Board Of Officers

XP Vehicles Group

In Pro Per

March 19, 2018



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In Re: : Chapter 11

TK HOLDINGS INC., Et al, : Case No. 17-11375 (BLS)

Debtors : (Jointly Administered)

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Honorable Brendan L. Shannon

Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge

TK Holdings Inc. Case # 17-11375 (BLS)

824 North Market Street
6th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801


Jill Walker - Judicial Assistant, Extension #2

Rachel Bello - Courtroom Deputy/Scheduling, Extension #3

Mar. 19, 2018

Your Honor,

While this letter may appear aggressive without in-person context, we intend our thoughts to be offered respectfully.

Our group: XP Vehicles Group is a Plaintiff and Claim Filer in the referenced case.

Today we received the letter from your office throwing us out of the case that we never even got to participate in. That seems suspicious. We had never had any prior communication or response from the Court or Court representatives in this case and it seemed like there might be some intent to illegally remove us from the case for political vendetta reasons. It seems shocking that the Court, Prime Clerk or any other party with the case would have avoided communicating with us with such intent.

It seemed like one of those secret FISA Court manipulations you see in the headlines these days.

Your letter references that the court had “no supporting documentation” yet we had pointed the court to websites at and (Among many others) with links for the Court that have over a million pages of documentation re: our assertions. The FBI has plenty of 302’s about our case, which the Judge can easily request.

Additionally, a simple search of “XP Vehicles” on will turn up tens of thousands of additional legal documents.

Additionally, XP Vehicles has received as much press coverage, if not more, and is more recognizable to over 300 million taxpaying voters than the entire TK Holdings case world wide. XP Is featured on NPR Radio, In Popular Science, In Popular Mechanics, In The New York Times, etc. XP is WORLD FAMOUS for creating and patenting the crash resistant car with a body made entirely out of Takata Airbags! Any person would think it was VIRTUALLY impossible for the court clerks and officers to have failed to view any of the widely available documentation unless parties involved in the case were seeking to rig the case against us. We pointed it to them.

We swear, warrant and certify that we are witnesses in an organized crime case related to TK Holdings Inc. Case # 17-11375 (BLS) and other cases you will see on Pacer and in the unadulterated FBI files.

As victims of a crime and as claimants who suffered a substantial loss because of Takata’s failures, the State and U.S. Constitution guarantees us a fair hearing with fair and proper representation. We have had NO Court hearing, NO representation and have been stone-walled and blockaded out of the case.

Our group has had to morph from an automobile manufacturer into what we are now. We are now like a combination of the FBI, The CIA, Wikileaks and Judicial Watch partnered with 300 million taxpaying voters.

We demand fair rights and a Court appointed lawyer because our rights have been infringed and blockaded and we are crime victims in this matter.

Who would want to blockade our rights?

Barack Obama, Tesla Motors, The Detroit Big 3 and the Democratic National Committee. They are all the financiers and beneficiaries in the larger organized crime insider trading case.

Why would they want to do that?

We were working with, and funded by, one part of the Federal government while another part of the Federal Government was involved in an organized crime crony payola scheme targeted at over one trillion dollars in gain.

Your honor, any basic investigator can pull a background profile on you and see all of your campaign contributions, every fundraiser you attended, all of your social media...everything; and know what your political affiliation is. That should not matter here. This is about crime and not about politics. Please do the right thing here and return our claim to the case. This is not part of the current civil war between Democrat and Republican bosses over insider trading. it is about CRIMES.

We were giving the case quite a bargain at only $5,000,000.00 of claims. The documents prove that our damages are in the many billions. Court officers can easily look at the SEC filings for every domestic car company, particularly electric cars, since 2006. There is some very specific documentation that we referenced in our claim that anybody in the Court, or the public, can see. When you average the profits from those figure from 2006 to today you will see a very easy-to-confirm number for the damages Takata cost to our defense, public and agency sales opportunity and our brand. If we have to go get our rights in another way, we will come back for much, much more in damages.

To reiterate. These are the highlights of our case:

- Citizens were asked, by their government, to undertake an extraordinary task.

- In the course of completing their task they witnessed a crime.

- They reported the crime and assisted investigators.

- For their trouble they received attacks, reprisals, deaths, vendettas and retributions operated and paid for by government bosses.

- Some of The FBI, SEC, DOJ, FTC, and their own Senators, not only refused to help but turned out to have executive staff who were covering up and profiteering from the crimes. They got fired!

- We provided the documentation of how a band of taxpayers brought the whole world together to fight crime and injustice in some of the most unique and creative ways ever developed..

While one suspected goal of removing us from the case may be a COVER-UP. We have mitigated that. Using tens of millions of pages of evidence, testimony, videos, audio recordings and expert investigation resources, this is the true story of one of the biggest crimes in history.

The victims have been blockaded, stone-walled and black-listed from having "their day in court" but they have now fought back and have begun delivering the entire evidence set to the global Court Of Public Opinion.

There are now more than 100,000 mirrors, repositories and clones of this evidence on servers, hard drives, torrents, drawstrings, stealth folders, wiki's and journalism centers around the globe. These facts can never be hidden, deleted or removed. We have the best COVER-UP TERMINATION TECHNOLOGY ON EARTH!

Pre-distributed file sets automatically open every month and self-replicate via benign bot code. Even if the Court purchased the entire Central Intelligence Agency, All of CNN and the Russian FSB Secret Police, they still could not erase these documents and “dead-man switches” for the next 100 years.

It is possible that folks at Prime Clerk screwed with our filing. We tangled with them before in the Gawker and Gizmodo Cases. Obama’s White House, Elon Musk and the DNC hired them (in a GPS Fusion kind of scheme) to flood the internet with media hit jobs on us. Gawker has mostly been killed off but we have to finish wiping out Gizmodo (Along with a few billionaires who are after them too). You will see that Elon Musk has hired quite a few CIA and In-Q-Tel agents to run media and political hit jobs on his competitors. Silicon Valley has gotten THAT nasty these days. “Doxing” is 100% legal exposure of every political contribution, hooker, rent boy, sex encounter, off-shore account, tax evasion, Goldman Sachs account, insider trade, etc. This is what people do these days. It is terrible.

We, and our peers, were financially ruined because we did the right thing and helped the federal investigators like they asked. While it is fine that The President, The Attorney General, The Secretary of Energy, The Director of the FBI, The junior FBI bosses and hundreds more have been fired for corruption in our case, it does not help us poor injured, financially destroyed victims.

If we are forced to do what a novel new global organization that is like a non-corrupt FBI, The CIA, Wikileaks and Judicial Watch partnered with 300 million taxpaying voters can do, we will do it, 100% LEGALLY, if that is what the Court wishes. If the Court reads the headlines and sees what is trending in the new world of overt transparency combined with a vast number of new news outlets we launched, it would seem non-prudent to beat up on us further.

What do you say judge? Can you help some poor In Pro Per’s get a break and give America ‘s 300 million+ voters a chance to believe that justice really does still exist for the little guy?


Board Of Officers

XP Vehicles Group

BCC: FBI, GAO, SEC, Congressional COS, The White Press Office

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