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The Silicon Coup – An E-Book

A Living, and Evolving, Internet-based Book

Advance Draft Copy: Edition 4.5

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Table of Contents

Forward 5

Coup – Coup d'état: Definition 7

Smedley and Franklin: The Business Plot, The First Try - 1934 17

An American Coup d'État? 17

The General 18

The Plot 19

The News Media Downplays The Plot 23

Why Is The Plot So Poorly Known? 25

The Business Plot: Silicon Valley Redux, The Next Try – 2007 to 2016 34

The Kick-backs 37

A Goat Named “Aneer” 44

Cowboys and Indium: 46

The future of Silicon Valley may lie in the mountains of Afghanistan 48

Jockeying for position 52

The Audacity of Scope 53


Lithium Ion Batteries and Organized Crime 87

Russian Organized Crime Bosses & Steven Chu Cash: 94

Alexey Mordashov 97

Boris G. Zingarevich 104

Afghanistan- In The Beginning. First for oil, then for batteries 116

How To Fix Washington, DC: 122

The Players: The Dark Side 140

Steven Chu 143

The Hand Of Detroit 158

Elon Musk 169

Tesla Motors and the Road To Corruption 204

Eric Holder 210

Eric Schmidt 216

John Doerr 267

Senator Dianne Feinstein and the California Corruption Connection 274

The California Kick-Back Payola Team 277

The Players: Collateral Damage 286

Bright Automotive 287

A case study in pay-to-play cronyism 291

Strange Deaths 293

10 Cover-ups That Just Made Things Worse 306

The Players: The Ones Who Exposed It 317

Enabling Corruption: The lives and upbringing of the Silicon Valley Rape-Culture boys 326

The Psychology of The Billionaire: Why so many of them are Sociopaths 335

Misusing the spy agencies for personal profiteering 340

How The White House Has You “Killed”: 350

Payback Politics: How taxpayer resources were used to attack and destroy competitors and reporters who tried to tell police about the crimes 361

Anatomy of A White House “Hit Job” 361

The Venture Capital Mafia Operates Just Like the Old Mafia 396

A Flash Of Evil Genius 454

Summary 496

What Next? 501

Cleantech Karma: The Take-downs 502

As a member of the public, you can do the following: 507

Appendix 1 511

Department of Energy Contractors Suspected of Manipulating Funding Reviews For The Silicon Valley Cartel 512

Report Corruption In This Case 539

Be Aware of the following opposition tactics… 540

Additional Evidence and Source Links 544

The Applicants. The Screwers and the Screwees 561


This book details a modern organized crime effort, conducted by employees of the U.S. Government, and organized by oligarchical Silicon Valley billionaires.

It details historical and sociological events which led to the crimes, the players who engaged in the crimes and the tactics they employed to engage in those crimes with taxpayer money and resources.

Silicon Valley Campaign financiers, White House Staff, Investment bankers (led by Goldman Sachs), and state, and federal, agency appointees executed the scheme.

The tools for the exploitation included Afghan War profiteering, green-washing the public with feel-good smoke-screens about “clean” investments that were actually dirty corruption scams, the auto industry and Silicon Valley technology collusions.

The losses, to date, include over six trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, lives, the loss of domestic innovation and the loss of public policy credibility.

So far, law enforcement, and the justice system, have been, either, ordered to take no action, or blockaded from taking any action. Vast sets of hard evidence, which provide incontrovertible proof of the crimes, has been submitted to those agencies but still, none of the victims have received justice.

This book is authored by Internet users in wiki-form, as well as each listed sub-item author, and references thousands of sources of facts. The main rule, for contributors, is that every charge, or implication must be backed-up by, at least 100 points of evidence and source links. Those evidence points must stand up in federal court, open public hearings before a Special Prosecutor and un-biased public investigation.

The purpose of this book is to document the crimes so that no society may, again, allow an extreme, and disturbed, few to corrupt and circumvent the rights of the many. If you don't want to read the whole thing, just skip to the Summary and then keyword search the document for anything you want more detail on.