Silicon Valley’s Illicit Hyper-Scaling Monopoly Scheme Explains Modern High Tech Corruption

By Bob Brown – Stanford University

If you were a baker and you baked a new kind of donut and you sold those new kinds of donuts to your neighbors, and you made a profit off of those donuts, that would be a fair business venture. That is how society is set-up.

If a company on the other side of the country copied your donuts and sold them to everybody on Earth at half the price would that be a fair business venture?

No, because they are stealing your product. Silicon Valley oligarchs steal most of their technologies from small inventors and never pay them.

It gets worse.

That other company, let’s call them “Doogle”, got the infrastructure together to make a zillion donuts to sell to everybody from the tax money that you paid to fund government research. So you paid for the system that Doogle used to put you out of business.

It gets worse.

There is a disease called The Flu. When you have The Flu you are not supposed to go to work because of an aspect of The Flu called Viral Infection. Viral actions are when a little thing splits off into many things very, very fast in millions of directions. If you are the person that has The Flu you can give everybody The Flu. If you are the Doogle that has the new kinds of donuts, you can sell the new kinds of donuts to everybody in the world using digital viral action and the original creator could never compete with your viral sales ability. In Silicon Valley talk, viral infections are called “scalability”. When Doogle floods the world with cheap donuts, that nobody can compete with, because of exclusive government backing, it breaks society.

It gets worse.

Because Doogle suddenly has the exclusive monopolistic access to this viral taxpayer funded internet, Doogle gets the biggest amount of cash from investment banks and the biggest stock hype from Goldman Sachs. This puts the appearance of epic cash value in the eyes of politicians. Those politicians are then promised that cash and those stock market tips by Doogle. To get that cash and stock, those politicians have to agree to never let Doogle get regulated, tax audited or investigated for their dirty tricks. On top of that, if Doogle rigs the entire baking world to make their shill The President of the United States, and then gets the New White House to only hire Doogle employees...well, that would really put the fix into the donut industry.

It gets worse.

Allowing Doogle, or Amazon or Facebook or any Cartel-like company to destroy society by creating unfair anti-trust empires, that no person or company could compete with, is the kind of thing that brings about the End of Civilization, The Fall of The Roman Empire, Pitch Forks and Torches and all of that sort of SkyNet fun. The Silicon Valley men who are doing these things are mostly sociopath Frat Boys who were raised to think like fascists, act like pigs and be power brokers. There is no reason to think they will become less evil. Every day the headlines only prove that they are becoming more insidious.

It gets worse.

All of the donut news in the world used to come through the different neighborhood baking newsletters but Doogle not only put all of the independent neighborhood baking newsletters out of business, Doogle built it’s own global donut media and only allows Doogle-positive news to now be read by all of the potential donut eaters in the world. In the real world, VIDME was a new alternative to YouTube but Google destroyed the mega popular VIDME with monopoly tactics. Even the best competitors can’t compete any more with government approved Hyper-Scaling Monopolies like Doogle.

It gets worse.

Doogle goes out into the world and says: “We are the American dream, a little company that grew up big”. But that is a LIE! Others were doing what Doogle was doing, like you, exactly as Doogle now does it, and they did it years before Doogle existed. Doogle was a scheme financed by a Cartel of bankers and the Central Donut Agency. The financiers of Doogle never had any plans to “help consumers”. They always had plans to help themselves to the White House and the utter control of everything.

Nobody wants to start a creative business in America any more because Eric Schmidt and Larry Page will just steal it. Nobody can afford to sue them for rights infringement so they steal with impunity.

Nobody wants to invent a new idea in America any more because Eric Schmidt and Larry Page will just steal it. Nobody can afford to sue them for patent infringement so they steal with impunity.

Our law enforcement, regulatory and elected officials are supposed to protect us from such things but, not only do they not protect us, they ask how soon Eric Schmidt and Larry Page will be paying their next bribes!