA staff since 2007 have gone on to work for politicians in dispute with "Applicant A" or for ANTIFA-like political activism groups that advocate attacks. SSA has been forced to remove at least four officials from their SSA jobs and more are under investigation. Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Harry Reid and other Senators have the staff and power to manipulate any SSA, HUD, CMA, DOE and other agency decisions, files, results and benefits against any citizen they are pissed of at. All of those Senators own the stock market assets of all of the competitors to "Applicant A" and have the owners of those competing companies over to parties and home dinners on a regular basis.

Nearly a thousand public officials including White House, FBI (and other agency most senior officials) have been removed from their jobs for using the government for revenge, reprisal, retaliation actions against those they competed with. The published facts, Congressional reports, Inspector General investigations and testimony prove that government officials attack citizens on a regular basis.

In the event of “Applicant A”’s death an “insurance policy” of devastating encrypted files has been pre- distributed to certain reporter and legal groups.



** The evidence proves that agency officials play a game of “pass-around” to other agencies when this matter is reported to them in order to stall, delay, stone-wall, obfuscate, cover-up and hide the political embarrassment of these crimes. The victims will no longer tolerate this run-around tactic!

** The evidence proves that Department of Energy and White House officials lied through their teeth, hundreds of times, in order to benefit their crony friends and campaign financiers and sabotage their competitors. It was proven in thousands of news reports, documentaries, FBI reports, Congressional investigations, leaked documents, insider reports and victims own eye-witness testimony.

** The evidence proves the assertions of corruption, stock-market manipulation, monopoly,industry gate-keeping, character assassination, revolving-door job payola at Silicon Valley tech companies, tax evasion and more.

** The evidence proves that the government reviewer sand government official involved with victims applications were insider trading in the stock market against the victims. They were getting paid to destroy the victims financial future.

** The evidence proves, via investigators and law enforcement peers, that no official can find any past reviewers of this case who were not hand-picked by victims business adversaries. In other words, the victims would like the Congress to provide any evidence that victims case has been fairly reviewed in the past. The victims FBI-class associates have not found a single entity in victims case reviews or determinations who was not either:financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with,business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and Department of Energy politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital services to. From 2008 forward, The White House and The Department Of Energy were controlled by the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs! That is a violation of the law, the Constitution and the American Way and we have proved that.

** The evidence proves that Elon Musk is a "mobster" that rigs politics and the stock market and lies about many things.

** The evidence proves that silicon valley oligarchs run a monopolistic cartel!

** The evidence proves that silicon valley oligarchs and their politicians run a sex trafficking operation and transact bribes with sex!

** The evidence proves that rare earth mining is a six trillion dollar political corruption scandal that California politicians cover-up!

** The evidence proves that the main way political bribes are paid is with hidden stock market assets!

** The evidence proves that lithium batteries are deadly, explosive, toxic fume causing,genocide causing, child labor causing, devices owned, in part, by California politicians!

** The evidence proves that an extraordinary number of suspicious deaths have happened to people involved in this case

** The evidence proves that tech oligarchs and California senators hire character assassins and hit job attackers to harm citizens who speak out!

** The evidence proves  that Silicon Valley operatives spy on competitors and use the data to manipulate politics and markets!

** The evidence proves Solyndra was raided by the FBI.

** The evidence proves that U.S. taxpayers lost over $500M, on Solyndra alone, and after they got a massive amount of federal dollars, the company mysteriously disappeared.

** The evidence proves that U.S. taxpayers have, to date, lost over$6 Trillion dollars on Afghan war mismanagement.

** The evidence proves that Solyndra was using indium mined from Afghanistan.

** The evidence proves that Tesla and Solyndra sit on the same land in Fremont, California that the Feinstein family has massive conflicts-of-interest with.

** The evidence proves that Tesla was using lithium mined from Afghanistan.

** The evidence proves that Ener1 was using lithium mined from Afghanistan. After receiving a massive amount of federal dollars, the company mysteriously disappeared.

** The evidence proves that Senator Dianne Feinstein lobbied for government funds to be given to Tesla and Solyndra. Her family held HR, land contract, construction, stock and other upside assets in both of those companies.

** The evidence proves that Fisker was using lithium mined from Afghanistan. After receiving a massive amount of federal dollars, the company mysteriously disappeared.

** The evidence proves that Abound Solar was using indium mined from Afghanistan. After receiving a massive amount of federal dollars, the company mysteriously disappeared.

** The evidence proves that The U.S. Secretary of Energy had personal, financial and political relationships with each of the companies who were given federal cash that he controlled. He sabotaged every single other applicant, who, coincidentally, were the competitors to his friends who he awarded the taxpayer cash to.

** This evidence, and the associated hard drives and witness testimony, will stand up as sworn, certified, warranted testimony in any federal jury trial, grand jury hearing,RICO Racketeering corruption trial and/or live televised Congressional hearing. Given equally resourced, and financed, legal support and proper security protection, many hundreds of person's are willing to swear and warrant to the veracity of these assertions:

** The evidence proves that New York State, California State and Washington, DC elected officials, in particular U.S. Senators, did criminalize the domestic public policy system in order to acquire personal profits and monopolize industry markets for themselves and their friends.

** The evidence proves that Tesla Motors, Elon Musk and his associates, participated in these schemes in violation of organized crime laws and that Musk's companies are used as money-laundering Dark Money political financing outlets.

** The evidence proves that the investment firms of Goldman Sachs; Kliener Perkins; Draper Fisher Jurvetson; GreyLock Capital; and other venture firms participated in these schemes in violation of organized crime laws.

** The evidence proves that U.S. Senators Reid,Feinstein, Harris, Boxer, Pelosi, and other Senators, participated in these schemes in violation of organized crime laws.

** The evidence proves that U.S. Attorney Generals Holder, Harris, Schniederman, and other Attorney Generals, participated in these schemes in violation of organized crime laws.

** The evidence proves that certain senior law enforcement officials received full and complete crime reports and law violations disclosures about these crimes and stalled investigations, covered-up the crimes and tampered with evidence in order to protect their political friends and profit monetarily.

** The evidence proves that A "Silicon Valley PayPal Mafia" does exist and they do conspire to break the law and manipulate Democracy.

** The evidence proves that the members of this technology cartel "Mafia" group are selected for their social, physical and family similarities which include the tendency to engage in sociopath behavior, rape, sex abuse and sex-extortion, misogyny, tax evasion, money laundering, real estate fraud, racism,bribery, patent theft and other deviant behavior.

** The evidence proves that Google's VC's and executives,who are part of this cartel, plan and manually run election manipulation programs, privacy abuse, search engine rigging and militaristic information manipulation for personal profiteering at the expense of the public.

** The evidence proves that the Obama Administration used the U.S. Department of Energy as a campaign financier payola slush fund.

** The evidence proves that U.S. elected political officials hire and manage third party services to run reprisal campaigns against taxpayers and that those character assassination providers include: IN-Q-Tel, Think Progress, Black Cube, Podesta Group, EDS, Stratfor, Fusion GPS, IN-Q-Tel, Media Matters, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Syd Blumenthal, and other attack services which are illicitly compensated with laundered taxpayer resources.

** The evidence proves that the bribes and profiteering conduits for this scam are ignored by compromised FEC bosses and include: Dark Money fronts; family trust floats; shell corporation layering; insider trading in tech companies; revolving door jobs at Netflix, Google, etc; prostitutes; sports suites; political campaign search engine rigging, bot attacks and other illicit payola.

** The evidence proves that a mobster-like cartel of men operate a racketeering operation out of Silicon Valley that manipulates elections, news and taxpayer funding policies.

** The evidence proves that this cartel is comprised of sick,megalomaniac, sexually addicted and abusive men who protect each other with billions of dollars of cover-ups involving the bribery of Senators with insider trading stock and covert campaign financing.

** The evidence proves that this cartel receives hundreds of billions of dollars of profits from their crimes and this causes them to stoop to murders, extortion, black-lists, funding blockades and other crimes, in order to gather their ill-gotten gains.

** The evidence proves that the investors of Google,Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, Netflix and a related set of Silicon Valley monopolies conspire in these efforts to manipulate the stock market, lie to advertisers and bias all digital news and information, globally, to push their selfish ideologies.

** The evidence proves that Senators Pelosi, Feinstein,Boxer, Harris, Reid have an active criminal participation in, and benefit from, these efforts and that they, in fact, along with Steven Chu had illicit dealings with Russian and Chinese financiers and they are paid with insider trading stock, revolving door jobs, and other covert payola.

** The evidence proves that Google, Facebook and Twitter have rigged and manipulated U.S. elections since Barack Obama was elected.

** The evidence proves that the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Justice were used as an illicit slush-fund by the Obama Administration to pay campaign financiers and to sabotage their competitors.

** The evidence proves that government officials hired and/or financed and/or directed deadly economic and character assassination hit jobs against those who reported these crimes using attack services from IN-Q-Tel, Gawker Media,Jalopnik, Gizmodo Media, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat, Podesta Group, Fusion GPS, Google, YouTube, Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Think Progress, Media Matters, BlackCube, Mossad, Correct The Record, Stratfor, ShareBlue, Wikileaks, Cambridge Analytica, etc; the owners of whom have been proven to have accepted compensation forsuch hatchet job services.

** The evidence proves that the “The PayPal Mafia” is an actual Cosa Nostra like operation that exploits sex cults, prostitutes, gay rent boys and market rigging as illicitly as the old Chicago “Mob”.

** The evidence proves that Tesla Motors is a criminal Dark Money front that “cooks the books”, lies about safety issues and runs sabotage campaigns through Musk’s massive use of Russian bots, trolls, stock shills and his covert manipulations with Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

** The evidence, particularly that maintained by the U.S. Attorney's office under Mr. Anderson in San Francisco, shows that San Francisco City Hall is rife with a standardized system of political corruption based on bribery, payola and stock market exchanges.

** The evidence proves that Chinese, Russian, Iranian and teen "hackivists" discovered that 9-11 had caused data "back-doors" to be inserted in every server by Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks and others. These outside actors have opened those doors and taken the files from every major government and corporate entity, with special attention to Silicon Valley, and are now leaking those files on the web and offering sets of those files to sale to adversaries of the "Paypal Mafia, for example. This means that every "dirty secret" in Silicon Valley is now out "in the wild".

** Additional criminal activities are also enumerated in the associated books and reports on this case which are provided to any credentialed reporter or investigator upon request...


The AI forensics of the FBI, Clearview, Yandex, NSA and thousands of other robotic investigation tools have been chugging away for years accruing all of the key connections, bank accounts, financial records, phone calls, payments to hookers and more.

Investigative journalists have produced thousands of proof videos and tens of millions of pages of news reports.

The victims have acquired vast amounts of eye-witness proof. Congress has published a huge number of reports proving victims charges. The FBI, SEC and FTC have huge numbers of reports proving victims charges. Millions of pages of leaked documents prove the above charges. The victims are staff whistle-blowers who have proven the charges!

The victims can prove these assertions in any live public Congressional hearing broadcast on the internet if we are provided with commensurate legal resources as required by law and the Constitution.

