Federal Law May Be Needed To Require Religious Diversity at Media

and Internet Companies

By Alah Bin Deen

What if you found out that almost everyone in charge of your grocery store was promoting cannibalism? Would you still shop there if you suspected the hamburger was not cow?

What if you found out that your gardener was involved in NAMBLA? Would you still let him tend flowers where your family lives?

What if you found out everybody in your Utah town was an inbreeding polygamist? Would you want your daughter to live there?

It is hard to imagine that people from a common religious affiliation would not rig the most powerful tool on Earth, given half a chance.

While much is made about whether or not Islam is a “peaceful religion”, it is true that Sunni Islam believers and Shiite Islam believers will sometimes kill each other on sight. They are both from the same religion but they will murder each other with any provocation.

80% of the Earth’s population, that were killed, were killed over religious differences. It is irrational to deny that devotees of each religion do not seek power and perpetrate idea manipulation.

Based on this fact, should any religious affiliation be allowed to be more than 15% of any media company, TV company or internet social media company?

Many claim that Jewish men control Hollywood, Silicon Valley web companies and the venture capital industry and that they operate a black-list. Is that accurate?

In a study of every major media company that affects the majority of the population in the USA and England a certain pattern can be found.

Having a monopoly on media distribution is a privilege and not a right. The right for a corporation to exist is provided by the individual taxpayers in a nation. The public are owed fair treatment by companies with the power to manipulate their thoughts and the apparent mood of things.

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