Who has the balls?

Who has the balls, the integrity, the morality; in the Fed, to admit that they screwed up?

We now have hundreds of American business applicants that were proven to have been victimized in the DOE scandal.

We now have tens of thousands of American jobs that were proven to have been
victimized in the DOE scandal.

We now have millions of American taxpayers that were proven to have been victimized by the kickback schemes in the DOE scandal.

There are nearly a million pages of evidence, TV shows, news reports,
federal investigations, documentaries, emails and other hard data that show
that criminal corruption took these things from these people.

Where does the buck stop?

Now that American’s know what “retaliatory politics” are, when do we make
them illegal?

Who will say OUTLOUD what isn’t being said?

Who takes responsibility and offers to make things right?

How long can you get away with ordering prosecutors to do nothing in order
to avoid bad political PR (as well as avoiding Justice)?

And the answers are…?

Let’s Discuss:

Untitled 1 [www.federalcoverup.com]

Federalcoverup.com Homepage … Forward us your story about federal contracting abuse.

Banking Cover-up, Financial Cover-up, Federal Reserve Cover-up

Banking and financial cover-up facts. Reliable, verifiable information, facts, videos, and links reveal major cover-ups in banking, the Federal Reserve, and the …

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This is a political blog about US Governemnt Corruption and Coverups. …. To those in charge of the federal intelligence agencies, the limits of power appear to  …

renegademovement.webs.comView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to … – Reuters

Aug 5, 2013 … The undated documents show that federal agents are trained to “recreate” the investigative trail to effectively cover up where the information …

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Boston Bombing: Michael Savage rips Obama, Federal cover-up …

Apr 19, 2013 … An alleged “Saudi national” named Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was immediately apprehended by local police, only be released at the orders of …

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Federal agents ordered to cover up massive surveilance database …

Aug 5, 2013 … Another reason to mistrust the Surveillance State comes to us from Reuters, which reports that federal agents have been ordered to cover up a …

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The Media’s Role in Federal Government Cover-ups – ID Files

The Media’s Role in Federal Government Cover-ups. By Jean Duffey. Most Americans, regardless of their political persuasion, have an abiding distrust for our …

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DEA Special Operations Division Covers Up Surveillance Used To …

Aug 5, 2013 … The undated documents show that federal agents are trained to “recreate” the investigative trail to effectively cover up where the information …

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Massive fraud, cover-up by CAIR exposed in federal lawsuit – Atlanta …

The brief and supporting evidence overwhelmingly demonstrate that CAIR was involved in a massive criminal fraud and cover-up that injured numerous …

www.examiner.com/ article/ massive-fraud-cover-up-by-cair-exposed-federal-lawsuitView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Federal Cover-Up Of Scientology In Military Intel – Rense

The study shows that the cover-up has reached all the way to the Oval Office in both Republican and Democratic administrations, including those of George …

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A Toxic Cover-Up? – CBS News

Did Bush Administration Cover Up Environmental Disaster? … interference with a federal investigation of the most serious environmental disaster in the history of …

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Political Shirking, Opponent Quality, and Electoral Support

This paper explores the relationship between senatorial shirking and electoral consequences. I model political shirking, opponent quality and election outcomes  …

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5 Ways Conservative Politics Promotes Freeloading and Shirking

Dec 5, 2013 … Corporate conservatives want special rules that let them privatize profits and socialize losses.

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Political parties and political shirking – Springer

Mar 1, 2012 … The degree of shirking is limited by political parties, which constrain the politician in his last term, and varies by post-Senate career choices.

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Five Ways Conservative Politics Promotes Freeloading and Shirking

Dec 10, 2013 … Corporate conservatives want special rules that let them privatize profits and socialize losses.

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Political Shirking, Opponent Quality, and Electoral Support – JStor

recent shirking much more than they punish early-term shirking, and that senators … 1992 to evaluate the relationship political shirking and electoral outcomes.1.

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Shirking and Sorting in a Political Market with Finite-Lived … – jstor

political shirking and number of terms in office may exist, and depends on how … politicians raises the possibility of shirking; i.e., that politicians may choose to.

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International Politics – Abstract of article: Burden-Shirking, Burden …

International Politics defines itself as critical in character, truly international in scope, … Burden-Shirking, Burden-Shifting, and Burden-Sharing in the Emergent  …

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Progress Michigan on Right to Life Shirking Political Process …

Oct 6, 2013 … FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan Friday, October 4, 2013 Contact: Jessica Tramontana, 517.974.6302, …

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Do Politicians Shirk when Reelection Is Certain? – MADOC

shirking data for politicians in Germany. The hypothesis is that stiffer electoral competition can discipline politicians for reelection motives: An MP (member of …

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The Effect of Retirement On Political Shirking: Evidence From …

This article tests the hypothesis that the decision to retire results in systematic changes in political voting behavior (or “political shirking “). The author uses a …

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Attendance Rates, Political Shirking, and the Effect of Post …

Most economists agree that opportunistic behavior by politicians is limited by the threat of reelection. By implication, the level of shirking should be the greatest when a politician decides to leave office. This paper seeks to learn whether shirking can be reduced when opportunities exist for …

Politicians shaking hands in front of US Capitol Stock Video …

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