Update 2.2



" ...the 2008 and 2020 "stimulus funds" are quid pro quo scams to pay off political  insiders. We reported these crimes (with FBI-class evidence) to every law enforcement agency in writing ( FBI, DOJ, SEC, IG, FTC, OSC, FEC, etc.). apparently, citizens are ignored if the crimes involve politicians and their billionaires. the cover-ups are off-the-charts!these mobsters (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Linkedin, Netflix, In-q-tel, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, etc; acting in a coordinated, collusion-based, operation) are paying billions of dollars of political bribes (...via cash, real estate, sex trafficking, pacs, search engine rigging, crony jobs, biased censoring, campaign funds, stock market manipulations, ukrainian money laundering, etc.) to delay justice and blockade our, and your, rights! There can be no question about the fact that Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla and the Silicon Valley Cartel control the Obama and Biden White House. For example: Elon Musk ordered the politicians who are his bitches to sabotage his competitors. He gave those political insiders: cash, stock in his cartel, revolving-door jobs, campaign funding, sex workers, off-shore money laundering, and other quid pro quo. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the tech mob, all worked together on these crimes. The hacks and leaks of their documents prove it. Government agency bosses are covering up these crimes to protect their jobs and their corrupt stock market holdings. Musk and Goldman Sachs have gotten over FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS of free taxpayer cash and monopolized exclusives to pay for Musk's drugs, sex parties and mansions. This is one of the largest violations of anti-trust laws in history. The politicians and agencies that are supposed to stop him are getting money from him. Musk exists entirely from quid pro quo bribes! Musk's banks, including Deutsche Bank, have had to pay more than $100 million to settle charges related to violating anti-bribery laws and engaging in money laundering. While the Musk-controlled media bloviate on the god-like image of Musk, he and his buddies are just crooks and mobsters. It is now almost impossible for the public to reach any media source that is not controlled by the Silicon Valley Cartel via synchronized talking points. Politicians who say that their only motivation is to "save" the helpless billionaire Elon Musk and his unicorns: 1.) sabotage any companies who are not making Tesla's, 2.) have sex with Tesla lobbyists and bankers, 3.) own the stock in Tesla Motors, 4.) are venture capital partners in Kleiner Perkins (ie: Gore) and Greylock capital insiders, 5.) trade revolving door jobs with the Elon Musk cartel, 6.) gave Musk over $15B of free taxpayer money, 7.) get campaign financing from Musk, 8.) order government agencies to freeze funding for Musk's competitors, 9.) and engage in a vast number of other corruption and anti-trust crimes.

Politicians talk a big game about coming down on the Silicon Valley Cartel but they never really seem to move on their threats or declarations because they are receiving bribes FROM the Silicon Valley Cartel. The bribes come from covert money drops via covert political manipulation groups including:
The Sixteen Thirty Fund, Tides Advocacy, Emerson Collective, American Bridge, Think Progress, New America Foundation, Future Forward, Priorities USA Action, Arabella Advisors, New Venture Fund, Windward Fund, Hopewell Fund, Democracy Alliance, MoveOn.org, People's Action Power and nearly a thousand other groups who claim to be doing goodie-two-shoes smiley happy deeds but who use spy-tactic dirty tricks to manipulate stock markets. These kinds of dark money groups prey on naive citizens, using emotional trigger pitches to rig government money into the pockets of their bosses. If they can control the White House and most Senators, then they can steer trillions of dollars of government money into their own pockets!

It has been proven that Google does indeed pick and choose what search results come up at the top of every search in order to help Google's friends and harm Google's enemies. Google, Facebook, Netflix and Tesla covertly spend billions of dollars influencing Congress.

The monopoly of the Silicon Valley Cartel is distinct and different from somebody like the New York Times, for example, or any major media platform that does not have legal immunity because they are publishers. All other publishers do pick and choose what news stories they publish, what letters to the editor’s are printed, what kind of op-eds are put on their platform, and they make those decisions knowing they are legally liable. Google bribed the 230 law into existence as an exclusive law just for Google to get away with crimes.

Via agreements to collude, the Silicon Valley Cartel platforms are acting as publishers as they are making editorial decisions while maintaining a legal immunity under section 230 which allows them to attack others without consequences. Google has parties and members of congress will go and pick up their checks. Facebook will have a big reception and Congress members go and say "hey, where’s my check?'”. That is outright bribery! READ THIS LINK: How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroys Competitors.pdf The reason no one is acting on big tech is that the companies are inviting our elected members of congress into their very deep pockets. This is a massive abuse of power on several levels and if our elected officials can’t resist the temptation of extra money in their pockets, then they need to be removed by recall elections, lawsuits and doxing...."



"...they stole our lives - now we are taking their entire cartel down...without breaking a single law! Hndreds of public officials, at famous government agencies, and dozens of sociopath billionaires are profiteering in these crimes. they are blocking our requests for justice. they are running felony cover-ups to protect their sinister dark money scams. the public is sick and tired of their criminal corruption. attached to this site you will find millions of pages of evidence from federal investigators and top reporters proving each assertion herein. (ie: HTTP://WWW.THE-TRUTH-ABOUT-THE-DEPT-OF-ENERGY.COM )

These felony crimes affect every citizen in the nation. The public must demand new laws to make bribery via stock market securities and 'revolving doors' have a mandatory and severe prison sentence with no more loop-holes for politicians!  these tech oligarchs and dirty senators need to be arrested by the fbi and by citizen arrest! none of these scum-bags should ever be allowed to be "white house advisors" again! 98% of the politicians,  and their family members, that own stock, use it as payment for bribes, payola and corruption. how can you trust any politician whose family makes most of their money off of stocks they are making the laws for? forbid any politicians from owning stock! Each voter should sue each politician that engages in corruption! That will solve the problem!..."

(LINK) Sociopath Elon Musk moved to Texas and embraced celebrity




Financial investigator Jim Mintz, GAO and FBI forensic analysts and hundreds of others have proven that Senators and White House bosses gave their friends Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and their other political financiers over $45 BILLION dollars of free taxpayer-funded cash. The politicians owned profits in those oligarch's companies and put over $200M of dirty profits in their covert family bank accounts. Those politicians (ie; Feinstein, Harris, Reid, Pelosi, etc.) cut off our funds, benefits and human rights, and ran media attacks on us (we are the competitors of those oligarchs), to protect their corrupt profiteering scams. Their companies had crappier products, that killed or abused more Americans, that cost more, that avoided giving Americans jobs, that had racist and sex abusing cultures and that relied on payola and quid-pro-quo...they got the money because they paid bribes and for no other reason... " Schmidt, Page, Zuckerberg, Musk, etc. each spend over $500M per election to manipulate elections! How much does the average citizen get to spend to steer election results? How much do you spend to rig elections? Is it right, or fair, that a crooked billionaire gets to buy elections with covert money while you, the public, languishes?

Every politician who was supposed to be helping us was an owner of our competitors, having sex with our competitors, running a Dark Money payola scam with our competitors and attacking us using taxpayer money. Their leaked emails and financial records prove it!

The victims were specifically and illegally excluded from participation in funding, benefits, jobs and income by major political figures, including U.S. Senators and White House executives who they knew, and those politician's corrupt Silicon Valley oligarch financiers. The tech Cartel and politicians attacked the victims because they would not cooperate with the crooked: sex trafficking, tax evasion, off-shore money laundering, political bribery quid-pro-quo, revolving door payola scams, foreign nation-sponsored domestic manipulations, stock market rigging, internet censorship and search engine manipulation and other crimes. They attacked the victims because they reported the crimes to federal police. They attacked the victims because their products obsoleted the products the Senators owned the stock of (ie: Tesla, Google, Facebook, Netflix are covertly owned by California politicians). They attacked the victims using taxpayer-funded state resources. That is a felony violation of the law. The ongoing cover-up of these crimes and attacks is also a felony violation of the law. The victims their are owed damages compensation, witness fees and back-pay. Multiple Inspector General hearings, Congressional hearings and undercover videos have proven, beyond a doubt, that public officials order reprisal hit-jobs on citizens funding, SSA benefits, housing, permits, government applications and other things in order to harm them as political revenge for speaking out!

Federal investigators have proven (via records-tracking, financial data, surveillance, insider tips, leaks, etc.) that White House executives, government agency executives (SSA, LSC, DOE, USPTO, etc.) and California political bosses, including California U.S. Senators, owned interests in the victims competitors worth many billions of dollars. Any citizen can confirm these assertions via public records and the evidence in this report. The FBI has been arresting major political figures in this organized crime ring in San Francisco City Hall. Those government officials ordered, financed and executed whistle-blower reprisals and anti-trust violating attacks on the victims using state-sponsored, taxpayer-funded resources. Using government resources, they engaged in the illegal reprisal attacks on the victims. Those harms are listed in detail in the claim section of the filed Victim Demand entitled: “The Specific Attacks And Harms Undertaken Against Plaintiffs”.

Corrupt government officials manipulated SSA, HHS, DOE, USPTO, DOJ, and other agency, payments, funds, benefits and rights in order to harm and economically damage the victims. They produced and financed a massive media defamation campaign using their Paypal Mafia-based “Silicon Valley Cartel”. This ‘Cartel’: 1.) finances the political campaigns of the Senators and the other politicians that own stock in their Silicon Valley dirty tech companies, 2.) is the competitor of the victims, 3.) shared staff with the named politicians, 4.) is the nearly exclusive beneficiary of policy actions by those politicians, and 5.) has a massive number of conflict-of-interest relationships with each of the charged politicians. The victims reported the attackers crimes to the FBI, DOJ, IG and other officials and got attacked for reporting the crimes, for busting up the organized crime effort and for running companies whose product technologies obsoleted those of the tech Cartel. The victims are claiming their rights to their damages and fee compensation, but those same public figures have blocked them from an equitable jury trial to address the matter. The government has provided the attacker/political campaign financiers/competitors of the victims with tens of billions of dollars of free government cash yet the victims have gotten nothing but grief from the public officials who are supposed to help them because a criminal cover-up is in process. The politicians who got those “bad guys” that free taxpayer-provided money, own the stock of those criminal’s companies, are best friends with those oligarchs and are politically financed by those corrupt players. This organized crime cartel operates the most audacious and corrupt scheme in American political history.

No public official should hire, and seek to replicate, the entire crony corruption payola staff from the Obama Administration. Nobody who owns stock in, or has revolving door payola from, Silicon Valley tech weasels should EVER be allowed to work in our government. Those officials only made policy that put cash in their stock market accounts and were extremely corrupt; at the expense of every member of the public!

In addition to the above, agency bosses changed federal criteria from "first-to-apply/first-come-first-served" to "who-are-friends-are" in order to let their friends in line for funding ahead of everyone that applied first.

In order to manipulate the stock market and create a monopoly, Google/YouTube hyped Google insider Elon Musk and hid all of his competitors. Google/YouTube also accepted payments in order to run attack videos and character assassinations on his competitors, some of which were paid for by politicians who owned Google/Tesla stock. Those politicians got Musk and Larry Page government cash hand-outs! Google/Youtube manually manipulates servers to help friends and destroy competitors.



Part of the staff at the U.S. Department of Energy are political fan-girl zealots who will lie, stone-wall, cheat, shred, manipulate  and defraud in order to exploit their political cause and advance their careers. They will do anything to help their "girlfriends": Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and their brethren. They will do anything they can to harm the competitors of those insiders. Nothing that happens at the D.O.E. is not based in bribery and payola!

EVERY new Department of Energy staff has said: "We won't do those bad things the last guys did"; but they have each been found to have lied! Jennifer must be ordered to pay the damages of the past victims and eliminate all of the programs that have been proven to have been corrupt.

Even if you spend years providing data for a Dept of Energy funding application, even though you get approved, at the last minute the White House will covertly whisper orders to cancel your funding because you compete with a financier of The President.

The lying sycophant scumbags at the Department of Energy are covering up these crimes because they own stock in, and get contracts and revolving door jobs from, Elon Musk, Google, et al. The Department of Energy is a deep, dark, smug abyss of crony payola, kick-backs, market monopolization, bribes and insider corruption beholden to the tech cartel. Google, Facebook and Silicon Valley are a private government that is more powerful than the U.S. Government. They use the U.S. Government as their bitch! These people put mobster-like 'hit-jobs' on the victims and operated state-sponsored attacks against them because they reported the crimes to law enforcement.

Don't be a SUCKER and fall for the lies that the Department of Energy dishes up. The Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing and loan programs are insider controlled, quid pro quo, payola scams to pay off friends and campaign financiers. NO NON-POLITUCAL INSIDER HAS EVER GOTTEN MONEY FROM THE DEPT OF ENERGY! No Secretary of Energy in the last 20 years was not a political lackey. No non-insider has ever gotten the DOE funds. Every outsider who competed with an insider was sabotaged, stone-walled, lied to and shut down by the DOE stooges.

If you don't believe that Silicon Valley is operated by an organized crime cartel of sociopath frat boys that are protected by famous Senators and public officials, who own their stock and get their campaign cash, then here is absolute proof of the crimes and the cover-ups that go all the way to the White House. We conducted an exhaustive, decades-long, investigation deep into the roots of modern political corruption and here is how it works and how to destroy it!

Have you noticed that all of the "stimulus" money always goes to the politicians friends and benefits their stock market accounts but almost none of the cash goes to the voting citizens? That is the kind of BS we are stopping here!

