"This Giving Tuesday, please consider making another donation to protect and sustain Wikipedia." No, Jimmy. Not until you oust the SJWs who are warping and censoring the facts. (

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I used to donate to them. To this day they send me mails asking that I repeat my past donations.

I link their Gamergate article and remind them that I'm not a leftist and won't pay for leftist propaganda.

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Triggering the leftist who reads those emails lol . . . doing God's work.

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I wonder if they ever get read.

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It's just some kike, they dont care

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Give to InfoGalactic instead.

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Even go so far as to use InfoSextant a firefox/waterfox addon that automatically links wiki urls to InfoGalactic.

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I think InfoGalactic has more continuous costs but not a bad idea.

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Never heard of it before. Is it reliable?

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Yes, it seems to be so far.

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They started by just taking all the Wikipedia articles, then de-SJWifying them.

The only problem I run into is sometimes the pictures don't load.

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I hate the name, it's a poorly chosen one, it's not practical

People are supposed to type "infogalactic" at the end of each web search query LAME

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Not only that, there was a poster on reddit years ago who had worked for Wikipedia, seemed credible to me and most people. Said that they have enough money to run the thing for decades. It's just a greedy cash grab. You're just giving money away to millionaires.

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Political lobbying costs a lot. Gotta consider that in their budget.

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i used to give to them until i found out about the white pride entry and how it's all negative while all other (insert favorite name here) pride entries were positive. i had a short email conversation with the fundraiser contacting me and they claimed they have nothing to do with the information in the entries. so i told them to remove me from their fundraising list unless they change the white pride entry. they haven't contacted me since.

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Actually, Israel pays many Israeli's to monitor wiki like soldiers

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It is known.

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Liberals never build anything themselves. They just infiltrate something good after the fact. Its infuriating. They're like a virus.

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That is exactly right.

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You would have to be an idiot to donate to Wikipedia. They don't need donations, they just do it because they can. (((They))) will use their own money if they must, but secretly selling disinformation seems more up their alley.

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I'd rather buy a litre of vodka for a degenerate bum.

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I like Stolichnaya . . . thanks!

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I am not a degenerate bum (the bum part is true at least) but still, I feel like I should thank you for them.

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That place has been a cuck show for years.

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I just happened to visit ONE article today and was served THREE ads asking to donate all on the same page! Effing greedy motherfuckers man

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Not just SJW warping/censoring-- they're suppressing other info, too.

Dr. Judy Wood and others have tried to create a wiki page detailing her evidence about the use of DEWs on September 11, 2001. The pages are always -- immediately -- deleted.

Here's a history of efforts to create a page for her: Here's her account of trying to create a wiki page:

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Give us shekels, goy, this propaganda isn't free

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Finals week is coming up. If they want money they should just have periodic blackouts. "Will not come online until $3000 is reached" or something.

Biases and propaganda are unavoidable. I use the site for chemistry and physics and it does well for that. I remember Britannica and Encarta and they can suck a dick.

So sure, I'll take wikipedia.

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The worst part is that you're right, those cakes are made by people scratching their crotch right in front of our eyes, but those cakes are all what's for dinner

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sounds like a panhandler with a website

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Can I give a negative donation?

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SJW's always double down, no matter how bad the situation gets. You're better of installing a redirect filter to your browser and having all wikipedia links redirecting to infogalactic and other viable alternatives.

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Wikipedia is a bunch of filthy leftist propaganda. Thanks, but no - I'll donate to a local church or the daily Stormer before I support fucking Wikipedia....

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ha haha wikipekike is going bankrupt haha

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((( Wikipedia ))) fuck off Jews

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nevile goddard is an interesting man. i don't care if you believe it, or understand it, but he was influential.

and wikipedia has zero links for him.

you can only go to them for the most mundane topics, that have no political charge, or else you will be misled.

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Why facts, exactly, are they censoring?

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nevile goddard is completely missing from wikipedia. there are zero links for him.

you can only go to them for the most mundane topics, that have no political charge, or else you will be misled.

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Why facts, exactly, are they censoring?

Compare the Gamergate articles on Infogalactic, KnowYourMeme, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and then Wikipedia.

Gamergate's Wikidrama General threads [1] [2] contain numerous examples of the admins enforcing a political party line and banning dissenters.

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All of those are biased. None give an accurate portrayal of both sides arguments and explain clearly without promoting it's own opinion as the general basis of the article.

Biased in one way that you agree with is still biased. They're both equally bad articles, and Wikipedia's is no worse than the others.

Zoe Quinn, real name Chelsea Van Valkenburg✡, nude model stage name Locke Valentine, is a rainbow-haired feminazi, shitty video game developer, a popular item on the menu at the fast food chain restaurant Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and internet whore who sleeps with indie developers and video game news journalists behind her (ex) boyfriend's back in exchange for panel seats, contest wins, positive media coverage and whatever general good favor her pussy can snatch her.

I mean for fucks sake, if you think that's less-biased and better written than Wikipedia's article, then you're fucking retarded.

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Sibel Deniz Edmonds is the founder and editor-in-chief of NewsBud, an independent news website. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hired her as a contract translator shortly after 9/11 but fired her after less than seven months. She identified herself as a whistleblower and challenged her termination; however, the courts dismissed her lawsuit for wrongful termination because the FBI would need to disclose privileged information. She accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals, alleged serious security breaches and cover-ups and that intelligence had been deliberately suppressed, endangering national security. [1][2][3] The PEN American Center awarded her the PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award in 2006 for her claims.[4]

She is the founder and publisher of the Boiling Frogs Post, an online media site that aims to offer nonpartisan investigative journalism.[5] In 2016 as editor-in-chief Sibel expanded and founded NewsBud independent news media with associates, partnered with BFP.[6]

Sibel Edmonds published a memoir in March 2012, titled Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story.[7]

Sibel Deniz Edmonds is a Turkish-American[1] former FBI translator turned whistleblower. The most gagged woman in US legal history, she founded the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition[2]. Principal among her revelations are the development of Operation Gladio into Operation Gladio/B, a NATO-backed project to carry out false flag attacks in the name of "Islamic terrorists".

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The first one gives the appearance of objectivity, the second one doesn't even try to hide its bias.

If this was supposed to be an argument against wikipedia, it's an incredibly shitty one.

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To be fair wikipedia is pretty useful for looking infos on some public figure. Like if you want to know if they are the good guys. Like politicians for example.

The good guys will have words like "political right, populist, nationalist, protectionist, conservatism, anti-immigration." Those politicans who have the opposite words instead, are definitely evil and corrupt.

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Mental madness cultified is supremely sticky in proper hands that understand and can manipulate the weakness of youth.