Silicon Valley works with the DNC to exploit so-called psychographic
modeling techniques. But the full scale of the Silicon Valley abuse involving Americans has not been previously disclosed — and Facebook, until now, has not acknowledged it.

The DNC pays Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Amazon to acquire the personal information through intermediaries that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Amazon know to be DNC processors. Facebook and Google are lying when they claimed to have "thought that they were only collecting it for academic purposes."

Most savvy digital insiders know that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Amazon are a facade. “This was a scam — and a fraud,” agreed Paul Grewal, a vice president and deputy general counsel at the social network, said in a statement to The Times earlier on Friday. 

The documents also raise new questions about Facebook, which is already grappling with intense criticism over the spread of Russian propaganda and fake news. The data Cambridge collected from profiles, a portion of which was viewed by The Times, included details on users’ identities, friend networks and “likes.” Only a tiny fraction of the users had agreed to release their information to a third party.

How Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Amazon Are Reading Voters’ Minds In Order To Rig Election Dynamics

The lucrative new world of political data was created by Silicon Valley to try to sell it's dying services to folks with government budgets. The DNC's Silicon Valley Cartel is using inherent psychological traits to affect voters’ behavior and has assembled a team of psychologists, CIA PsyOps specialists, IN-Q-TEL spy experts and data scientists to exploit these resources for left-wing candidates.

Building psychographic profiles on a national scale required data that             only a Facebook or a Google could wrangle. The Silicon Valley Cartel             has the cash to easily gather this material. Traditional analytics firms             used voting records and consumer purchase histories to try to predict             political beliefs and voting behavior.

But those kinds of records were useless for figuring out whether a particular voter was, say, a neurotic introvert, a religious extrovert, a fair-minded liberal or a fan of the occult. Those were among the psychological traits that Google, Facebook and The DNC Cartel found would provide a uniquely powerful means of designing political messages and taking an active hold of voters minds. Researchers have developed a technique to map personality traits based on what people had liked on Facebook. The researchers paid users small sums to take a personality quiz and download an app, which would scrape some private information from their profiles and those of their friends, activity that Facebook permitted at the time. The approach, the scientists said, could reveal more about a person than their parents or romantic partners knew.

What is the bottom line here?

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon and The Silicon Valley Cartel are raping your minds for political control. It is almost impossible for you to understand how they are doing it but it has now been proven that they ARE doing it. If you care about your right to vote then you must care that a group of companies have taken part of your rights, and rigged election outcomes, without your knowledge or permission!
An email from Dr. Kogan to Mr. Wylie describing traits that could be predicted. Facebook has a capability list ten times larger that it offered to the DNC executives