These tech kleptocrats have tried to hide all their dirty cash all over the world but distinct, AI computer-tracked patterns have emerged that have caught them! The moves and tricks they like to use each contain the seeds of their own destruction. We have been catching them at every stage and those patterns reveal how California politicians and dirty Google/Facebook/Tesla crooks hide their dirty money.

In all these corruption cases, these corrupt people took the same steps to conceal their assets. They each took the money in secret ways. The main ways are 1.) via Dark Money stealth political funds; 2.) bribes paid via insider trading ( notice that most of these crooks marry an investment banker to run their dirty schemes) and 3.) getting government contracts, loans and grants for their friends that they get kick-backs from. They then had their dirty law firms and CPA’s shove the money into their standardized covert financial structure to hide it. They use family members to run the operation. Their dirty family members and lawyer/CPA teams cover up their tracks. They then have intermediaries spend the money to get them islands, yachts, mansions, hookers, Tesla’s, etc.

They use Switzerland, The Ukraine, The Cayman Islands, Mexico, China, Cyprus, Russia and New Zealand as money laundering centers. They create a tsunami of offshore shell companies on islands and crazy places that few could find on a map. It is all a sham.

They keep moving the money around and buying sham real estate. These Senators and tech oligarchs will just lie and lie and lie because no major law enforcement agency ever has the will to arrest them. If public officials won’t do their jobs then the public must do it for them!









and at:


and at:


and at:


and on a massive number of other auto-replicating mirrors.

There are millions of pages, and hours of video, of additional proof that have been given to the FBI, DOJ, SEC, FTC, FCC, OSC, IG and Congress. Ask the authorities to arrest the tech oligarchs and their crooked Senators TODAY!

We witnessed the bribes! We saw the corruption! We documented the organized criminal activities by famous politicians and tech oligarchs. We suffered from the reprisal and vendetta attacks. Now YOU can help end it all with the largest corruption exposure project in history!





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"Government staff and contractors have told us: “just sue us”. This was their response to trying to resolve this issue.

That response, by government officials, is a felony violation of Constitutional law, human rights law, State and Federal public policy directives, the expectations of the national citizenry and the principles of Democracy.

The government response is, thus legally “non-responsive” and a threat to every voter and citizen.

Our previously filed demand, attached hereto as a PDF document under the title: “VICTIM DEMAND Jan 12 2020.pdf” proves that no care or attention was paid to Plaintiffs previously filed complaint by your office except to operate a cover-up campaign. Any cover-up campaign of this felony organized crime matter subjects each, and every, government employee and contractor involved in said cover-up to felony arrest and prosecution.

You have blocked Plaintiffs from getting a lawyer or getting any legal help. That is a felony violation of the law and an abhorrent violation of U.S. and State Constitutional and human rights.

The current tactics being used to prevent Plaintiffs from their legal rights include:

A. Plaintiffs have been “black-listed”. Even though the law in California (Cal. Lab. Code § § 1050 to 1053) says that an entity can't prevent or attempt to prevent former workers from getting work or representation through misrepresentation, knowingly permitting or failing to take reasonable steps to prevent blacklisting, or make a statement about why an employee was discharged or left employment, implying something other than what is explicitly said, or providing information that was not requested: It is done every day in Silicon Valley. The "Silicon Valley No Poaching Black-List" class-action lawsuit was about this issue. Federal FAR Section 9.104-1 (d), and related laws, apply. Blacklisting is a key part of the IC Vendetta Cycle attacks. The victims also suffered damage to their rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) (29 USC Sec. 621, et seq.); the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 USC Sec. 12181, et seq.); the Civil Rights Acts - (42 USC Sec. 2000, et seq.); the Davis-Bacon Act (40 USC Sec. 276a, et seq.); the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) (29 USC Sec. 1001, et seq.); the Equal Pay Act (29 USC Sec. 206[d]) and other violations.

B. Each and every law firm capable of handling Plaintiffs case has been contracted, paid and/or influenced so that they are “conflicted out” from representing Plaintiffs. Law firm Mofo was threatened if they helped Plaintiffs. Lawyer Amy Anderson was threatened and lost her license for attempting to help Plaintiffs. Every lawyer or law firm who attempts to help Plaintiffs is hired by Defendants, or their agents and threatened or compromised in order to prevent them from helping Plaintiffs because this case affects trillions of dollars of energy industry profits, the White House, billionaire oligarchs and multi millionaire corrupt Senators. In fact, this issue lies at the root of this entire corruption case. Sociopath over-moneyed Silicon Valley oligarchs have hire Morrison Foerster, Wilson Sonsini, Perkins Coie, Covington Burling and every other major law firm and lobbyist and told them to “kill everyone and destroy everything that I don’t like…”. These law firms (controlled by Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly, Vinod Khosla, Laurene Powell Jobs, Nancy Pelosi, etc. All of whom have nearly a trillion dollars of funds at their disposal) have carte blanche and unlimited payments to run coups, character assassination campaigns, money laundering and other crimes for the oligarchs. They have the staffing to do these things and zero incentive to not do crimes. These law firms are the dirty deeds teams for the mobster-like suspects and there is no law enforcement body with the will nor resources to stop them. It is a violation of the U.S. Constitution to tell Plaintiffs to “go get a law firm” when EVERY possible, equitable, law firm works for, and is massively compensated by, the criminals that need to be sued. Both the politicians AND the tech oligarchs charged with these crimes have hired the very law firms that government agencies have told Plaintiffs to go out and hire.

C. There is a precedent that was set in the US Supreme Court case: Gideon v. Wainwright, (1963) that clarifies that you have a right to a lawyer even if you don't have money for one. The Sixth Amendment, as applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause gives one their Due Process rights. One needs to kill someone, though, to most easily get your free lawyer, since the court-appointed lawyer is rarely ever appointed, on citizens behalf, in a case like this. Even if a defendant is represented by an attorney of his or her choosing, he or she may be entitled to relief on appeal if the attorney did not provide adequate representation. A defendant must demonstrate that the attorney’s performance “fell below an objective standard of reasonableness” and that this was prejudicial to the case. See: Strickland v. Washington ( https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/466/668/case.html ) , 466 U.S. 668, 688-92 (1984). A few “free lawyers”, that victims had tried, turned out to be working for the opposition side.

D. The federal organization: https://www.lsc.gov is required to help but has refused because it’s administrators were friends with, and appointed by, the public officials charged with corruption in this case.

E. Plaintiffs have personally asked the Attorney General, The Director of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office for representation but they have been told not to respond because the case is politically embarrassing to major public officials and their corrupt Silicon Valley financiers.

F. The government agencies who have told Plaintiffs that Plaintiffs should “hire a law firm and sue them”, in order to resolve this matter, are the same government agencies that have cut-off, or blockaded Plaintiffs income sources in order to prevent Plaintiffs from being able to afford to hire a law firm to sue them.

G. A federal agency provided Plaintiffs with a list of “free lawyers”. Upon FBI-level investigation of every “free lawyer” on the list, (via their financial contributions, voting records, leaked emails, social media postings, event attendance, public records, social connections lists online and other surveillance data) they all worked for, or with the opposition interests and could not have possibly provided unbiased services. In fact, multiple lawyers have contacted Plaintiffs who turned out to be working for the opposition. They were sent in to delay, or redirect, Plaintiffs in order to keep the cases from being filed or properly prosecuted in order to protect the suspects. This is a common infiltration procedure widely documented in CIA, British secret service, Russian FSB and Snowden leaks documents on IC dirty tricks tactics.

The government is, at the same time, telling us to sue the government, yet blockading us from getting a lawyer per our Constitutional rights.

Agency staff were ordered to harm Applicants by manipulating their benefits in order to deny, delay, obfuscate and reduce their income as reprisal for their assistance to law enforcement in a political corruption and money laundering matter. Agency staff, ranging from the lowest level staff and up to the director headquarters offices, participated in this reprisal-vendetta-revenge action to harm Applicants.

Applicant’s peers have filed DOJ and FBI criminal referrals, launched federal investigations and the assertions have been proven in numerous IG, FBI, Congressional and major news media investigations. Agency offices have failed to provide responsive FOIA requested data, hearing investigation data and fair responses because some of their staff are STILL operating a criminal cover-up which has now been update-reported to the FBI, Congress, the IG, the AG and investigative reporters.

Other federal agencies have complied, verified and provided the requested deliverables. SSA and DOE have pointed the searchlight of suspicion on themselves, laser-like, by their overt failure to comply, unlike every other agency. Ironically, the political financing of their executives and their personal relationships “happens” to be with the exact same Silicon Valley oligarchs under felony criminal investigations. The stock market brokerage records, family trust accounts, PAC trace-routing, Interpol records and SEC investigation records proves it!

Unfortunately for the crooked agency staff, some Applicants have the authority, law enforcement credentials and training to arrest any person at their home or office and remand them to the FBI, DOJ or Sheriff. For example: Every “unsigned” SSA email is tracked to the individual author by their IP address, device IMEI, web camera, building key card, door camera, parking lot use chart, building camera, vehicle tracking circuits, text dba records, keyboard UI/UX patterns, motherboard ID #, DNS routing, stingray read-outs and a vast number of other metrics. Applicant investigation peers know the exact person that wrote every SSA email or document or file request. There is no such thing as an anonymous SSA email. Transparency is the Applicants middle name. The FBI and CIA people that SSA and DOE insiders think are their “buddies” may actually be the APPLICANTS buddies!

You will either give the Applicant his money and damages compensation, or suffer the consequences of the rapid acceleration of one of the largest investigations in modern history, supported by millions of voters with a shared peer-to-peer forensics social media network, the FBI and Congress. With the push of a single button, our latest info can be in the inbox of every blogger and independent investigative journalist in the world, in minutes.

History has proven that non-corrupt portions of federal agencies and public service law and community action firms have executed on their willingness to expend millions of dollars of resources to fight this injustice. Every individual involved in this at SSA and DOE are on a forensic database. No person at SSA or DOE who uses our government as a garage sale for corruption favors or a kill mill for political reprisals will avoid the 100% legally executed consequences. They will be targeted and prosecuted even more profoundly than the Applicants were targeted with IC-type hit jobs.

This felony criminal investigation case, is documented on thousands of websites and in dozens of federal court case records in which Applicant won the case or was vindicated in the case and in thousands of news websites.

Applicants researchers and investigators disagree with any decision by any agency which causes a delay in response which puts the applicants in jeopardy for their life and safety.

Testifying, and/or reporting about this crime has resulted in the death, potentially by murder, of the following individuals who reported to the authorities about this crime matter:

Rajeev Motwani; Gary D. Conley; Seth Rich; Philip Haney; David Bird; Doug Bourn; Misti Epstein; Joshua Brown; Kenneth Bellando; Moritz Erhardt; Imran Aliev; Kate Matrosova; David Drye; Vincent Foster; Kathy Ferguson; Duane Garrett; Eric S. Fox; Judi Gibbs; Berta Caceres; Suzanne Coleman; L.J. Davis; John Hillyer; Stanley Huggins; Sandy Hume; Shawn Lucas; Gary Johnson; John Jones; John F. Kennedy, Jr.; Stephen Ivens; Mary 'Caity' Mahoney; Eric Butera; Danny Casolara; John Ashe; Tony Moser; Larry Nichols; Joseph Rago; Ron Brown; Bob Simon; Don Adams; Peter Smith; Victor Thorn; Lori Klausutis; Gareth Williams; Daphne Caruana Galizia; James D Johnston; Dave Goldberg; Loretta Fuddy; Paul Wilcher; Gary Webb; Beranton J. Whisenant Jr; Stanley Meyer; Jon Parnell Walker; Tyler Drumheller; Barnaby Jack; Dominic Di-Natale; Barbara Wise; Ilya Zhitomirskiy; Jeff Joe Black; Robin Copeland; John Wheeler; Ashley Turton; Michael Hastings; Antonin Scalia; David Koschman; David Werner; Alex Okrent; Kam Kuwata; Larry Frankel; And hundreds more connected to this case who suddenly, and strangely, turned up dead in this case and, ironically, their deaths all benefit the suspects in this case. Applicants are also whistle-blowers who have been previously attacked in reprisal and who have been threatened with continued harm and death.

