Robert Spencer: Evidence of Googles Hard-Left, Pro-Sharia Bias Mounts, Google Top DOG Claims Google Isnt Biased In DENY, DELAY, DEFLECT tactic


Breitbart reported last week that “after Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai about reports of Google’s bias against conservatives during Pichai’s hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, Pichai denied any bias, dodged questions, and claimed human employees were unable to manipulate algorithms.”

Pichai claimed improbably that “it is not possible for an individual employee or groups of employees to manipulate our search results. We have a robust framework, including many steps in the process.”

Does Pichai really expect anyone to believe that?

Just two days before Pichai’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, Big League Politics reported that Google had launched an anti-blasphemy app in Indonesia, “with the focus of allowing Muslims to report individuals who commit blasphemy, or insult Islam.” Now, thanks to Google, if you’re a pious Muslim, if you see something, you can say something, and make sure that those who dare to criticize the Left’s favored religion will henceforth be able to say nothing.

This is just the latest. Google has been leading the way for quite some time in making us all Sharia-compliant. Anwar Awlaki’s al-Qaeda recruitment lectures were offered in Google Play store app. And in 2017, Texas imam Omar Suleiman made a successful effort to compel Google to drop search results about Islam-related terms and topics that reflected negatively upon Islam. The jihad against the freedom of speech is advancing rapidly, and most people don’t even know it’s happening. Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported that “Google’s first page results for searches of terms such as ‘jihad’, ‘shariah’ and ‘taqiyya’ now return mostly reputable explanations of the Islamic concepts. Taqiyya, which describes the circumstances under which a Muslim can conceal their belief in the face of persecution, is the sole term to feature a questionable website on the first page of results.”\

“Reputable” according to whom? “Questionable” according to whom? Why, Omar Suleiman, of course. Who else? And while Allah leads astray those whom he wills (Qur’an 14:4, 74:31, etc.), dear old Omar wouldn’t do so, would he? Google doesn’t seem to have considered that possibility; Google execs swallowed uncritically everything he said, and dutifully buried all search results remotely critical of Islam.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Google has enlisted in the Islamic war against the freedom of speech and years-long attempt to force Sharia blasphemy laws upon non-Muslims worldwide. Allum Bokhari reported in Breitbart in October revealed that “a leaked Google briefing titled ‘The Good Censor’ advises tech companies to move away from the ‘American tradition’ of free speech if they wish to attract advertising revenue and continue global expansion.”

The Google briefing “explains that tech companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter initially leaned towards an ‘American tradition’ of free speech that prioritizes ‘free speech for democracy, not civility.’ But it goes on to say that the same companies now embrace the ‘European tradition,’ that favors ‘dignity over liberty, and civility over freedom.’”

And, as is clear now from this new Google App, the Islamic tradition that holds Allah, the Qur’an, Muhammad, and the religion of Islam as a whole to be above any criticism or negative words, including even accurate reporting about the motivating ideology behind the jihad terror threat.

Meanwhile, Australia’s 9 News reported Friday that former Scotland Yard police chief Mark Rowley warned that social media was a “furtive ground for prospective terrorists.” Said Rowley: “What we were used to wrestling with were terror networks, secret cells, secret organisations working very, very privately behind closed doors. What ISIS did was to completely flip that around and using social media, using the internet — they basically became open source.”

Rowley added: “So, there is a million and one ways the tech world is affecting us all, isn’t there? And a lot of them are fantastic and positive. But the negative edge to it needs more attention and I think we need these companies to get more proactive at helping us fix it.”

Certainly the social media giants will get on this right away – just as soon as they’ve finished banning and blocking everyone who stands against the jihad terrorists’ motivating ideology. Google’s embrace of Sharia blasphemy laws is an ominous sign of how eager the social media monopolies are to discard the freedom of speech and to align with the enablers and abettors of jihad terror. Sundar Pichai hopes you won’t notice, but before too long it will be obvious to everyone.