Liberals truly do not understand what “free” means. They think government handouts paid by taxpayers is “free stuff” and then when there actually is free stuff they want people to give them money to buy it. Lefties are running a scam to raise money to buy IDs for scumbags so they can vote for democrats. The problem is, any place with a voter ID law also offers free identification cards to anyone who needs one. What exactly are they using this money for?

Hollywood Resistance ninny Alyssa Milano sent out this desperate plea today:

It costs $40 on average to make sure a voter can who can’t afford an ID gets one. days, we want to bring a wave of voters to the ballot box. Can you sponsor a voter with $40 or whatever you can afford? 

She links to the Spread the Vote website which informs us:

The 2018 midterm elections are #in250Days, and yet many won’t be able to vote due to their state’s voter ID laws. We want to change that.

One of the most important factors in motivating and enabling voting is voter registration. However, the ability to vote is not equally accessible to all Americans. Voter ID laws are one of the primary ways voters are disenfranchised and for many amount to a modern-day poll tax that they simply cannot afford.

This campaign is intended to raise funds for Spread The Vote, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that not only provides information to potential voters on voter ID requirements in their district, it also pays 100% of the costs for voters who cannot afford those IDs.

Okay, so explain this thing from some other liberals:

A good reminder -- getting a photo ID is free and easy. The primary election for the WI Supreme Court is in 15 days (Feb 20th).

Check to see if you have the right ID here: 

Free and easy? Again, what are these people actually raising money for? It don’t cost $40 for something that’s free.

If I had to guess I’d say that they going to use the money to pay homeless people and illegal aliens to vote for democratic candidates next November. You certainly don’t need money to pay for something that is free and easy, so they must plan on using the cash for something.

Spread the Votes claims they are a registered non-profit, but I have to believe there are laws concerning who can make this claim and what they are allowed to do. If you are taking money and telling people it’s going to pay for something that is free, that sounds an awful lot like a scam. What’s next? Are they going to raise money to buy people access to the rising sun?

I also feel like paying people to vote for certain candidates is a violation of the law. Much in the same way you can’t intimidate voters, you also can’t hand out cash to get them to vote a certain way. Try to imagine GOP volunteers handing out fifty dollar bills at the polls for Republican votes to understand why this is wrong. Liberals would literally crap their pants if that was going on.

I will give the democrats credit for trying something new, even if it’s incredibly illegal. They can’t get anyone to vote for them based on their policies, platforms, or records, so it is definitely time to think outside the box. I suppose they could try not being completely full of shit to win elections, but we know that’s never going to happen.