Any delay, obfuscation, cover-up, FOIA refusal or other obscuring tactic by each and every member of an agency employee or contracting entity will be prosecuted on a person-by-person basis. Each employee or official who causes, by their action, further harm to the Applicants will be sued personally, have their assets garnished and will have a formal criminal referral authored and submitted to the FBI, DOJ, FTC, Congress and the news media. Applicants have sued the highest level personnel in the government for corruption, launched FBI and Congressional investigations against them and had them removed from their jobs and placed under permanent surveillance. The court and news records prove this fact. Do not imagine that any reprisal action by a public agency staffer will go unnoticed or unpunished by federal law enforcement, public forensics and major independent news media investigations.

The suggestion, by certain agency bosses, that one should "just file an IG report" is like telling someone to file a complaint against Hitler at the suggestion box at Nazi SS headquarters. You won't make it through the night! IG reports seem to accomplish nothing more than painting a target on your own back. Court records and news headlines prove that almost every citizen who reported similar political corruption through "official channels" was targeted with hit-jobs and economic blockades....ask Snowden!

Pay the Plaintiffs their damages compensation, whistle-blower fees, back-fees and offset monies NOW! Millions of citizens, around the globe, have all of the same evidence you now have and each day of delay only hurts YOUR agencies position in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of the voting population of the nation!"

See the CORRUPTION GALLERY and share the images with your social media outlets



We are fighting the battle to save the internet and now you are part of it!

( ie: http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com)

(Please share this with your peers and friends and post it on your social media)

What would you do if you found out that your politicians (ie: Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Kamala Harris) had put over one hundred million dollars in their covert family bank accounts which they got from sabotaging your business, because it competed with them, and from blockading your money because their tech oligarch insiders told them to? Our forensic investigators can 'swear, warrant and certify' that the politicians did the asserted crimes and corruption.

Like a social Terminex(c) pest control service, we are eliminating every single tech asshole in Silicon Valley (like the roaches that they are) using 100% legal, law enforcement approved, resources.

You are probably asking: "How Did Palo Alto, California Became Populated Entirely By Assholes"?


A glut of recent feature films ( ie: The feature film: Assholes: A Theory ) have excoriated the likes of Sand Hill Road and University Avenue scumbags...but pointing them out is not enough. They must be exterminated. You can verify the following facts, yourself, via court records, police records, FBI reports, FOIA and Congressional records.

As U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) famously opined on the TV show "Justified", “You run into an asshole in the morning, you run into an asshole at lunch. You run into assholes all day”; America on the precipice of the fallout of a monumental presidential election, it seems that assholes are not only everywhere you turn—in newspapers, on cable TV, at political rallies and protests, and all over social media—but that they, and their behavior, has been normalized because they own the media. Silicon Valley has a tsunami of "assholery” underway. This reality is covered in the philosophy of professor Aaron James’ non-fiction book and new documentary aimed at both 1.) precisely defining the term “asshole,” and 2.) investigating how those who fit that bill have increasingly come to dominate key spheres of modern public life.

Stanford University graduates are inspired by the likes of corrupt Elon Musk and corrupt Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi—the forerunner of the media-manipulating populist-criminal-strongman trend that’s recently swept through Western nations—or passages discussing Facebook, Twitter and Google’s prioritization of profit over their responsibility to safeguard democracy from hate speech and disinformation. Stanford and Yale have proven to be the key training grounds for beginner assholes. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and Mark Zuckerberg are the embodiment of this problem. They flout all of the rules and standards of common decency. They have made it appear acceptable, and in fact rewarding, to act in the worst possible manner as a means of achieving one’s selfish ends. Their Silicon Valley is the pit of American assholery. You can spot an asshole, easily, when they are driving the official car of assholes: A Tesla, but what about the ones that are more under-cover?

Most people that have been tech raped by a Palo Alto Sandhill Road scumbag feel the same way as Mr. Sun, who says: " Silicon Valley Oligarchs must be punished. Without breaking a single law and WITH the help of the largest law enforcement and investigative resources on the planet, my task force has killed off every single motherfucker that has come after me with their anti-trust violating schemes, including some of the largest entities in the world! My peers and I use lawsuits, federal investigations, news reports, whistle-blowers, new public regulations, anti-trust filings, tens of millions of crowd-sourced voters and unique AI-based forensics. Our private investigators have found my every person and organization on the globe that hates the oligarchs. We gathered them together and aimed them all at the tech assholes! My rule is that Anyone who attacks me stays on the shit list for the rest of their lives plus the next 100+ years of internet time. When you Zuckerbergs, Larry Page;'s Elon Musk's, John Doerr's, Reid Hoffman's, etc., come for me, prepare to suffer. Every stock you buy is a notice to my team to bankrupt the company that you invested in. Even if I am dead, your punishment will be carried out by a legacy team of public volunteers. It may happen to you tomorrow or it may be a slow-drip over the next 15 years. Never stop looking over your shoulder. If you decided to cheat against our businesses rather than fairly compete against us, then start carving your tombstone. If you hired media attackers, expect 100 times what you did to us to come back at you and your family forever! We are fine with "forgive-and-forget", except when it comes to criminal bullies: They are terminated!

He has pledged millions of dollars, from his family trust, to the effort. His AI database lists every investor, VC and executive in Silicon Valley, their family data and their "asshole ranking". Most of the people attacked and ripped off by the tech oligarchs feel the same way. None of the victims have the monopolized control of the big tech law firms like the tech oligarchs do. None of the victims can afford to have an army of crooked law firms (ie: Mofo, Covington & Burling, Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, etc.) working around the clock to enable financial crimes, corruption and Democracy abuses.

To grasp the argument that these people are assholes, one need only listen to the Silicon Valley Assholes's basic description. As many state, “The asshole is the guy who allows himself special advantages in Bay Area cooperative life out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunizes him against the complaints of other people.” In other words, he’s the individual—generally male, although as John Cleese candidly admits, his mother probably was one too—who thinks the general rules don’t apply to them because they’re somehow smarter, better, or more special than their fellow citizens. James’ example is a surfer who violates the right-of-way customs in the ocean. Yet the type is universal, whether in line at the grocery store, on the road in traffic, or at work. They’re the arrogant creeps convinced they’re fundamentally superior, and thus free to conduct themselves in whatever way they see fit. That IS the essence of scumbag megalomaniacs: Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and Mark Zuckerberg!!!

The way "they see fit", of course, is often hateful, perverse and idiotic.  The Assholes thrive in a bubble of trophy wives, rent boys and superficial TED conferences. In the midst of ongoing protests and debate over America’s own domestic culture, which has long had a tradition of closing ranks and demonizing critics, every Silicon Valley employee ordeal sounds eerily familiar among every worker at Google and Facebook.

Such attitudes, according to the Silicon Valley Assholes are created by Stanford University Fraternities which are breeding grounds for horrid group-think mindsets about women and sex. The tech financial sector encourages greed, ruthlessness, and vulgarity as the best way to get ahead. Google executives champion initiation-ritual abuse in service of its own greater good. You can see the movies: Animal House, The Wolf of Wall Street and Full Metal Jacket to see the underscore of the notion that these milieus are all rife with a similar brand of assholery in which arrogance and entitlement justify all manner of despicable ideas and deeds. Every major rape fraternity in the USA eventually sent those abusive boys to run Sandhill Road venture capital companies and Google or Facebook departments.

Every executive at Google knows that they are doing crimes, lying to Congress and the public and operating the biggest scam in history. That is why they will come up with any lie, re-interpretation of the facts or denial to hide the truth!

Any Presidential Administration that puts sociopath, Epstein-like Eric Schmidt, Larry Page or ANY Google executive IN their Administration is either proving their tone-deaf lack of awareness of the facts or that their President is such a bitch to Google’s campaign cash that they could not possibly be trusted by any world leader or any citizen. ( See: https://therevolvingdoorproject.org/letter-to-oppose-eric-schmidt/ ) ( https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2013/07/eric-schimdt-penthouse-new-york-photos-apartment.html )

The Silicon Valley Assholes Process proves that real Silicon Valley VC and tech assholes probably don’t know they are one; central to this condition is the certainty that all bad behavior is actually OK.

This is detectable in the media posts of workers from Greylock, Kleiner, Andressen and other tech asshole firms. Many of the tech interns freely admit that that they only pay attention to other social media users if there’s a personal benefit to connecting with them. That type of me-first worldview is crucial to Palo Alto Sandhill Road's conception of twisted reality. Asshole-rich Silicon Valley America (where “exceptionalism” is ingrained from an early age) lives in contrast to asshole-light Canada (where folks tend to be more agreeable and accommodating)(Justin, though, is a novel kind of asshole).

The most compelling—and enraging—realities concerns Silicon Valley, where Mark Zuckerberg and like-minded CEOs have bred a culture of trampling on competitors, laws, historical norms, and the bedrock tenets of democracy in pursuit of additional eyeballs, clicks, and revenue streams. In a place where young men team up in a desperate quest to develop the innovative next big thing that’ll turn them into tech moguls (“bro-gramming”), nothing matters but the self-centered end goal. And though Facebook, Twitter, Google, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock and their ilk could alter this landscape by simply cracking down on the horridness that permeates their platforms, they choose not to because of the negative financial consequences and their lust for hookers, private jets and cocaine.

To travel through Silicon Valley is to take a gravely depressing survey of a 21st century in thrall—in several crucial arenas—to humanity’s worst impulses.

So what is being done about this crisis of society?

We have hired the best investigators who used to work with the FBI, CIA, FTC, DOJ, SEC, GAO, IG and Interpol.

We have also been teaching every voter in the world how to be a top notch criminal investigator and how to use digital forensic AI tools to "follow-the-money" and bust these crooks. Imagine the entire resources of Palantir, XKEYSCORE, Splunk, Axciom, Fusion GPS and Taleo aimed at people like Zuckerberg, Hoffman, Musk and Schmidt. They will never survive it!

Every single asshole in Silicon Valley can expect to have accurate, highly professional, criminal charges and referrals filed against them with every federal law enforcement and regulatory agency. Those reports are being BCC'd to the news media and the public.

When you see reports like these, you can clearly see that: Every Tech CEO And Investor In Silicon Valley Is A Predatory, Parasitic, Sex Trafficking, Misogynist, Money Laundering, Politician Bribing, Exclusionary, Black-Listing Criminal:

- Kleiner Perkins Insider Spills The Dirt On Outright Criminal Culture In Palo Alto

A viral thread has busted the MYTH about "Famous Billionaires Starting Out “Poor”. Jonas Grinevičius and Justinas Keturka have revealed that we all love stories about scrappy underdogs who overcome the odds and make it big through relentless hard work, unwavering grit, and sheer force of will. However, the stories about how some of the richest and most powerful people made their millions (and billions) are too romanticized and gloss over some very important details.That’s the point that Aidan Smith made in a viral Twitter thread where he explained how Jeff Bezos and others had a huge leg-up when it came to helping lay the foundations of their business empires. Namely—having families with lots of money. Google used taxpayer funds to start its monopoly per  https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/how-the-cia-made-google-e836451a959e   and   https://qz.com/1145669/googles-true-origin-partly-lies-in-cia-and-nsa-research-grants-for-mass-surveillance/  Not only does Google not pay tens of billions of dollars of its taxes to sponsor firemen and teachers but Google used public resources to start its company! Billions of dollars of citizen funds were used by Google to create it's evil empire. Google gets away with this crap because it bribes major U.S. politicians from California!

Aidan told Bored Panda that the US isn’t the only country where a lot of people believe myths about businessmen while the truth is a Google search away. “It’s far from a U.S.-exclusive phenomenon, but in America, it’s easier for most people to imagine becoming a billionaire themselves than it is to imagine an economic order in which a handful of people own half the world’s wealth. Social mobility from working-class to middle-class is increasingly out of reach and the illusion that one can conceivably amass a net worth of over a billion dollars is a comforting fantasy for many people.”

