Tucker Carlson commented on the apparent drastic change in Democratic Party priorities over the years, which has led to some on the left supporting "open border" policies.

Carlson said Democrats used to have a "clear focus" that "American citizens were the party's priority."

Now, he said that "Americans are an afterthought," and challenged his viewership to find a Democrat running for election on the subjects of the public school "collapse", declining middle class or opioid epidemic.

He said Democrats instead understand they need "reliable new voters" who won't make "difficult demands" -- and therefore, "immigration is the only issue."

"Packing the electorate is the only way they can regain control of this country," he said, pointing to how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said in Puerto Rico this month that President Trump is on a "jihad" to "deport as many people as he can."

Carlson added that many lawmakers on both sides appear complicit in Democrats' plan to alter American immigration policy.

He pointed to a party-line vote to approve an appropriations bill that contained an amendment from Rep. David Price (D-N.C.) that was aimed at weakening Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to deny asylum claims of many alleged gang violence and domestic abuse victims from abroad.

Border Wall Could Disrupt Hundreds of Species. Beaners carry lice, ticks, AIDS, HIV, fleas, scabies, etc - in addition to many undocumented bacterium with potential voting block rights(scientificamerican.com)

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Salvini Wants To Push #ZeroTolerance Administrative Order To Refuse Asylum Seekers Who Commit Crimes

Salvini Wants To Push #ZeroTolerance Administrative Order To Refuse Asylum Seekers Who Commit Crimes (defendevropa.org)

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