Cable TV has failed because Hollywood stopped making good content and spent all of it’s time being pedophiles and hiring prostitutes. It's 200 channels of infomercials and advertising, 5 channels of reality tv, and 5 channels of actual written shows that run 5 min in between 10 minutes of commercials. They show a few movies, but I have seen them all 10 times. How many times can I watch Clint gunning people down. It's awful and they want people to pay for it? It should be free or if they want us to watch ads they should be paying us. I'd like to watch some Nascar but I don't think it's even on, at least not on the base channels. The only real reason I have it at all is my wife insists on watching 24hrs a day of murderers and psychos, so uplifting, I don't get it.”