The indisputable facts are the assertions that the Silicon Valley oligarchs:

1. Control business and politics like a crime Cartel

2. Are a white male fraternity who attack outsiders in organized manners

3. Come from dynastic families that systematically ran them through Stanford, Harvard and Yale sociopath-in-training men's clubs

4. Were socially trained and programmed to operate in a closed, tribal, exclusionary manner

5. Operated the "Angelgate" collusion scandal and most every other financial crime in America.

6. Operated the "Silicon Valley High Tech Employee Collusion" for which they were sued in a famous class-action case

7. Controlled the White House and traded most of the key staff with the Administration.

8. Have been sued, indicted and charged in divorce proceedings with an unusually massive amount of sex trafficking matters

9. Use the same 10 law-firms who have been charged with public policy manipulation

10. Control internet news, media and information

11. "Own" certain U.S. Senators by virtue of direct bribe payments and securities/stock payola payments

12. Use a variety of tools like GUST, Private Google Docs sites, covert Facebook pages and similar, to secret conspire and plan collusion and organized monopolistic practices

13. Have their venture capitalists spy on entrepreneurs and copy their technology to be deployed by Google, or Facebook under a new name

14. Are a Mafia-like criminal organization.

Who are some of the biggest, elitist, self-aggrandizing, entitled, tone-deaf assholes in Silicon Valley?

The Tech Crunch Silicon Valley database-of-assholes provides that answer. They include: David Krane, Brian Bendett, Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Terri Burns, Blake Byers, Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner, Tyson Clark, Frederique Dame, Tom Perkins, Scott Davis, Reid Hoffman, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Jared Cohen, David Drummond, Karim Faris, Tom Hulme, Joe Kraus, John Lyman, Vinod Khosla, Laura Melahn, Dave Munichiello, Erik Nordlander, Anthony Philippakis, Sridhar Ramaswamy, David Reshef, Ben Robbins, Issi Rozen, David Schenkein, Vidu Shanmugarajah, M.G. Siegler, Graham Spencer, Bethany Tsui, Jessica Verrilli, Andy Wheeler, Krishna Yeshwant, Asheem Chandna, Jerry Chen, Mike Duboe, Sarah Guo, Christine Kim, Josh McFarland, Saam Motamedi, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Corinne Riley, Jason Risch, Seth Rosenberg, David Sze, David Thacker, David Wadhwani, Manuel Bernal, Allie Dalglish, Don Sullivan, Yasmin Green, Kent Walker, Matt Rogers, Steven Chu, David Plouffe, Sergy Brin, Andy Rubin, Ian Fette, Travis Kalanick, Elizabeth Holmes, Dustin Moskovitz, Laurene Powell Jobs, Andy Bechtolsheim, Brian Goncher, Cheryl Sandberg, Gilman Louie, Ira Ehrenpreis, Tim Cook, James Breyer, Joe Lonsdale, Keith Rabois, Marc Andreesen, George Soros, Mario Rosatti, Martin LaGod, Michael Moritz, Viktor Vekselberg, Larry Summers, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer, RoseAnn Rotando, Larry Birenbaum, Judy Estrin, Steven Goldby, Terry Kramer, Helen Raiser, John Scully, Sandi Thompson, Ann Wojcicki and their ilk...

You can see that most of them have the same facial deformities that make them all look like yuppie frat or sorority clones with Moonie/Scientology dead eyes and fake smiles that broadcast their blind zealotry and sports bar fakery to the world. Every email, phone call, text, condo, office and brothel that these people use should be bugged by the FBI. These scammers built an insider-trading bubble of TED conferences and tech parties in which they mutually promote their Elizabeth Holmesian fantasies of holier-than-thou idiocracy. Emily Chang's book: "Brotopia" covers these scum-bags in great length.

The Silicon Valley cartel propagandizes climate issues because they own all the companies that will get government cash for climate issues. Are climate issues a bigger deal than: CANCER, SEX TRAFFICKING, POOR EDUCATION SYSTEMS, POLICE BRUTALITY, RACISM, HOUSING PRICES, PANDEMICS, MEDICAL COVERAGES, WARS, DRUG TRAFFICKING, CARTELS, STD’S, MONOPOLIES, POLITICAL BRIBERY, THE SPACE RACE, TOXIC FOODS, SEX ABUSE AT WORK, AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER ISSUES…????. The Silicon Valley Cartel says “It Is”, but that is only because they own all of the companies that will get free government cash to “fix” climate issues. They do not care one tiny bit about the climate. They care about CASH!

As a Hoover Fellow puts it: "...Elite arrogant asshole dynasties send their kids to Stanford University. Stanford puts the kids in asshole frat houses to train them to get away with rape and run monopolies. When they graduate they either go up the hill to Sandhill Road and start a venture capital clone operation or they get their frat friends on Sandhill Road to racketeer-fund their start-up or political campaign using money scammed from your parents pension funds. They only work with their frat buddies and insiders in a tribal 'old boys club' manner.They steal all the technology and markets they want because they control all of the tech lawyers and politicians via bribes and revolving doors. Most of the money in Stanford University bank accounts is from Foreign and Hollywood oligarchs delivered as bribes meant to get their snot-nosed brats into Stanford. Stanford bosses keep all of this covered-up and covertly fund political campaigns to grease the wheels of political corruption. They then sexually extort some Standford interns in Rosewood Hotel rooms, get the most 'trophy wife' ones pregnant, and start the cycle all over again. Alas, Stanford is the training ground for abuse, corruption and 'Bro-Crime"..."

Everyone asks: " How Does Elon Musk Maintain His Corrupt Empire Of Lies Without Getting Shut Down By The Government?"

Elon Musk has spent more money creating fake fame for his narcissist personality disorder than any other person in history! Musk is obsessed with buying troll farm outputs, Chinese click-bait processing service orders, fake Facebook likes, fake Twitter follows, Reddit self-glory lie-blogger services and PR hype media articles about himself. Musk can't stand to go a single day without trying to make people think he is a god-like deity when he is just a scamming tech mobster!

Elon Musk runs a RICO-violating, stock market-manipulating, anti-trust-violating organized crime cartel! He is the high tech Godfather of financial crime and he is many times more “untouchable” than Al Capone! Public officials should be embarrassed to death that Musk waltzes around with such impunity. Musk maintains his immunity with BRIBES to Congress, bribes to the DOT, bribes to the NHTSA, and other political agencies. He acts as a conduit to pass free government cash he scams from politicians through his organization and back out, covertly, to those same politicians like Harris, Pelosi, Feinstein, et al.


Elon Musk,  and the Silicon Valley Cartel, have over 1000 people at Goldman Sachs that are dedicated to keeping this corrupt empire operating on smoke and mirrors in order to hype up the stock via dirty tricks such as these:

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Pools"

Agreements, often written, among a group of traders to delegate authority to a single manager to trade in a specific stock for a specific period of time and then to share in the resulting profits or losses."[5] In Australia section 1041B prohibits pooling. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-5 )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Churning"

When a trader places both buy and sell orders at about the same price. The increase in activity is intended to attract additional investors, and increase the price.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Stock bashing"

This scheme is usually orchestrated by savvy online message board posters (a.k.a. "Bashers") who make up false and/or misleading information about the target company in an attempt to get shares for a cheaper price. This activity, in most cases, is conducted by posting libelous posts on multiple public forums. The perpetrators sometimes work directly for unscrupulous Investor Relations firms who have convertible notes that convert for more shares the lower the bid or ask price is; thus the lower these Bashers can drive a stock price down by trying to convince shareholders they have bought a worthless security, the more shares the Investor Relations firm receives as compensation. Immediately after the stock conversion is complete and shares are issued to the Investor Relations firm, consultant, attorney or similar party, the basher/s then become friends of the company and move quickly to ensure they profit on a classic Pump & Dump scheme to liquidate their ill-gotten shares. (see P&D)

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Pump and dump"

A pump and dump scheme is generally part of a more complex grand plan of market manipulation on the targeted security. The Perpetrators (Usually stock promoters) convince company affiliates and large position non-affiliates to release shares into a free trading status as "Payment" for services for promoting the security. Instead of putting out legitimate information about a company the promoter sends out bogus e-mails (the "Pump") to millions of unsophisticated investors (Sometimes called "Retail Investors") in an attempt to drive the price of the stock and volume to higher points. After they accomplish both, the promoter sells their shares (the "Dump") and the stock price falls, taking all the duped investors' money with it.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Runs"

When a group of traders create activity or rumours in order to drive the price of a security up. An example is the Guinness share-trading fraud of the 1980s. In the US, this activity is usually referred to as painting the tape.[6] Runs may also occur when trader(s) are attempting to drive the price of a certain share down, although this is rare. (see Stock Bashing) ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guinness_share-trading_fraud )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Ramping (the market)"

Actions designed to artificially raise the market price of listed securities and give the impression of voluminous trading in order to make a quick profit.[7] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-7 )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Wash trade"

In a wash trade the manipulator sells and repurchases the same or substantially the same security for the purpose of generating activity and increasing the price.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Bear raid"

In a bear raid there is an attempt to push the price of a stock down by heavy selling or short selling.[8] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-8 )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Lure and Squeeze"

This works with a company that is very distressed on paper, with impossibly high debt, consistently high annual losses but very few assets, making it look as if bankruptcy must be imminent. The stock price gradually falls as people new to the stock short it on the basis of the poor outlook for the company, until the number of shorted shares greatly exceeds the total number of shares that are not held by those aware of the lure and squeeze scheme (call them "people in the know"). In the meantime, people in the know increasingly purchase the stock as it drops to lower and lower prices. When the short interest has reached a maximum, the company announces it has made a deal with its creditors to settle its loans in exchange for shares of stock (or some similar kind of arrangement that leverages the stock price to benefit the company), knowing that those who have short positions will be squeezed as the price of the stock sky-rockets. Near its peak price, people in the know start to sell, and the price gradually falls back down again for the cycle to repeat.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Quote stuffing"

Quote stuffing is made possible by high-frequency trading programs that can execute market actions with incredible speed. However, high-frequency trading in and of itself is not illegal. The tactic involves using specialized, high-bandwidth hardware to quickly enter and withdraw large quantities of orders in an attempt to flood the market, thereby gaining an advantage over slower market participants.[9] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-9 )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Cross-Product Manipulation"

A type of manipulation possible when financial instruments are settled based on benchmarks set by the trading of physical commodities, for example in United States Natural Gas Markets. The manipulator takes a large long (short) financial position that will benefit from the benchmark settling at a higher (lower) price, then trades in the physical commodity markets at such a large volume as to influence the benchmark price in the direction that will benefit their financial position.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Spoofing (finance)"

Spoofing is a disruptive algorithmic trading entity employed by traders to outpace other market participants and to manipulate commodity markets. Spoofers feign interest in trading futures, stocks and other products in financial markets creating an illusion of exchange pessimism in the futures market when many offers are being cancelled or withdrawn, or false optimism or demand when many offers are being placed in bad faith. Spoofers bid or offer with intent to cancel before the orders are filled. The flurry of activity around the buy or sell orders is intended to attract other high-frequency traders (HFT) to induce a particular market reaction such as manipulating the market price of a security. Spoofing can be a factor in the rise and fall of the price of shares and can be very profitable to the spoofer who can time buying and selling based on this manipulation.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Price-Fixing"

A very simple type of fraud where the principles who publish a price or indicator conspire to set it falsely and benefit their own interests. The Libor scandal for example, involved bankers setting the Libor rate to benefit their trader's portfolios or to make certain entities appear more creditworthy than they were.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "High Closing (finance)"

High closing is an attempt to manipulate the price of a security at the end of trading day to ensure that it closes higher than it should. This is usually achieved by putting in manipulative trades close to closing.

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "Cornering the market"

In cornering the market the manipulators buy sufficiently large amount of a commodity so they can control the price creating in effect a monopoly. For example, the brothers Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt attempted to corner the world silver markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, at one stage holding the rights to more than half of the world's deliverable silver.[10] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-TEXAS-10 ) During the Hunts' accumulation of the precious metal, silver prices rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to nearly $50 an ounce in January 1980.[11] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-NYT-11 ) Silver prices ultimately collapsed to below $11 an ounce two months later,[11] much of the fall occurring on a single day now known as Silver Thursday, due to changes made to exchange rules regarding the purchase of commodities on margin.[12] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_manipulation#cite_note-TimeBubble-12 )

** The Silicon Valley Stock Scam Called: "The Political Campaign Conduit Double Blind"

In this scam, government money is given to a Tesla, Solyndra, etc. who then money launder the cash through executive-held 501 c3 and c4 charities; and company assets and then provide DARK MONEY cash and services to political campaigns like Obama and Clinton election funds. In the case of Tesla, Google (an investor and boyfriend of Musk) supplied billions of dollars of web search rigging. Stock ownership in the companies and deals is traded for campaign funds. David Brock is a master of this kind of Dark Money money-laundering for political campaigns using PACS and pass-through spoofing.

