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There is a very good reason why James Damore, the former senior software engineer fired by Google last year, is pursuing his case against his former employers through a class action lawsuit accusing them of discriminating against white, male, and conservative employees. 

It is because the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) -- the body to which employees who have been unfairly fired should appeal to -- is both dysfunctional and contaminated by toxic leftist attitudes. This emerged on Thursday (15th Feb.) after the release of a memo dealing with Damore's case that was drafted by NLRB lawyer Jayme Sophir. 

According to the memo, the NLRB thought that Google were entirely justified in firing Damore for internally circulating a 10-page memo that tried to explain the "gender imbalance" in female tech engineers by using scientific references.

Immediately after his firing in August, 2017, Damore filed a complaint with the NLRB, which argued that Google had violated his right to participate in an activity protected by US labour law, namely addressing problems in his workplace. He has since dropped the complaint and is pursuing a civil action against Google. Sophir's memo shows us why.

In her memo Sophir advised the NLRB to reject Damore's complaint on the grounds that his Google memo contained statements that were not protected by Federal law, namely "perpetuating stereotypes about women." Sophir wrote that workplaces should have the ability to "nip in the bud the kinds of employee conduct that could lead to a hostile workplace."

Writing memos, remember, was part of Damore's job.

She also claimed that Damore's statements about women:
"...were discriminatory and constituted sexual harassment, notwithstanding efforts to cloak comments with scientific references and analysis, and notwithstanding 'not all women' disclaimers. Moreover, those statements were likely to cause serious dissension and disruption in the workplace." 
This kind of hysterical language immediately suggests that Sophir is some kind of extreme feminist who should not be in a position to pass judgements on cases like this.

NLRB priorities.
Let's be very clear about this. Damore was actually attempting to help Google find ways to equalise the number of male and female employees in certain positions by looking into the reasons why women were less represented in these fields. In effect, he was looking at ways in which men now and in the future could be deprived of certain jobs in order that Google could pointlessly boast about a more gender balanced workforce. 

Regardless of the science that Damore's memo cited, highlighting the reasons why there were more male engineers than female, it was essentially a feminist document. 

Also, note the use of the meme "creating a hostile environment" to fire him and justify his firing by Sophir, as if one employee at this vast company could actually create his own "environment," when it is clearly the company and its management that do this. 

Furthermore, having different opinions or having an opinion while someone else just has subjective fuzzy feels is now regarded as "hostile." Ridiculous

If such "hostility" is the reason why people should be fired, why must it only be on one side? Google, with its leftist groupthink, and Damore's hysterically feminist ex-colleagues seem much more inclined to creating hostility than the mild-manner Damore. 

The more you look into this case, the stronger Damore's case looks. It is hard to escape the conclusion that this is going to really cost Google. In fact I predict Google's shares are going to take a dive when the civil action decision comes. I hope Damore sticks to his guns and refuses the inevitable out-of-court settlements that Google's high powered, overwhelmingly make lawyers will inevitably make him to head off this crisis.