How Google Runs The “Deep State” Government That Is Screwing With Trump and The Entire U.S. Government

By Andres Fauceyt

Eric Schmidt was the head of the Deep State Government when it was formerly called New America Foundation. What a warm and cozy name for an organization as nasty as Satan’s anus. New America’s sister organization is a “charity organization” called In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel funded Eric Schmidt’s Google and claims to be a “non-profit charity which provides technology to the CIA...”. Google is the single largest financier of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Google is the single largest beneficiary of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In-Q-Tel was the owner of the airplanes that were registered on FAA and DEA arrest records as “Cocaine 1” and “Cocaine 2”. They had five tons of cocaine on them at the point that the DEA swooped in on the “charity” In-Q-Tel airplanes. In-Q-Tel staffs Elon Musk’s SpaceX spy satellite company. The head of Silk Road, the largest online illegal drug operation worked for Elon Musk at SpaceX. Most of Obama’s and Clinton’s key staff came from Google. Google makes billions of dollars from various government spy contracts. Pretty much everybody at Google hates Donald Trump and all Republicans. All of Google’s profits rely on kick-back deals with crony Democrats.

Those are facts. Check these facts out for yourself on any non-Google search engine. They are not arguable and they are proven by SEC and FTC filings, IRS filings, arrest records and other indisputable public documents.

Eric Schmidt had New America Foundation, Google and In-Q-Tel suddenly try to delete all connections to him. Even they could not erase it all. When you “follow-the-money”, the dirty paths of corruption and technology mobster-ism are clear.

Because Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk believed that the IRS, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the CIA and the Federal Reserve Bank were personally running cover for them, they decided to push the envelope and see how much they could get away with. They were certain that Google’s and In-Q-Tel’s technology could rig the 2016 election for Hillary, just like they did for Obama’s election, they did not foresee that the GOP had been covertly circumventing their coup attempt for years.

Now that Trump is in office, the bewildered Obama Coup organizers are scattered and the most of them do not know what to do except try to keep their little coup going. Hacking Donald Trump seemed like an easy and reasonable task to the Google-ites who had such an “above-the-law” world of anything-goes for so long. Now, not so much.

The holy trinity of Sessions/Gowdy/Chaffetz are delighting the public as they rail into the corrupt big wigs of Washington DC. Now it is time, though, for Congress to get serious and forcefully rail into Google, New America Foundation and In-Q-Tel and terminate them once and for all. They are not in service to America. They are criminal operations out to line their own pockets at the expense of the public and the Constitution.