Tesla and Solyndra investors have used ALL of the above tactics and more. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have thousands of staff who PROVIDE these stock market manipulation tricks to people like Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, et al. These kinds of financial crimes and corruption account for the manipulation of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of ill-gotten profits annually!

They all run a constant shell game and ponzi scheme using shell corporations, fake family trusts, hookers, facade real estate, dirty CPA's, dirty corporate law firms, David Plouffe and James Halderman-type dirty operatives, lobbyists who are just bribery bag men, crooked CIA and FBI insiders and other criminal tools.


Given the massive stimulus packages that are in force today and expected to be implemented going forward, regulators need to set clear guidelines for how and when such privileged information can be disclosed, and impose rigorous trading restrictions for investors with access to private information. Failure to do so always gives unfair advantage to some and damages the level playing field in financial markets.

To avoid providing such unfair advantage to selected executives, the SEC and the Department of Justice need to develop new procedures to incorporate potential illegal transactions derived from information about government intervention through diverse channels. Plaintiffs advocate for a more transparent and consistent protocol on information disclosure regarding government’s loan programs to prevent similar events from recurring. For example, the government could channel the release of news about COVID-19-related stimulus interventions through a common platform to prevent leakage from diverse sources and reduce information asymmetry among investors.

The corrupt DFC loan to Kodak is the first of its kind under the Defense Production Act but not the first ever because DOE already created the pump-and-dump scheme for tech oligarchs. Nobody should be surprised by Kodak trying a proven corruption scam. Since we are in unprecedented times, government agencies and regulators need to make changes to adapt to the current situation and fulfill their mission to ensure a level playing field for investors even during this difficult period. Regulation never happens in theses scams because most California Senators and their families profit from these crimes and corruption.

In addition to Musk’s insidious army of corruption douche-bag enablers at Goldman Sachs, there are also:

- An army of worker-bee financial scam artist operatives at corrupt Welles Fargo and Deutsche Bank. There are about 120 people in that set of insider operatives

- Jared Birchall, the head of Elon Musk's family office Excession LLC is a front man and bag man for the outside layer of Musk’s public-facing scams

- Deloitte Consulting has 17 financial advisors dedicated to ponzi scheming the appearance of liquidity in the Musk Empire

- Law firm Wilson Sonsini has 42 lawyers and admins dedicated to delaying, deferring and holding off law-suits and anti-trust filings against Musk.

- McKinsey Consulting has 120 staff dedicated to authoring and distributing bullshit hype ‘white papers” to Congress that sell budget ideas to the government that exclusively benefit Elon Musk. McKinsey is also in charge of getting people appointed or hired by the government who will provide payola and quid pro quo back to the Musk empire.

- Corrupt law firm Covington and Burling has 27 people dedicated to influencing and changing laws and public policy that will exclusively protect Musk. They put Eric Holder, Steven Chu and other top officials into the Obama Administration based on promises by those officials to protect and fund Musk.

- James Howard is one of over 56 private investigators that Musk has hired to dig up dirt on people that Musk does not like and to run attacks on them.

- In-Q-Tel is a rogue off-shoot of the CIA. Musk has hired a large number of In-Q-Tel staff to engage in CIA-class dirty tricks against competitors and former employees who expose Musk’s lies.

- Gawker Media, AKA Gizmodo Media are a tabloid character-assassination-for-hire operation which Musk contracts and owns interest in. They are mission-ed to to destroy the lives of others, in cooperation with Google’s servers. Payments for attack services, between all of the parties, have been uncovered.

- Google is an investor in Musk’s operations and the bosses of Google are bro-mance boyfriends of Musk. Google controls most perceptions on the internet using psychological manipulation tactics taught to them by their investor: In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel also works for and with Musk. Larry Page, of Google, and Musk got an apartment together and plan political schemes together.

- Elon Musk, or his associates have hired every hight tech law firm that could go after him in order to conflict-out and law firms that might get hired to go after him. His top corrupt manipulator partners-in-legal crime include: Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Fenwick & West, Connolly & Williams, Perkins Coie, Steven Farina, Raol Campos and hundreds of others. In fact, a competitor of Musk’s was seeking a law firm to sue Musk and was told by Law firm Wilson Sonsini: “You can’t sue Elon Musk because he and his Sandhill road Cartel control every high tech law firm in America...” In some cases, Musk has sent some of his lawyers to smaller business entities that want to sue Musk. Musk's lawyers pretend to be lawyers who are "offering to help" the opposition company but they are really there to covertly sabotage their legal efforts in order to protect Musk.

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk are facing dozens of lawsuits and investigations, according to public filings.

The costs of defense and settlements burden the car maker financially at a time when Tesla is already cutting headcount, closing stores and delaying loan repayments.

Among Tesla’s most recent legal woes, the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a motion to hold Musk in contempt of court. The financial regulators argue that Musk violated the agreement they finalized with him and Tesla in October 2018 requiring the CEO to submit his tweets for review by the company’s in-house counsel if they contained material business information and could potentially affect the company’s stock price.

Musk is represented in this matter by John C. Hueston, formerly the lead prosecutor for the federal trial of Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling.

Beyond the contempt case, here are some of the other cases and investigations Tesla and Musk are facing that could most impact the company.

Analysis by legal research firm Plainsite found at least 38 securities actions filed against Tesla or Elon Musk (or both) since 2010, the year the company went public. Plainsite – which founder Aaron Greenspan describes as a “legal transparency initiative” – scans public records across the US legal system to document the volume and types of litigation effecting major U.S. corporations. (Greenspan personally holds puts in Tesla today.)

By way of comparison, Greenspan says he found only 1 securities lawsuit against Ford Motor Company filed since 2016, and only 4 since 1996, although this does not include all Ford subsidiaries.

Along with the securities litigation, Plainsite also found 43 workers’ rights cases, 14 deposit theft cases, and 20 vendor and government non-payment cases filed against Tesla since it went public in 2010. Of the 20 non-payment cases, 6 were from tax agencies in different states, Greenspan said.

Tesla also faces dozens of lawsuits around specific car-related issues, including allegations that Bluetooth doesn’t work, that Autopilot has caused Tesla cars to swerve into the wrong lanes and more. Most car-specific lawsuits against Tesla focus on the Model X. But Greenspan expects Model 3-related lawsuits to grow as the company sells more of these electric sedans. Even with all of these lawsuits, Musk has the taxpayer provided cash to buy off any judge, any court, any politician and any influence dynamic.

- Steve Davis runs operations to manipulate actual intent for Musk’s The Boring Company.

- The pretend CFO’s in Musk’s cartel including Zachary Kirkhorn, Vaibhav Taneja, Deepak Ahuja, Eric Branderiz, etc., are fully aware of the lies and financial crimes that Musk’s shell game is based. They need to be in prison too.

- Above and beyond the army of over 3000 corruption implementation employees and contractors, Musk #1 protection scheme is lobbyists and political intermediaries who pay bribes and produce quid pro quo and revolving door payola. Podesta Group, Roberti Global, David Plouffe, Jeff Burton, and over 150 other groups and individuals transfer the cash, PAC omerta funds, jobs, real estate, sex and other goodies to politicians. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s go from working for Feinstein to working for Musk like a political conveyor belt. Bribes hidden via family trust funds and elaborate shell game corporations and off-shore snake holes are the bread-and-butter of the Musk existence.

These facts are known, they are documented in FBI, SEC, FTC, FEC and Congressional records. It is pathetic that Musk can operate and that he is not sitting in a federal prison cell! Elon Musk is a scammer, mobster, liar, pervert, drug abusing, narcissist, Senator-bribing sociopath! Musk can run and try to hide in Texas but there is now no place he can hide!

NOTICE: To the editors allowing idiot child "reporters" to support Elon Musk's BS:

We file complaints against each one of your writers who has accepted compensation in order to use your publication to promote falsehoods, lies and contrived public relations tripe for Elon Musk's narcissist self-aggrandizement campaign designed to cover-up his crimes, scams and corruptions. Your writers have full knowledge of the proven facts in investigative documents such as:

How The Sociopath Venture Capitalists of Silicon Valley Prop Up Elon Musk And His Failed Tesla Motors.pdf

How Does Elon Musk Maintain His Corrupt Empire Of Lies Without Getting Shut Down By The Government?.pdf







and hundreds of thousands of previous news reports, FBI and SEC reports. These facts are easily found online by anyone of, at least, grade-school intelligence level. (ie: http://american-corruption.com/public or Reddit or Voat..or pretty much anywhere...). If your reporters ignore these facts then your publication will suffer revenue loss, stock market hits, devaluation, reports of your sex abuses and other sadness!

We file formal complaints against each one of these shills with industry associations, your investors and on public forums.

Your writers who selectively author fake-news hype instead of investigative journalism will be exposed and punished. Your publication's market value and credibility will be greatly diminished by this information manipulation. (ie, You WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!) Such fake news articles should be removed and accurate counter-point should be published. Without the proper correction, it is impossible to see how your publication could not follow Gawker, San Diego Magazine, The Outline, and the rest into the spiral of bankruptcy and termination.

As one blog reports, to quote: "...Elon Musk is a scammer, a liar, a sociopath, a mobster, a racist and a sex deviant who has a hit-job team of private i's and Fusion GPS-type goons that he sends out to attack, defame, character assassinate and spy on any competitor or reporter that he does not like.

This is just a brief collection of thousands of pretty bad things that Elon has done:

Insulting others regularly:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9ftbRWqkj0 --

Laughs at competitor. In the same year, Tesla dropped it's worth while BYD increased theirs.

Spreading fake information:



Refuses to investigate Worker Complaints and fires those who are upset about work conditions:







Attacking the Press for investigating his companies and the respective profits and losses:

And of course rarely meeting promises:


He also regularly takes credit for other's work:


Bad/Stolen Designs:

-- The original designer for Hyperloop. He tried out a prototype in Britain for 3 years, but it wasn't worth the effort. Elon claims that it's his design and idea, when it is not.

 -- Tesla 3 is not a very good car.

 -- Tesla 3 is also incredibly unsafe and a mechanic's nightmare.
 -- Tesla S having severe issues.
 -- Stealing Evike's Gun Design, expect the flamethrower not to be released because of this.

Misc: https://i.redd.it/uk0tgarjwszz.jpg


http://variety.com/2016/dirt/real-estalker/elon-musk-bel-air-mansion-1201888308/ --

For someone who's so "environmentally green", he sure likes to buy a ton of homes and houses for himself.

-- Getting sued for False Advertising, something that Musk and his companies do often.

He's an asshole. You should hate him too. He has lots of promises and lots of words, but very little action. He relies on appealing to one's emotion and excitement and giving his massive Goldman Sachs stock market manipulation team some BS tripe to pitch to Pension funds and to run pump-and-dumps with.

Tesla also spends hundreds of millions on advertising:

You ever wonder why there's not many Tesla/Elon Musk ads on TV, Radio or on billboards? It's because the majority of these hundreds of millions go towards Online Advertising. Yes, I'm talking about astroturfing:

(Ever find it strange how Elon and his companies are in the top 50 of r/all literally all the time?)

This is also why Elon Musk and his companies refuse to travel outside of America. Other nations have laws that protect consumers so they know what they're seeing, but America doesn't because it's Corporation before Community.

His lithium, nickel, cobalt and rare earth mines use child labor, allow the rape of workers, are based in bribes and corruption and encourage genocide in foreign nations. Musk doesn't care...Musk hates blacks!

Musk's parents loved Apartheid. Musk left South Africa to avoid the end of Apartheid.

The guy that clean's Nancy Pelosi's and Dianne Feinstein's toilet in Congress barely gets paid enough to care for his family yet the Pelosi and Feinstein family cartel pockets tens of millions of dollars per year in stock market bribes from Elon Musk. No citizen gets insider trading deals like that and the SEC never busts any of them!

