By XP Research

Google spends over $50,000.00 per month to try to keep us from suing them.

Why would they do that? Because if we could ever get past their legal blockades, law firm blacklists, bribery of politicians, stonewalling efforts and demurrers...the Court and the Jury would have no other possible option than to award us over one billion dollars in damages. That is the minimum amount of money that the legal precedents can mathematically and scientifically validate based on public financial records, IRS disclosures and SEC records.

Let's take a look.

Google is a political weapon developed by oligarchs and DNC bosses to try to 1.) manipulate news and information in order to 2.) manipulate elections and public opinion in order to 3.) manipulate taxpayer money and stock market profits into those oligarchs and DNC bosses pockets.

Our group really had no concerns about anything political. Google simply came by our offices and stole some of our technology...over and over.

As our private eyes investigated this, we then uncovered even more dirty deeds by Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen, Sergey Brin and the gang at Google. Then FBI, CIA, GAO, SEC and Congressional agents offered us even more info. Then journalists offered us even more info. Then former Google employees offered us even more info. Then the EU investigators provided even more info....You get the picture.

If you have not seen the millions of news articles, postings and documentaries disclosing Google as "...something Evil", then you may be behind the times. Most people, these days, around the globe, know that something stinks at Google.

Even though we saw the early news about Google maybe being a bad actor, we wanted to make sure. We put over a thousand different web sites up on every kind of ISP you could find in locations spread around the globe.

On each website we hid forensic software to track what Google was doing with certain phrases, searches, DNS routes, and other Mnemonic and perception triggers that internet users could be manipulated, by Google, with.

We caught Google rigging the internet, rigging elections, rigging ideologies and manipulating news and information for profiteering.

We can prove it in court...if only we could get to court.

It costs $1.2 million dollars in legal expenses to sue Google.

Want to see the most interesting Court trial you ever heard of? Help us get the financing for this case and we promise you an event that will make history!