He’s speaking facts.

According to Democrats, every problem in the black community exists because of the so-called “legacy of Jim Crow.” But according to #WalkAway participant M. Adrian Norman, this rhetoric is nothing but bullshit designed to help Democrats profit off racial grievance and animosity.

The way I see it, the civil rights movement has turned into the civil rights industry,” Norman explained in a YouTube video published last week. “You have political leaders now who all they want to do is get reelected by capitalizing on white guilt and monetizing white guilt so for every problem we have in the black community.”

“All they do is blame white people and they blame the legacy of Jim Crow and slavery for no matter what it is. And it’s not really productive, man, because it never really addresses the core issues that are causing these problems, which means we never actually get to the point we can determine solutions.”

And if you look at certain metrics, Norma continued, it becomes clear that an abundance of the problems faced by blacks exist not because of the “legacy of Jim Crow,” but rather because of policies put in place specifically by those who scream the loudest about “institutional racism,” Democrats.

“[U]nder Democrat leadership and electing all these people to office who say they have our best interests at heart, in some areas things have stayed the same. In some areas things have gotten considerably worse,” he noted.

“When we look at the disparity in income between blacks and whites, since the 50s and 60s [it] has actually grown. It’s gotten worse. How is that if it’s because of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, why is it the farther away we get from slavery and Jim Crow, that disparity increases rather than contracts!?”

Excellent point. As noted by Vox, “the situation has actually gotten worse for many black people … [a]cross measures ranging from criminal justice issues to economic well-being.”

The black exodus from @TheDemocrats isn’t meant to suggest that there was malice from all black and Democrat leaders.

It’s simply a consequence of the impact progressive policies have had in our communities. Blacks are worse off under Democrat leadership.

“If we look at the unemployment rate, the black unemployment rate has pretty much been double that of whites since that time. There’s been no improvement almost in that area, but we’re supposed to still sit here and just blame slavery, just blame the legacy of Jim Crow. It doesn’t make any sense because their policies don’t make any sense, yet they keep asking to be reelected and we keep electing them over and over again and nothing changes.”

As examples of Democrats’ lousy policies, Norman then pointed to their opposition to school choice.

“We know through research that black students perform better when parents have school choice, when they’re allowed to send their kids wherever they want to go, when they can pull their kid out of a failing school and send them to a better school,” he said.

“Yet Democrats almost unanimously opposed school choice they oppose all of the things that are going to make the black community better. They oppose all of the things that are going to move our community forward, and then they sell us this lie and tell us so it’s because of white people, because of white privilege, and because of slavery. Man, it’s bull, they know it!”

But why do Democrats peddle this bullshit? Because like Norman noted earlier, “the civil rights movement has turned into the civil rights industry,” and a whole lot of people would be out of work were this industry to disappear.

“There’d be a whole lot of politicians, there’d be a whole lot of sociology professors and women’s studies professors, there’ll be a whole lot of people who make money on people being disenfranchised that would be out of work,” he said. “The industry is so profitable that ending racism would actually mean people don’t have a job. What are they gonna do all day if they can’t go out and advocate so to keep these problems going, to keep money in their own pockets, man, so they can get reelected, so they can keep money going into their foundations.”

Bingo. The truth is that the Democrats don’t give a damn about Norman or any other minority. They care about the money in their wallets, and unfortunately for their naive constituents who keep reelecting them into office, actually solving problems just isn’t profitable enough to be worth their time.

H/T Independent Journal Review, LilSubs