Musk is the internet equivalent of a self-aggrandizing fame-whore tech Kardashian. Musk has huge numbers of Chinese and Russian click-farms and sock puppet factories that pretend to be Musk "fanboys" on the internet. He uses Palantir and Oracle software to look for any occurence of his name on the internet and then, instantly, send his internet trolls to slam anybody who negs him in the comments sections. Musk has bee professionally diagnosed with "narcissistic personality disorder", "sociopath tendencies" and an "inability to distinguish crime from normal social behavior".

He does some stunts for the masses and they ignore all his bad shit for it.

Musk's lithium ion batteries release cancer-causing toxic smoke when they self ignite in the car. As lithium ion batteries age, the get more and more likely to blow up as the dendrites in the internal chemistry degrade. Lithium ion batteries are not regulated because the Silicon Valley oligarchs and the California Senators own the stock in these dangerous, deadly, toxic, explosive, genocide-causing batteries. Musk and Obama conduit bribes back and forth for their financiers. Musk had to give away the Tesla patents because his staff, who wrote the patents, disclosed how deadly and dangerous his lithium ion batteries are RIGHT IN THE PUBLISHED TEXT OF THE PATENT, which Musk never saw until the patent was published! (Ha!) Bernard Tse, Musk's battery boss, quite Tesla to start a competing car company because Musk was covering up all the danger's of the Tesla batteries from Panasonic. Panasonic has been running a "dumping" and bribery program to profiteer on lithium ion batteries and block any other technologies.

He mooches taxpayer money, takes credit for others work and then sells himself as the greatest genius of this century.
I mean, to be a famous genius in history you had to write a book, like the Principia, that literally revolutionized everything or discover an entire realm of our existence we didn't even know was there. Musk just has a billion dollar public-paid-for PR team and a fake smile.

What the fuck does Musk actually do? Acting like he owns the world :)

Musk's cars and rockets explode because of bad and rushed engineering, his Neuralink company tortures animals for BS mind control chips, His Boring Company tunnels are unsafe and un-needed and he only started it to build billionaire hide-aways underground. All of his "technologies" were copied from someone else.

He's basically another asshole like Steve Jobs, good at marketing the ideas and products that people working for him make.

He's a face. Its not like he is the dude who actually makes/programs/designs Tesla's, their autonomous driving functions, SpaceX, etc. But for some reason he gets kinda meme'd into being some super genius who's responsible for those things. Then you get weird rumors like "DUDE ELON MUSK IS ACTUALLY THE DUDE WHO INVENTED BITCOIN" which just seems kinda unlikely/improbable.

Sending a Tesla into space seems very egotistical and just pointless compared to the Voyager, and its golden record. It serves a function, it explores space, sends us back information, and contains information that potentially some sentient lifeform could find and learn about us. What would an alien think if they found a Tesla? The fact that we obviously sent out a land based vehicle into space is just kinda dumb. Then if they were able to understand that its more about branding and promoting a car than actually serving a function and is basically just gonna be space garbage. The dude also seems to really want to rush progress. I am all for progress, but you make sacrifices when you want to push things to change too quickly.

Musk just stabs others in the back. This article got buried and it's too bad because it shows exactly how he operates:

DALE VINCE V ELON MUSK: ELECTRIC CAR TSARS AT WAR OVER MOTORWAY CHARGING STATIONS "...In the City they call them fat-fingered trades — when a trader inadvertently hits the wrong key on his computer and costs his bank millions. The price of the email — sent in error late on Sunday, May 18, last year from a Tesla employee to someone at Ecotricity with the same first name as its intended recipient — has yet to be determined, but it could easily run into the millions too. The email allegedly made clear Tesla’s plans to break up the partnership it had built with Ecotricity to install chargers in service areas and instead to make a direct approach to their operators. Ecotricity says that the email — written in haste after an article last year in The Sunday Times that disclosed Musk’s concept of an electric superhighway in Britain — also revealed Tesla’s intention to blacken Ecotricity’s name with politicians and the media. Instead of being sent to Simon Sproule, then Tesla’s head of corporate communications, the email was sent by mistake to Simon Crowfoot of Ecotricity, alerting the company to Tesla’s plans. Vince said the email was evidence not only of underhandedness but of a “brutal” corporate culture within the American firm. “I have never seen anything approaching Tesla’s behaviour and we have been around 20 years this year and we’ve had some run-ins, you know. I do think it’s cultural — I just think that’s how they operate.” ...“I’ve never even met the guy,” he said of Vince. “Initially when we tried working with him he started making all sorts of outrageous demands, so we thought, ‘Well, OK, we’ll just not work with you’ — and then he sued us.”... MORE: https://www.driving.co.uk/news/dale-vince-vs-elon-musk/

The sooner Tesla goes bust, the better for many countries. Ecotricity is orders of magnitude better than Tesla.

He's pretty smug for a guy with hair plugs and facial plastic surgery fakery.

His Starlink internet costs $500.00 for the hardware and a hundred bucks a month to have The Silicon Valley Cartel spy on everything that goes over his internet and decide which media is politically correct for you to see. Why would anyone want HIS internet when most internet is free and less spied on? Starlink was Musk's and Larry Page's scheme to control all politics by controlling all media. Tell them to "SHOVE IT" by making sure Starlink goes bankrupt!

I remember the battery in Adelaide, Australia he built, where it's been claimed to 'prevent/stop blackouts' and drive the gas business to its knees? The batteries can only hold 5-10 minutes of power.

Elon Musk, Goldman Sachs and Steve Jurvetson uses massive "Flash-Boy" computer arrays to manipulate the stock market and fake up all of the Tesla stock. He never gets arrested because the Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, Reid families own Tesla and Tesla supplier stock and they put a hold on SEC, FTC and FBI charges against Musk.

He seems to be bi-sexual with his sleep-overs with Larry Page and his sex cult activities and Epstein sicko stuff.

Musk started rich with daddy-money and knew how to exploit mining corruption due to his father owning a Jade Mine and his trophy wife mother being a "model" (who dated quite a bit) throughout the 70's and 90's. His father screwed his sister and got her pregnant. The whole Musk family is a bunch of sickos. Musk's insane greed has caused him to spend vast amounts of money covering the fact that his lithium ion batteries explode when they get wet and tend to get more explosive as they age over time. The chemistry inside his lithium ion batteries is the most toxic, deadly, explosive, cancer-causing, environmentally-damaging, worker-poisoning, child-labor mined crap on Earth!

Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes are the same kind of lying nut-jobs backed by the same Silicon Valley Scam Tech Cartel!

Life is ultra easy when you're rich. You can quite literally do anything and everything.

Musk is a mobster propped up by the MSM and the largest and most vast sock-puppet, troll-farm, click-farm contracts on Earth! Nick Denton's tabloid empire (Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik) work for Musk. Larry Page has Google hype his stock and neg his competitors because Google bosses own Tesla stock. (That's illegal too - per the SEC and FTC) He has fucked over every wife, supplier, partner, co-founder and employee and it is amazing that one of them have not shot him in the head yet.

He and Goldman Sachs can keep pump-and-dump stock market scams going for the next hundred years from the 2008 Department Of Energy hand-out he first got from the taxpayers. He makes nothing of value to society. He just makes bullshit scams to hype his self-glory...."



White House Staff including Rahm Emanual, Bill Daley, Jay Carney, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs, Steve Rattner, David Axelrod, John Podesta, et al; and The Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and the Chief Counsel for the United States Department of Energy Daniel Cohen and Bill Cooper were, (from 2007 forward), either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; our business adversaries, or the Senators and Department of Energy politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to. Criminal U.S. Senators coordinated and profited in these schemes. Their own family members have now supplied evidence against them. Elon Musk and his frat boys display their self-aggrandizing vanity in sociopath glory because nobody tells them "no". Now we are calling them out!

From 2007 forward, The White House and The Department Of Energy were controlled by the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs for monopolistic profiteering! That is a violation of the law, the Constitution and the American Way. The named person's we have presented to the FBI, DOJ, SEC and other agencies, engaged in crimes to personally profit in the stock market and political venues. At the same time they operated the command and control of millions of dollars of defamation, character assassination and black-list attacks against us for reporting their crimes. These perpetrators are now being exposed, arrested, indicted and drained of their ill-gotten profits. We are owed our damages compensation and we will not rest until we get it! Every member of the public is invited to help crowd-source the termination of these corrupt crooks.

We worked for, with, in and around the White House and The Department of Energy. We were at the homes of the most famous people in government and their Silicon Valley financiers. We have cooperated with top law enforcement and Congressional investigators. Additional whistle-blowers have provided our effort with even more evidence. Ourselves, and investigating agencies, have absolute proof of the crimes, corruption and illicit activities and the ongoing cover-ups.



Agency staff were ordered to harm Applicants by manipulating their benefits in order to deny, delay, obfuscate and reduce their income as reprisal for their assistance to law enforcement in a political corruption and money laundering matter. Agency staff, ranging from the lowest level staff at the San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Angeles and Marin offices, and up to the director headquarters offices, participated in this reprisal-vendetta-revenge action to harm Applicants. Applicant’s peers have filed DOJ and FBI criminal referrals, launched federal investigations and the assertions have been proven in numerous IG, FBI, Congressional and major news media investigations. Agency offices have failed to provide responsive FOIA requested data, hearing investigation data and fair responses because some of their staff are STILL operating a criminal cover-up which has now been update-reported to the FBI, Congress, the IG, the AG and investigative reporters.

Other federal agencies have complied, verified and provided the requested deliverables. SSA and DOE have pointed the searchlight of suspicion on themselves, laser-like, by their overt failure to comply, unlike every other agency. Ironically, the political financing of their executives and their personal relationships “happens” to be with the exact same Silicon Valley oligarchs under felony criminal investigations. The stock market brokerage records, family trust accounts, PAC trace-routing, Interpol records and SEC investigation records proves it!

Unfortunately for the crooked agency staff, some Applicants have the authority, law enforcement credentials and training to arrest any person at their home or office and remand them to the FBI, DOJ or Sheriff. SSA and DOE staff should not longer screw around! For example: Every “unsigned” SSA email is tracked to the individual author by their IP address, device IMEI, web camera, building key card, door camera, parking lot use chart, building camera, vehicle tracking circuits, text dba records, keyboard UI/UX patterns, motherboard ID #, DNS routing, stingray read-outs and a vast number of other metrics. Applicant investigation peers know the exact person that wrote every SSA email or document or file request. There is no such thing as an anonymous SSA email. Transparency is the Applicants middle name. The FBI and CIA people that SSA and DOE insiders think are their “buddies” may actually be the APPLICANTS buddies!

You will either give the Applicant his money and damages compensation, from his 2007 benefits filings, forward, or suffer the consequences of the rapid acceleration of one of the largest investigations in modern history, supported by millions of voters with a shared peer-to-peer forensics social media network, the FBI and Congress. With the push of a single button, our latest info can be in the inbox of every blogger and independent investigative journalist in the world, in minutes.

History has proven that non-corrupt portions of federal agencies and public service law and community action firms have executed on their willingness to expend millions of dollars of resources to fight this injustice. Every individual involved in this at SSA and DOE are on a forensic database. No person at SSA or DOE who uses our government as a garage sale for corruption favors or a kill mill for political reprisals will avoid the 100% legally executed consequences. They will be targeted and prosecuted even more profoundly than the Applicants waere targeted with IC-type hit jobs.

