Obama was a sociopath Chicago gangster vindictive bully who used

the highest office in the land to put hit-jobs on those who tried to

expose his corruption.

His family spent millions of taxpayer dollars on shopping trips, partying and concert going.

He had a manic devotion to men who wanted to cut their penises off and promoted sex-change perks for the mentally ill men who wanted them.

He flooded America with inbred immigrants under the delusional theory that “immigrants will vote for Democrats and increase our voting numbers”.

He allowed Google to run his White House even though Google people turned out to be racist, misogynist, frat house, sex abusers.

He based his Administration on quid-pro-quo crony corruption kick-back deals.

He traded U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Transportation and National Security Agency contracts, grants, loans and jobs to Silicon Valley monopolies in exchange for campaign financing, stock warrants and campaign search engine rigging.