Moral, ethical and public policy battles used to be just political — and fought only in the arena of ideas. In the "old days" candidates and nominees would step forward, present their credentials, background, and beliefs — then the public would decide.

Campaigns were simply the effective communication of a platform to earn votes on Election Day.

Now American politics is horrifyingly different and controlled by one media cartel of a tiny group of men, programmed since childhood, to think like extremist control freaks in a "means-is-justified-by-the-ends" sociopath type of madness.

American politics is total information manipulation control war headed by Google, Facebook, Linked-in and Netflix bosses, etc; these days. Most of those under attack have NOT effectively engaged in responding to the character assassination and scorched-earth tactics of these media-control extremists.

The world must accept that there is no daylight between mainstream media and Silicon Valley and Hollywood oligarch leadership. They are THE SAME PEOPLE! California oligarchs are afforded enormous protections, plus given assurances that the press will turn any and all accusations (no matter how spurious) into rock-solid “facts” overnight.

It’s a well-oiled machine, which we saw on full display during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings in the summer of 2018.

Enter THE INFORMED PUBLIC. Average folks have now joined together to ensure that any corporate media manipulation trafficking in rumors, lies, or innuendo is held be perfectly clear, accountable means being put on the record, exposed to voters, and facing drastic possible legal and political repercussions!

Politics is now a full-on assault against voters in a highly toxic and 24/7 media landscape. media cartels employ any and all manner of manipulation and deceit to attack all outside candidates. They knowingly push the most heinous rumors imaginable to render others “morally unfit” to hold office, which is a stunning double standard that ironically would disqualify most they caucus with instantly.

A complicit media acts in conjunction with media cartels in promoting outright lies based on anonymous, unsubstantiated rumors to drive the best candidates and nominees not only out of political life, but also away from everything they’ve spent a lifetime building. Inflicting pain and creating pariahs is the name of the game. Opposition forces have yet to fully adapt to this new environment.

Outside candidates are left defenseless to react, refute, retaliate or reclaim the narrative once the opposition starts attacking in an endless pile-on that’s also a race to the bottom.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC is founded on the twin bedrocks of truth and protecting our center-right “brand” from falsehoods, slander and the personal destruction of our members, candidates and judicial nominees.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC will ensure outside candidates and nominees are not left for dead.

The media cartel corporate media dominate our airwaves with the steady drip, drip, drip of derision and the relentless erosion of independent candidates because their bosses embrace certain extremist viewpoints and work hand-in-glove to help media cartels maintain power.

Any political scandal increases their advertising bottom line. It’s a risk-free investment on their part — and it translates directly to clicks and profits via scumbag attack tabloids like Gawker, Gizmodo, Valleywag, CNN and Buzzfeed.

Today, the often amnesiac public doesn’t get the benefit of due diligence on baseless charges thrown about — because the media watchdogs never demands it.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC will now employ an aggressive playbook to win the information battles of the future.

The peer-to-peer powered crowd-sourced forensic public will engage directly and confront head-on.

Massive funds are being raised for a well-planned effort to fight back against the political and media narratives fixated on destroying the very lives of the best and brightest. Even without any funding, 5 billion members of the public are already doing severe damage to the corporate liars in big media!

Resources are being deployed against elected media cartels, candidates, members of the press, and accusers who attack outside members, candidates, and judicial nominees. There currently exist rich, untapped veins and mines of accepted facts about dozens of the most vocal against us today. Much of this data has been in the public domain for years but has never been employed for maximum exposure. Many of the loudest media cartels have never faced true opposition research or public revelations of their personal records.

These efforts by THE INFORMED PUBLIC approach won’t be your standard “compare and contrast” election-year fare. It won’t be about how any generic political shill voted on issue X or issue Y. We will go on the offensive, be excruciatingly thorough, and ensure that if a corrupt member of Congress, media representative, or Big Tech head chooses to stand as a moral judge, that person will be investigated at a CIA and FBI-level of forensic skill-sets.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC are proactive. They will exercise caution in obtaining and handling information, but won’t hesitate to use it when and where it hurts the most.

The only way to put an end to the freewheeling corrosive CNN-like lies currently contaminating our system is to subject grand-standers to the same kind of invasive scrutiny of their personal pasts they prescribe in full view of the public eye.

This is THE INFORMED PUBLIC’s straightforward mission.

It is being implemented again and again — until the lesson is learned among our so-called tech elites and the price tag for their actions is fully understood.

Once they understand that they will be held to account for their past actions and behavior via the blanketed advertising of it in their districts, states, and across the nation, they may not again hold themselves up as paragons of virtue.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC will do what the public has never done: Respond accordingly. The public, the average person, will finally be able to examine the validity and character of each one of their accusers.

THE INFORMED PUBLIC will deliver the same scrutiny insisted upon by media cartels in each and every circus of their own creation. Their hypocritical high ground may shift when the skeletons in their own past begin to be unburied and exposed to the world forever.

It’s time to stop letting sick, sex-addicted, big tech media drive all the narratives without legitimate cross-examination and powerful challenge.

It’s time to stand up and push back for the future of the average citizen!

It’s time to fight.