This felony criminal investigation case, is documented on thousands of websites and in dozens of federal court case records in which Applicant won the case or was vindicated in the case and in thousands of news websites. Applicants researchers and investigators disagree with any decision by any agency which causes a delay in response which puts the applicants in jeopardy for their life and safety. Testifying, and/or reporting about this crime has resulted in the death, potentially by murder, of the following individuals who reported to the authorities about this crime matter: Rajeev Motwani; Gary D. Conley; Seth Rich; Philip Haney; David Bird; Doug Bourn; Misti Epstein; Joshua Brown; Kenneth Bellando; Moritz Erhardt; Imran Aliev; Kate Matrosova; David Drye; Vincent Foster; Kathy Ferguson; Duane Garrett; Eric S. Fox; Judi Gibbs; Berta Caceres; Suzanne Coleman; L.J. Davis; John Hillyer; Stanley Huggins; Sandy Hume; Shawn Lucas; Gary Johnson; John Jones; John F. Kennedy, Jr.; Stephen Ivens; Mary 'Caity' Mahoney; Eric Butera; Danny Casolara; John Ashe; Tony Moser; Larry Nichols; Joseph Rago; Ron Brown; Bob Simon; Don Adams; Peter Smith; Victor Thorn; Lori Klausutis; Gareth Williams; Daphne Caruana Galizia; James D Johnston; Dave Goldberg; Loretta Fuddy; Paul Wilcher; Gary Webb; Beranton J. Whisenant Jr; Stanley Meyer; Jon Parnell Walker; Tyler Drumheller; Barnaby Jack; Dominic Di-Natale; Barbara Wise; Ilya Zhitomirskiy; Jeff Joe Black; Robin Copeland; John Wheeler; Ashley Turton; Michael Hastings; Antonin Scalia; David Koschman; David Werner; Alex Okrent; Kam Kuwata; Larry Frankel; And hundreds more connected to this case who suddenly, and strangely, turned up dead in this case and, ironically, their deaths all benefit the suspects in this case. Applicants are also whistle-blowers who have been previously attacked in reprisal and who have been threatened with continued harm and death.

Because this case involves a huge number of deaths, spies, trillions of dollars of energy industry funds, hit-jobs and epic political dirty tricks contracts there is a warning in effect to every suspect on "the list". "If any other principle whistle-blower in this case is killed, within 24 hours of their death, every person on "the list" will experience the worst possible outcome!"

Any delay, obfuscation, cover-up, FOIA refusal or other obscuring tactic by each and every member of an agency employee or contracting entity will be prosecuted on a person-by-person basis. Each employee or official who causes, by their action, further harm to the Applicants will be sued personally, have their assets garnished and will have a formal criminal referral authored and submitted to the FBI, DOJ, FTC, Congress and the news media. Applicants have sued the highest level personnel in the government for corruption, launched FBI and Congressional investigations against them and had them removed from their jobs and placed under permanent surveillance. The court and news records prove this fact. Do not imagine that any reprisal action by a public agency staffer will go unnoticed or unpunished by federal law enforcement, public forensics and major independent news media investigations.

Pay the Applicants their damages compensation, whistle-blower fees, back-fees and offset monies NOW!


In the court cases, listed above, and 200+ other cases related to the same Cartel members including many lawsuits against Google for corruption, sex trafficking, racketeering and other forms of their usual crimes. Google's financier, political manipulation partner and spying command-and-control operative: In-Q-tel, was also sued for running dirty tricks campaigns against the Whistle-blowers. In-Q-Tel was forced to come to court in San Francisco and watch the Corbett Report's expose on them ( https://www.corbettreport.com/meet-in-q-tel-the-cias-venture-capital-firm-preview/   and   https://www.corbettreport.com/siliconvalley/  ) and then try to explain to the judge why they are a "non-profit charity" when they run dirty tricks campaigns for politicians and were caught with tons of cocaine on their airplanes.

Related Precedents -

See-  Founding Church of Scientology v. Bell , 603 F.2d 945, 949 (D.C. Cir. 1979)

See - King v. U.S. Dep't of Justice , 830 F.2d 210, 223-24 (D.C. Cir. 1987) (emphasis in original)

See - Mead Data Central, Inc. v. U.S. Dep't of the Air Force , 566 F.2d 242, 251 (D.C. Cir. 1977

See - Competitive Enter. Inst. v. Office of Sci. & Tech. Policy , 827 F.3d 145, 149-50 (D.C. Cir. 2016); cf.

See - Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Kerry , 844 F.3d 952, 955-56 (D.C. Cir. 2016)  Id. at 8

See -  Al-Fayed v. Central Intelligence Agency, 254 F.3d 300, 306 (D.C. Cir. 2001) (Al-Fayed) Id. at 308.

See - : Wadelton v. Department of State, 13-0412 ESH, 2013 WL 1760853 (D.D. Cir. 2013) (Wadelton

See -  Id. Document 10, Filed 04/25/13, Page 6 of 8 (citing ACLU-NC v.DOD , 2006 WL 1469418, at *1-2;  Amer. Civil Liberties Union of N. Cal. v. Dep't of Justice , No. C 04-4447, 2005 WL 588354, at *5-7 (N.D. Cal Mar. 11, 2005))

See - Edmonds v. FBI , CIV.A. 02-1294 (ESH), 2002 WL 32539613 (D.D.C. Dec. 3, 2002)

See - U.S.C. § 552(a)(6)(E)(v)(II






And thousands of other torrents and mirror sites around the globe...


San Francisco Corruption Reports

Ongoing FBI Corruption Probe

San Francisco City Hall Corruption

FBI San Francisco Announces New Charges


SAN FRANCISCO CORRUPTION: City Hall, Pacific Heights And Silicon Valley Scum


https://www.searchingsanfrancisco.org/ - You Can't Swing A Cat In San Francisco City Hall Without Hitting A Mobster

The solipsistic self-aggrandizing corrupt pigs in San Francisco's City Hall and Pacific Heights are being hunted down (100% legally) and eviscerated by the FBI, public task forces like ours, the news media, private citizens and the biggest email leaks in history. Hundreds of people will be taken down. The few arrests you have read about in the media are only the beginning.We are all starting at the bottom of the cesspool and working our way up, all the way through Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, et al, and up to the White House. They will not escape, even in death. Roger Boas, Jeffrey Epstein, et al, may not still be lurking around but the truth about them will live on FOREVER!



The Organized Crime Bosses And Their Assassin Operatives That Are Being Terminated.

These are the people known as "The Deep State", "The Silicon Valley Cartel", "The Tech Mafia", et al:

“To date, every single one of the targets that attacked us: 1.) have been sued; 2.) investigated by the government and our private investigators; 3.) had case files opened on them by the IRS, DOJ, GAO, FBI, FEC, SEC, FTC and others; 4.) placed under surveillance; 5.) had whistle-blowers and ex-staff expose them; 6.) been tracked across every social media post that has ever been made about them; 7.) had all of their illicit campaign funding and covert PAC cash exposed; 8.) had all of their family trust and shell corporation hiding places tracked and exposed by AI forensic software that works around-the-clock and 9.) placed on law enforcement watch-lists. Even the “untouchables” like Musk, Tesla, Google, Facebook, et al, now have nut-crunching law-suits filed against them, with more coming. There is no place to hide! You tried to kill us and we killed you back you criminal scum-bags!”

The following Parties participated in the scam, thought they were “untouchable” and found out that the arm of the law is very long, the hatred of the public for corruption is profound and that hundreds of public service groups have identified, tracked and assisted in their termination. This is the current list of the primary political mobster-scammers in this corruption who are all connected by financial, email and forensic FBI, SEC, FTC and CIA-class evidence. It is well known that every significant hacking and surveillance tool from the CIA, NSA, Fire-Eye and the FSB has been leaked on to the internet. Every teenage hacker is now exposing the last 20 years of these crooks crimes.They are all under deep investiagtion, surveillance and targeted for 100% legal termination using all the info found freely on the web and whistle-blower tips:

The Mob Bosses That Colluded, Organized and Planned These Srock Market Schemes Together:

Their Assassin Operatives That Run The Hit Jobs And Attacks For Them:

Please report your complaints about Tesla, Google, Match.com, OK Cupid, Netflix, Facebook, Kleiner Perkins, Sony Pictures (and the other tech cartel members) for the active investigations and federal lawsuits now in progress. By filing a complaint and telling your story, you can help identify trends and patterns of questionable business practices that will contribute to law enforcement and consumer protection efforts. You can be certain that these particular cases will get driven hard and pushed before Congress. The more reports we can get filed on these bad guys, the bigger the cases we can get processed. File your complaint at http://www.ftc.gov/complaint

Are you wondering why you don't see any of the true facts on the "mainstream" internet or "news" sites. The tech Taliban of the internet have colluded to become an information and ideological control empire. If they can make you think, act and vote like they want then they can put their candidates in office who will give them trillions of dollars of government contracts. It has already worked. They all: sleep with each other;  go to each other's parties; hire the same lobbyists, lawyers, Goldman Sachs fund managers; marry and date only people from the same frat houses and sororities; have the same homosexual agenda; finance the same PAC's; hide their money in the same off-shore bolt holes; instruct their HR departments to only hire young, naive, easily brainwashed, radical dyed-hair hippie-types; have bank accounts that have received CIA or In-Q-Tel cash; control the National Venture Capital Association so that nobody who competes with them can get funded; practice exclusionary culture, ie: while screaming about women's rights and BLM they never hire women or blacks; buy off the U.S. Patent Office to keep from having to pay for stealing most of their technology; own the servers and control equipment that operates 90% of the internet; etc. The Tech Taliban are: Netflix, Google, Alphabet, Youtube, Linkedin, Amazon, AWS, CNN, Facebook, Tesla, SpaceX, Survey Monkey, etc.

They do what they do to get profits from politicians they put in office.



The greatest success in shutting down their efforts has come from two tactics:

1.) Forcing government agencies to sue them with RICO and Anti-trust lawsuits and by gathering groups of people to sue them with Class Action lawsuits. Lawyers will do Class Actions at no cost to you if you get enough people together.

2.) Using a CKB Procedure on each one. How the "Corruption Kill Box" (CKB) works: A CKB Procedure combines federal police investigations created by formal filed criminal referrals (which any member of the public can submit) and Form 302 overview drafts, public class-action lawsuits, massive news media disclosure blasts, formal regulatory agency complaint filings, individual lawsuits against political and agency executives, documentary film production and distribution, crash the crooks stocks, the promotion and organization of Congressional hearings, crowd-sourced social media public forensics and open-source AI financial crimes tracking software. The procedure is an extinction-level event with a 100% success rate against corrupt entities. CKB's only work on the corrupt, so non corrupt parties are safe from it's effects.

ANY member of the public can engage in these totally legal anti-corruption actions. Don't sit around and complain about these criminals. They own parts of the government.

YOU have to do something!

Just do it!




(Pass this along to others who might partner up and take action)

Every public figure we file a complaint with that does nothing or that runs a cover-up is listed on a document and in a dossier that they will have to answer for later!


Documents and overview memes:   http://www.the-truth-about-the-dept-of-energy.com

Documents and overview memes:   http://www.designer111.com

News videos and video leaks: http://american-corruption.com/AAA_VIDEOS

News videos and video leaks:   http://silicon-valley-mobsters.com/AAA_VIDEOS

News videos and video leaks:   http://www.federal-report.com/AAA_VIDEOS

News videos and video leaks:   http://focus-book.com/NEWS_VIDEOS

Investigation reports:   http://www.federal-report.com/public/

Investigation reports:   http://american-corruption.com/public

Investigation reports:   http://american-corruption.com/public

Investigation reports:   http://topinfo.us/public/public

Investigation reports:   https://newsplus007.com/public/   

Lists Of Their Sex Cult Crimes: http://lifebooks.net/TECH_OLIGARCH_AND_SENATOR_SEX_CULT.html

Attack documentation:   https://gawker-media-attacks.weebly.com/

Attack documentation, more:   https://www.usinventor.org

Follow the crook's money:   https://www.openthebooks.com

Follow the money, deeper:  http://followthemoney.org/

Follow the money, deeper still:  https://sunlightfoundation.com/

Also see the court records, per the case numbers listed above, at the site:   http://www.pacer.gov

Also see each of the links, in blue, in the overview text above. New evidence added daily.

Even more evidence at the following file repositories:

READ AND SHARE THE FOLLOWING SAMPLE OF JUST A TINY PORTION OF THE AVAILABLE EVIDENCE FROM emails, docs, memes and related proofs. Search for the folders called: 'AAA_IMAGES' and 'AAA_MORE_IMAGES' and 'AAA_MORE_IMAGES_THREE' and: 'AAA_VIDEOS' and: 'public' , for special evidence sets, all of which are cited in the referenced lawsuits, demands and investigation reports. You can search different topics like: 'obama', 'stimulus','stanford', 'crony', 'tesla' , 'musk', 'corruption', 'bribe', 'google', etc. with the SEARCH option in your browser tools. New evidence materials are added daily ------------ KEY_EVIDENCE