J. Michael Waller: Obama administration used psyops on US public

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I always turned off the tv whenever Obama was speaking. Never could explain why but the closest thing was that it felt like his vocalization was attempted brainwashing.

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I'm sure it was much wider than just his speeches and continues today with remnants of his administration.

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remnants of his administration

Or as they're called in Australia : dags

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So flashing an OK sign is a "dog-whistle" to "racists"....meanwhile the Obongo administration was using psychological warfare on US citizens...

Basically, example #435,744,315,447 of leftist projection.

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Interesting. If you read the first article of the link below it will make you near crazy. Here's some info... "J. Michael Waller is a neoconservative academic and political commentator based at the Center for Security Policy, where he serves as vice president of information operations, and the Institute of World Politics (IWP), a rightist graduate school in Washington, D.C."

J Michael Wallers posts- LINK

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I remember being told to take down a picture of a hot girl when i was deployed in Afghanistan so as not to upset the ana.... i rrmebet thinking wby why dont we use psych stuff on the enemy but trusted in higher ups... lol I was so naive

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https://archive.fo/8hU5H :

J Michael Waller on Twitter: "The Obama Justice Dept used psychological manipulation techniques developed by Richard H Thaler & others to manipulate public attitudes and behavior. As an instructor for Army SOF, I tried to adapt those techniques for PSYOP purposes against jihadists, but leadership forbade it.… t.co/UPWpwZAQgD"

https://archive.fo/xVfu3 :

J Michael Waller on Twitter: "Lowell Ponte & Craig Smith described the “priming” PSYOP strategy that the previous admin used on the US public: "subtly programming the mind with trigger words, concepts, images and cues that can move a person towards a particular response and decision." t.co/VR3ZrdpqQ1"

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